1. Revolution

    Bijli Case Fan Setup

    Hi, please help me set up case fans! I have Zebronics Bijli(old one) Case. What is best possible way for cooling ? I have Corsair PSu mounted at top and sucking air from the inside of the case. Got Intel Stalk Cooler. Should I connect fan to mobo(3pin) or 4pin moles(PSU) ? Which will cause more...
  2. M

    macbook air &ultrabook

    Had made up my mind about buying apple macbook air 13" for the weight (3 ponds or 1.36kg),portability,battery life(7-8 hrs)and performance(core i5-even though ulv).then i saw this video First Look - Touchscreen Ultrabook with Win 8 - YouTube and i started getting 2nd thoughts seeing how...
  3. M

    ultrabook vs macbook air

    was thinking about buying apple macbook air 13" on Wednesday but saw this article and video about ultrabook with touchscreen First Look - Touchscreen Ultrabook with Win 8 - YouTube i was first skeptical about it but once i saw the working model it works flawlessly with windows main...
  4. M

    Macbook air

    Planning to buy a portable laptop in screen size 13"-14".i was looking for the MacBook air which comes at a price tag of around 72k after student discount in chennai . The laptop is beautiful but was wondering if the new ultrabooks with windows 8 worth the wait or should I go for the MacBook air...
  5. Desmond

    TATA planning to introduce "air" powered cars in India

    Some really good news for India Source : This Tiny Pod Car Runs On Air | GizmoCrazed
  6. $ingh

    Svgtech AOC 120 DT Review

    Hi everyone , AOC 120 DT REVIEW 1) INTRODUCTION :- For a long time in Personal Computing i saw many companies trying to produce the best Air Coolers. From the last two years i am using Thermalright venom x rt .Although I have tested a few air coolers in between, none were able to...
  7. K

    Need Suggestion on Choosing Air Conditioner

    Hi All, I want to buy a Air Conditioner which is Highly Power Saving and as well as work on Low Voltage. My Room size is 10 x 10 (in Feet). I narrowed down 5 Star AC and as well as Inverter AC, some say Inverter AC is best bet. Kindly suggest me the following interms of Power Saving...
  8. anish_sha

    Windows 7 on Macbook Air

    i installed windows 7 using bootcamp on my new macbook air which is having intel i5 processor, i didnt download the updates from the bootcamp menu as it took hell of a time to download all the drivers, now i installed it well , but i want to install the drivers of windows 7 , is there any way to...
  9. pcforumguy

    Best Case Fan Setup for Cooling

    Hey Guys, I have found very informational article(s) about how to get best cooling effect with case fan by positioning them. Hope this is helpful to every newbie (like me:mrgreen:) - The Big Air Cooling Investigation | SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd. SilverStone Technology Co...
  10. rahul.007

    compressed air can/ gas duster availability

    Can anyone please tell me from where can i get a comprwssed air can/gas duster? I need to clean my old 2yr old cm extreme + 500w so that i can think of selling it.. :P so guys please can anyone give me a link to where can i buy it online or in nehru place any shop??
  11. G

    Air conditioner or Air cooler ?

    hello everyone, I am currently in a pathetic trouble because of this damn hot summer and willing to buy an Air conditioner or aircooler just for a single room,but my openions about these-- AC- it will make the room too cold and comfortable that can make me too lazy to study.its price also...
  12. sukesh1090

    The big air cooling investigation

    guys i found this article in thought this the must read for everyone. link-The Big Air Cooling Investigation Published on 10th February 2012 by Paul Goodhead -
  13. A

    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for a Air cooler for i7
  14. Neo


    I want to buy a UltraBook around 50k. I can wait for some months if its worth Waiting. I really like the MAcbook Air but its 70K. Can i get it for cheap anywhere or from the US? Also , when the Air will receive an upgrade?
  15. zacfx05

    how to place psu fo more efficient cooling.......

    hi frnds for a bottom mounted cabby, which way is better to to place the psu. fan facing upward (sucking air from cabby and blowing out )or fan facing bottom(sucking air from outside and blowing it in).... or both setups are equal....i read some where that placing the psu fan facing...
  16. B

    A notebook cooler for Dell inspiron 1520

    I know Dell Inspiron 1520 is a WAY backdated model with pathetic airflow design, that's y I want a suggestion. My bro has this junk and it has already crashed few times due to overheating(when air inlet vents are at the bottom side & u place ur lappy on bed, that happens :p ). So a cooling pad...
  17. avichandana20000

    Case fan choice

    i need a case fan from CM. Out of many i have come down to two: Cooler Master 120mm fan 90 CFM Green (R4-L2R-20CGF-GP) Current (Ampere) : 0.35A ± 10% Speed (R.P.M.) : 2000 RPM Air Flow (CFM) : 90 CFM Air pressure (mmH2O) : 3.04 mm H2O Fan Noise Level (dB-A) : 19 dBA Bearing Type ...
  18. anish_sha

    Macbook Air...some queries...

    Hi guys, Planning to get a Macbook air basically to use while travelling and i hope its the lightest yet powerful laptop i can get.. But have 3 queries regarding the same... 1.Can i install Windows Xp along with Mac OS, as sometimes may require Windows applications to run, Also will there be...
  19. B

    Notebook cooling pad for Acer Aspire 5740

    I own an Acer Aspire 5740 laptop. I need a laptop cooler of suitable design. (price not to exceed 500INR). Will upload a pic if needed. Also I must mention that it has no vent at the bottom side of the laptop. The air input vent is near the rear side of the touchpad and the air output vent is...
  20. T

    Phenom 955 BE to 980 BE.

    980 BE Clocks 3.7 Ghz at Default. 955 BE Clocks 3.2 GHz at Default. Both got other specifications pretty much same. But On 955 BE in most reviews passes out at OC around 3.8 GHz tops on air cool. Which is pretty much Stock of Phenom 980 BE Refer AnandTech - AMD's Phenom II X4 955 Black...
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