1. savithk

    CPU cabinet (more air ventilation)

    iam want to replace my current old CPU cabinet to new CPU cabinet (more air ventilation version) iam not a gamer this my Motherboard its a uATX Form Factor my budget is 4 to 5 only
  2. I

    Intel CPU 100 degree temperature

    Hi, I have following case Desire | Cabinets | Intermediate | Zebronics - Always Ahea (many pics there of it's inside) Recently got my intel stock cooler replaced by intel . Now I am getting very bad cpu temp under load. Cpu temps reaches near 90-100 degree within 2 min. I have tested...
  3. Nipun

    Macbook Pro vs. Air vs. The Rest? [INR 50k; For Work]

    1) What is your budget? Around INR 50k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Office Suits (doc, xls, pdf files in multiples); Internet Browsing with several tabs...
  4. 1

    Need Reviews : XIAOMI MI NOTEBOOK AIR 13.3 INCH

    Hello Digitians!! My 4 year old laptop seems to be showing its age and i am on the look out for a new machine that can do the job for me. I have recently come across the XIAOMI MI NOTEBOOK AIR 13.3. Specifications as below ( Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3″ Silver | Processor...
  5. S

    [Want to Buy] A used Macbook Air

    Hello Guys I'm looking for a used Macbook Air to buy preferably the 13 inch model of 2015. If anyone is willing to sell kindly post on this thread. Thanks.
  6. rakesh_sharma23

    2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 - HUFFER Build

    2016 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 2 - HUFFER Build Hello, I am Rakesh Sharma from INDIA. Representing my country at 2016 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitational Season 2 with a unique casemod reflecting my passion towards Jet-Engines. Being from an engineering family background I...
  7. A

    Car air blower

    Pleaseadvice a electric air blower powerful enough to clean my car.dont want a vacuum cleaner as they are useless for this work.budget about Rs 1000.00.thanks
  8. C

    Air purifier for a small house (1BHK ~500 sq feet) (Bangalore)

    Hi, I am looking for a air purifier for a small house (Bangalore). The major requirement is to clear out allergens and dust mites. My current budget is 15k. Planning to buy by Jan, 2016. I have looked into few model for Philips, but reading the reviews i am worried about after sales service and...
  9. Anorion

    Cleaner atmosphere means more Arctic sea-ice melt, study says

  10. Desmond

    'Delhi is unlivable': NYT reporter has every reason to abandon city

    Source: 'Delhi is unlivable': NYT reporter has every reason to abandon city
  11. gurujee

    Macbook Air or Pro

    Need a Mac machine for Photoshop and light video editing. Should I get an air or pro? Budget is up to 70k. Need apple because it runs final cut pro. EBay is good for buying? Getting a good deal. Seller seems good too. Getting these two within my budget.. One is 2013 late Pro and other is...
  12. Anorion

    Oxygen is Carcinogenic and causes Lung Cancer

    Read more: How oxygen in the air could trigger lung cancer: Rates of the disease found to decrease at higher altitudes | Daily Mail Online So what you can do is move to a high altitude location
  13. A

    Best and cheapest way to clean dust from my PC?

    I'm not sure if small mini hand pumps will blow enough air to remove the dust properly.. AND All the compressed cans of air I found online are atleast ₹400 for a single bottle, that's like super expensive. Any cheaper yet effective method to clean tons of dust from my PC?
  14. P

    5k Basic Android Tab

    i am looking for 2 basic android tablets for 5-6k i have so far used a nexus 7 and in the future will go for a nvidia tab(by december) for now i am looking for 1 or 2 basic android tablets for helping with my Desktop i will basically keep em on my desk side by side and use apps like...
  15. panacea_amc

    Air conditioner suggestions wanted

    Hello, I intend to buy an air conditioner with 7 hours of usage per day for a single person. The room size is 11X13.5 = 148.5 square feet Please recommend a cost effective solution for me in terms of both price and power savings. Thank you.
  16. powerhoney

    Air cooler suggestion

    I live in a hostel and it gets bloody hot during the summer season... So, I was wondering if the air coolers that are available in the market are of any use in this kind of situation... Anyone with any experience of such air coolers??? Or, should I just buy a table fan... P.S.: I was thinking...
  17. funskar

    31 air conditioners were installed at Sheila Dikshit's official residence as Cm

    31 ACs, 15 desert coolers, 25 heaters, 16 air purifiers, 12 geysers among others were installed at Sheila Dikshit's official residence when she was Delhi CM Link
  18. S

    air blower for cabinet cleaning ??

    hey guys as title suggest i want to buy a blower / or vaccum cleaner whatever u say for cleaning my cabinet occasionally plz suggest me the cheap and best cleaner......Also i want to ask which cleaner works best in cabinet ---one which sucks the dust or one which spills out the air to...
  19. S

    Apple Ipad - Air - Should i wait for new release ?

    Hi, My friend in Japan got some reward points to spend (50k). So planning to get a ipad Air. Is there any new refresh coming up in the ipad Air line up ? Is it worth to go for the ipad Air with Cellular connectivity. I own a Nexus 7C tab and i know it is pretty worth the price. I want to feel...
  20. C

    10 inch tablet for 15k-20k

    Parents wants a 10 inch tablet for internet surfing - mainly youtube videos and reading articles. How is iBall Slide 3GQ1035...
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