1. M

    [Want to Buy] CPU Cooler with AM3 support

    Need CPU Cooler in good condition. Budget Max 3k shipped. Cheaper Coolers will also do just fine. Cooler has to support AM3 & fit in my Bitfenix Merc Alpha cabin. Pretty much any CPU Cooler fits in that cabin i think.
  2. mang

    From Athlon II 240 to Phenom II 560 will it be a significant upgrade

    I need your help please i am running Athlon II 240 with AM3 board, the proc is somewhat slow for this age, i would like to upgrade to a better cpu without changing the board to save money, however these day AM3 cpu are kind of rare the only viable option is Phenom II 560 as per market trend, and...
  3. M

    Suggestions for am3 mobo?

    I am planning to upgrade my old PC (P4 2.66GHz, Intel 865G motherboard,..). I am having three IDE devices in my old PC(one HDD and two Disk Drives). I need suggestion on buying a new motherboard. I'm looking forward to buy a AMD Sempron processor. The motherboard must have at least one IDE port...
  4. H

    [Want to Buy] AM3 Processor Under 4k

    Hello, I need a Used AMD AM3 Processor, budget is 4k. Any help is appreciated.
  5. mang

    ATX 2 & -5v

    As I have read, the newer ATX power supply spec from 2.XX done away with the -5v however my CPUID Hardware Ware Monitor still show -5v how was that ? My PSU is Intex with AM3 785 board. Do i need to use better PSU like the branded ones ?
  6. prankie

    Help me choose a motherboard?

    Hi, I want to purchase a new motherboard for my existing system. Budget: 4-5.5k Platform: AMD My current cpu is Phenom II 550BE (AM3) I need a system which is compatible with AM3 as well as AM3+, also I need a board which is good for gaming. I have radeon 6850. Also it should support USB3...
  7. soyab0007

    AM3 mobo (urgent)

    want to buy AM3 mobo for athlon x2 250 proccy budget 2600rs except asus brand.. will purchase from lamington tomorrow pls let me know asap
  8. I

    Cheap AM3 motherboard?

    K im getting a Phenom II X4 965 BE and i need a cheap am3 mobo to go with... any suggestions?
  9. M

    AM3 Motherboard in Warranty

    Guys i want to buy an am3 motherboard for a phenom II x4.. in warranty is necessary preferably one with mosfet heatsinks Budget is 4k.. Pm me your offers
  10. rohit2hell

    Want to buy Am3 mb n LEd monitor !!!

    i want to buy am3 motherboard for Amd phenomII X4 955BE previously i had Asus M4A78T-E which is not booting properly in return i get 5k :cry::cry::cry: n led monitor 22"+ Fulll HD, in case of monitor earlier i had bought a new Benq V2220H which get a problem of no display in 2 weeks in return i...
  11. N

    Want a motherboard which supports both AMD am2 and AMD am3 processors

    OK, I want a motherboard which supports both am2 and am3 processors. Now I have a AMD ATHLON 64 x2 4000+ @ 2.1 GHz. I'm buying a new Gigabyte motherboard - 880gm-ud2h. It supports only am3 processors. Tell me a nice motherboard which supports both those sockets. NOTE: *Motherboard must have...
  12. K

    Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H with a Gigabyte Geforce 8600GT?

    Hello, I bought a motherboard Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H - Socket AM3 - Chipset 890GX - ATX and will use it to construct a new computer. Right now i already ordered a AMD Phenome II X6 1090 - Socket AM3 (processor), and now my problem is with the graphic card. I really don't want spend much more...
  13. N

    AM3 mobo with USB3.0

    Can you please tell me a good AM3 motherboard which has USB3.0 ports within Rs.6000.Also tell me the cost of UPS Numeric 600va
  14. saz

    AM3 Board with USB3.0 & SATA 6Gbps for ~5k

    Hi All, I am planning to upgrade system with a total budget around ~18k(its for: processor, ram, motherboard, PSU, cabinet). All the components have already been shortlisted as below: AMD Phenom II X4 955BE GA-880GM-UD2H Gskill Ripjaws 2GB X 2 1333Mhz Crosair cx400w Cooler Master 430 My...
  15. R

    Fitting cpu onto motherboard if it is unsupported?

    I'm looking at getting an AM3 motherboard and CPU however the manufacturers site says the mb only supports the cpu with certain bio version. What would happen if I was to put the cpu onto the mb that didn't have a bios version higher then what the website states? Since I would not be able to...
  16. R

    MB and CPU

    Interested in buying a chepo MB cpu am2, am3 i am from Delhi
  17. W

    Flashing with incompatible CPU

    I want to buy a Biostar TA785GE along with an Athlon II X3 435 or 440.. The CPU has an AM3 socket while the mobo has an AM2+ socket .. AM3 will fit on it but after a BIOS update .. Can I flash the BIOS using this CPU because the website says that "you have to fit in a standard AM2 CPu to...
  18. Gollum

    Cpu and Motherboard for 6k (am3)

    Since the mobo and cpu combo in my sig is a fail. I have decided to go for the new am3 socket cpu. I researched a little and found amd athlon2 245 to be good for me at around 2.9k but can't find a decent motherboard for it within the budget. So i need your help in this. Some things which i...
  19. M

    Desktop Config - AMD 955 +880G

    Please Check this config I have planned, let me know if sounds correct. Budget around 25 K. What is needed: I needed a quad core atleast, but depends on the price, I think 955 is better as its going at 3.2GHz..Do let me know if you know any better ones and corrections. Regarding the Chipset, I...
  20. W

    AM3 on AM2+

    I have bought a Biostar TA785GE mobo i also have an AMD Athlon X3 440. The mobo has an AM2+ socket while the Processor has an AM3 socket. Can i fit the processor onto the mobo?? plzz reply
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