AM3 mobo (urgent)


In the zone
want to buy AM3 mobo for athlon x2 250 proccy
budget 2600rs

except asus brand..
will purchase from lamington tomorrow
pls let me know asap


Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P @2.8k (maybe less bargain)
Its AM3+ ready (with a BIOS update)

Btw if u going to lammy, ask in Othree(behind bus stop/opp police stn) ,Shankeshwar, cassette world, and obviously primeabgb and theitwares :)


try to get the 78-S2P board, it has support for AM3+ processors(future-proof) via a BIOS update.
78-S2 doesnt have that, though it supports AM3 completely

Avoid 68-S2P, becoz of this:
* If you install AMD AM3 CPU on this motherboard, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0 (5200MT/s) to HT1.0 (2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM3 CPU will not be impacted. Please refer "CPU Support List" for more information.

So choice pref shud be
Gigabyte GA-MA74GMT-S2 (this one is based on older chipset, but has full AM3 support)
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Right off the assembly line
Congrats... Soyab...

What's the price and don't forget to post pick and your experience with it
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