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Starting Off !!!
Hey Guys,

I have found very informational article(s) about how to get best cooling effect with case fan by positioning them. Hope this is helpful to every newbie (like me:mrgreen:) -

The Big Air Cooling Investigation |
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
How To: Properly Plan And Pick Parts For An Air-Cooled PC, Part 2 : A Foundation For Case Cooling: Fans
Which is the Best Place to Install a Case Fan? - Part 1 | Hardware Secrets
Which is the Best Place to Install a Case Fan? - Part 2 | Hardware Secrets
How the Case Rear Fan Improves CPU Cooling | Hardware Secrets
Fortress FT01 PC case with positive air pressure part 2 - YouTube

To the guys who are looking for an quick advice / solution (or who don't have TIME for getting more knowledge) here is most reliable advice - (It's from #1 article not mine knowledge :cool:)

1. The amount of venting in your case can have a huge impact on cooling, particularly around the CPU area. If you have fan mounts here that are blocked up, unblock them.

2. Generally, all other things being equal, it’s better to get hot air out of your case than to pump cool air in, particularly when it comes to CPU cooling.

3. If you have a roof mount that’s located nearer the front of the case than the CPU cooler, leave it open. Fitting a fan here only causes problems.

4. If you have one, two or three fans in your case, the side panel intake mount is the most important. Fill this first, followed by the rear exhaust mount, followed by the roof exhaust mount.

5. Bear in mind the fact that fans have an effect on each other and use this to your advantage. For this to work though they need to be close enough to interact - a side intake works better with a rear exhaust than a front intake does for this reason.

6. With four or more fans, concentrate on traditional front to back cooling and creating one strong, continuous air flow. Fill the front intakes and the roof and rear exhausts first.

7. More fans does mean more cooling, but expect diminishing returns when going above three or four fans.
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Wise Old Owl
Nice articles. I am going with 4 120 mm & 1 140mm Fan for my Phantom 410.

The default setup for 3 fans is kinda bugged with only 1 120mm intake and 1 120 & 1 140 exhaust creating negative pressure. So I am removing Top 140 Exhaust and going to Use it as Side Intake with 1 120 mm added to Front Intake and Bottom Each.

So One 120 Rear Top Exhaust. Two 120 mm front Intake, One 120 at Bottom Intake & one 140 mm side intake for positive Pressure :)

Thanks again for good links.


Adam young
i have already posted that article in this forum from bit -tech,here it is,


Starting Off !!!
So One 120 Rear Top Exhaust. Two 120 mm front Intake, One 120 at Bottom Intake & one 140 mm side intake for positive Pressure :)

I think with your proposed fan set-up, you will see a Wind Tunnel Effect b'cause there is only single exhaust and it's in top; there is so much intake for single exhaust fan.

If you see above link their is positive pressure effect for sure but with proper fan set-up - Top & Front intake and Rear exhaust with fan as well as without fan.

What you can do -
Intake = Front 120mm x 2 + Side 140mm
Exhaust = Rear 120mm + Top Back 120mm

As per above set-up, your total intake should be little more than your exhaust. But it depend on what fans your using at what speed; which will decide your Air Pressure System.

This is my proposed fan set-up -
Intake = Front 120mm x 2 (CM 90CFM, so total Air Flow would be around 150CFM approx.)
Exhaust = Rear 120mm + Top 140mm (Total 110CFM approx.)
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