1. L

    help mne chose air cooler

    hey i am planning on buying an air cooler for office usage what do you guys suggest about this one * i actually have an ac but the power usage is a little bit on the higher side so was planning to shift to air cooler they say this cooler...
  2. Y

    Intake/Exhaust fans (Cabinet Fans)

    Hi, I want to create negative pressure inside the cabinet, for proper airflow and better cooling. My Questions: 1) How will I know that cabinet fan is working in intake mode or exhaust mode? i.e. it's sucking in cold air or blowing out hot air. 2) If there are three fans in the cabinet, how...
  3. D

    Split AC SHARP Vs Diakin

    Hi... I've recently posted before, but due to no response and altered budget i am posting a new thread. So i did some market search in lucknow and found out few brand worthy as per the dealers as well as online. I request u to provide me the best option with Max price at which i should pay...
  4. M

    Inverter Air conditioner Buying - advice

    Please suggest which company my to buy new inverter air conditioner 1.5 tonne capacity budget around 42000/-. Thanks in advance for your advice Anand
  5. rohitshakti2

    Free to air channel and setup of free Dish for viewing free channels.

    Hi friends I want to know which are the free to air channels in North India and from where can we buy dish for viewing these channels & at what cost? Secondly, please also tell if Aaj Tak TEZ is in the list of free to air channels.
  6. Desmond

    Pollution in Delhi is worse than Beijing / Indians have the world's weakest lungs

    What do you guys say? More details : *
  7. C

    Cleaning PC

    AsBj-xdHxVY Compressed air cans like this available in india ? Should i get this or a vacuum cleaner for cleaning PC ? My PC will get blue screen error if i won't clean it every 2 to 3 months. I read some vacuum cleaners are not safe for PC. I was using one before, but it died, need to...
  8. maverick786us

    10% cashback on iPad air. Is it worth?

    Flipkart is providing 10% cashback on electronic items. So iPad Air 16GB with Wifi and 3G which is around 44900, if I get 10% cash back, is it worth to purchase it. Because Apple product's price doesn't goes down, untill next generation comes.
  9. Nanducob

    Amazon Prime Air

    * Source:Amazon envisions eventually delivering packages in 30 minutes via drones
  10. quagmire

    Apple Unveils New iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini

    iPad Air Display : LED-backlit IPS LCD, Resolution 1536x2048 RAM : 1GB Chipset : Apple A7 CPU : Dual-core 1.3GHz GPU : PowerVR G6430 Storage capacities : 16/32/64/128GB Battery : Non-removable Li-Po battery (32.4 Wh) Rear camera : 5MP with 1080p video, Front camera : 1.2MP with 720p video...
  11. sygeek

    How do you guys clean your system?

    Most of the recommendations online is to use an compressed air can but there are none available in India.
  12. Falkan

    CPU cooler for 8350

    Heya guys , I have a FX-8350 in Cooler Master K350 Plz suggest a suitable CPU cooler . Budget is 5K . Most of well known Air coolers don't fir in it , Like 212 evo
  13. ZTR

    Samsung officially announces the IP67 Galaxy S4 Active Not bad IMO and looks better than regular S4 lol
  14. K

    Advice on cooling cabinet upgrade - fan setup

    Hello friends, just needed a quick but of advice. Following a recent upgrade, I'm in need to upgrade my cabinet to the corsair carbide 500r Carbide Series® 500R Mid-Tower Case - Carbide Series - Cases Now this chassy includes 2x120mm front intake, 1x120mm rear exhaust & 1x240mm side...
  15. RishiGuru

    Review of Sharp AH-XP18MV 1.5Ton Eco-Inverter Air Conditioner

    Introduction Surviving Calcutta's super hot and humid summer last year, I finally made up my mind to go for Air Conditioners which are day by day becoming an essential equipment rather than luxury to middle class family like ours. With an ever increasing demand fueled with widely available EMI...
  16. harshilsharma63

    will the psu heat up?

    Hi, I'm using a Corsair cx430v2 with other parts you may see in my signature. Now, the PSU's fan is inside the cabinet, sucking air from within the cabinet, into the PSU. So, as summer arrives the air inside the cabinet will be pretty hot and the PSU will simply be passing this hot air through...
  17. A

    Cooling PAD for Hp g6 2320tx

    Hello guys, I finally bought my lappy - g6 2320tx (similar o 2016tx) Want to start playing heavy games like ACIII, Crysis 3 but need a cooling pad for it. Really confused as to which one to buy. Don't know if the HP coolsense is really worth it as the shopkeeper boasts. Just worried if I buy the...
  18. Desmond

    3D pen that writes in 3D

    Source How cool is this!? *
  19. jonty

    cooling pad for my 15.6 inch hp m6 lappy

    frnds plz help me buy a cooling pad for my hp envy m6 1102tx lappy with 15.6 inch screen firstly I have a confusion regarding cooling pads---which type are better, the one's which suck air from surrounding or which throw air to surrounding and can multiple fan make better colling than single...
  20. E

    Looking for a Cooling Pad

    Hey... Am looking to purchase a cooling pad for my 17" MacBook Air. Suggestions please ...
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