1. R

    is indian democracy becoming an oligarchy?

    air ur view guys and gals
  2. R

    Help needed to update 5300 over the air

    Hey i while updating my phone over the air through gprs i receive a message that no network conn. found also there is support for over the air update in india as per nokia site
  3. Choto Cheeta

    Baby Born in Mid Air

    Doctors deliver baby on Delta flight ATLANTA - Two doctors on a Delta Air Lines flight from Germany delivered a baby in the aisle of the plane and resuscitated him when he wasn't breathing, officials said. Read More
  4. S

    Suggest Best Split Air Conditioner

    Hello Friends, Looking for Best 1 TON Split AC, should be capable of latest Air Filters - like bacteria free air, bad odor & smoke out, supply fresh oxygen inside the room. Good humidity reducer, good cooling power, will shut automatically after a Temperature down to certain pre-set level and...
  5. MambaXL

    changing cpu fan blow direction .

    hi folks , i am experiencing heavy noise ( i mean very very noisy ) , since past 4 days from my PC. it's even gets restarted automatically , whenever i play some game , like ut2004, hl2, ut99 etc. my cpu temperatures are quite normal , at just under 50degC. one unusual thing is that ...
  6. techtronic

    Did you think Software could crash only Computers ? Check this out

    Stealth fighters hit by software crash A software glitch forced 12 United States Air Force F-22A Raptor stealth fighters to cancel their first overseas flight. The jets were flying from Hawaii to Japan when they were forced to turn back after suffering problems with their navigation systems...
  7. freebird

    Now TATA will offer AIR CARS,I MEAN...air as fuel :))

    spotted this NEWS: source: * * what is AIR CAR? * so now can we expect cars running without worrying about petrol/diesel kharcha?:rolleyes:
  8. gg_3000

    Cabinet Fans

    As far my knowledge abt cabinet fans goes, I know that *Rear Fan shud blow the air out *Side and Front Fans bring air into the cabinet Lemme know if i'm right or wrong? But recently i saw a PC in a gaming center in which the side fan was blowing out air from the cabnet.. Is it the right...
  9. koolbluez

    Swiss in the air !!!

    Source: Reuters The dream of flight has dominated man's imagination since time began. Now Yves Rossy from Switzerland says he has become the first person to gain altitude and maintain a stable, horizontal flight thanks to aerodynamic carbon foldable wings. The wings which have a 3 metre...
  10. Simple_Graduate

    Army wants a Chief of Defence Staff

    * So should we have a CDS??
  11. N

    [Humour] What if Operating Systems Were ....

    What if Operating Systems Were Airlines? :lol: DOS Airlines Everybody pushes the airplane until it glides, then they jump on and let the plane coast until it hits the ground again, then they push again jump on again, and so on. OS/2 Airlines The terminal is almost empty, with only a...
  12. Ishan

    Its about CPU Cooling

    Can I use my Air Conditioner(AC) turning towards my CPC to keep my Pc cool?
  13. qarch

    Laptop CPU overheating ?

    Hi, I have this peculiar problem in my 2 yr old laptop. Configuration is- Model-Compaq Presario 1532, CPU-P4 2.4MHz(not HT), RAM-512M, HDD-30GB, etc. OS-WinXP SP2. No overclocking. Problem- Whenever the CPU is fully stressed out to 100% for more than 15 seconds (as seen from...
  14. Choto Cheeta

    help: - Installing Cabinet FAN....

    I have bought a new Cabinet fan.... now while installing the fan into my cabinet i cant figure it out which way to put the fan i mean which way the air should go... 1. whether the fan should pull the air out of the cabinet?? 2. or the fan should push air inside the cabinet?? pls help me...
  15. B

    CPU fans throws air away or sucks air to the heatsink?

    Till know I was assumming that CPU fan which comes with processor throws air out from heatsink to cool it till I discover after placing agarbatti near it showed that it sucks in the air. How does that works?
  16. tweety_bird_bunny

    best games???

    plz tell me some good games of the following category.... car racing bike racing air fighting baseball game.....
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