1. linardni

    Query: Nokia E50

    Nokia E50 has got the ability to have two phone numbers in one phone. Does it have slots for two SIM cards? Moreover will both the SIMs remain active or anyone will be active at a time?
  2. devil_me

    Need help to spark up my site.

    Hi friends, Been here for quiet some time. I have a technology related site I am trying to get it up somuch. But tired really in finding out how. I have an attached forum. If you people are interested to get active in my forum, I would be very happy. Any suggestions and advices...
  3. N

    internet option activex problem

    after going to internet option,then under security tab custom level is hidden .i cannot click it. i need to change the active x control for some sites to open and the only way is to get to custom level
  4. gau_pppu

    need antivirus

    sugget me a good antivirus that will not slowdown my computer and protect my pc from harmful virus and spyware, currently iam using active virus sheild (updated regularly) but i think that it is fully protecting my pc
  5. S

    Earn by running a simple application

    I found a great Internet company that has created a product everyone can benefit from.They pay you while you work or play on your computer.All you need to do is keep their software active while you are online.They even pay you when your friends are using their computers...
  6. dreams

    Active Desktop Recovery !!!!

    Hi Guys.. I am bac wit another very very annoying problem !!!! Wat happens is whenevr my sys restarts in the middle i get a Active Desktop Recovery page as the wallpaper..I click on Restore my Active Destop and wat i get is jus a error message.. The error mess contains a Yes and No...
  7. S

    2 keyboard support for XP

    i recently bought a new usb keyboard for my laptop...xp detects it as an HID keyboard device ...i am not able to play games like fifa 07 as two player using the two keyboards as two different controllers as it shows only one keyboard...both keyboards are active but they cannnot be used as...
  8. emailaatif786

    Currently Active Users.

    Go to * Scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see "What's Going On?", after that "Currently Active Users", example: Most users ever online was 424, 08-10-2006 at 11:16 PM. emailaatif786+, aakash_mishra, akuCRACKER, alsiladka, Asfaq...
  9. B

    Disabling Righat click on Desktop

    Hi All, I am using a Domain controlar with windows server 2003. I want to disable right click for the user who are created in active directory. How can it be posible...... Kindly help me ..............
  10. shyamno

    Active Virus Shield.....

    I am using active virus shield..when ever I start my computer and open the AV the first window shows some scaning..What is it ??Full system scan or what ???How can I stop that ?? Also If I select the AV security level to HIGH will it reduce my Internet speed..or increase the access time of...
  11. sandeep_gizmoduck

    What has gone wrong to my cell??!!!

    I own a Nokia N93!!!! *joking silly*, It is Nokia 2865. I love my phone, but Iwant to know whether my phone is 3G enabled. It gives an icon for it, the icon says that "3G is active". It goes active whenever I surf the net on it. But the real mess is with downloads. I can't download anything, I...
  12. mediator

    Who all play CHESS?

    Hi guys, I was wondering who all here play CHESS? Also, I was wondering if we cud have some tournament or some kinda of fun like that! Wat say? Active members who have been playing with me : Rollercoaster wizrulz techgeek planetcall
  13. N


    how to send and an Orkut account and tell them to visit the link.please help me.and tell some forums which are active and which deals with all about orkut.
  14. Vishal Gupta

    SOFTWARE NEWS: Active Virtual Desktop 2.01 released

    Download here Screenshots for XP Screenshots for Vista Source
  15. sysfilez

    Hdd active partition size (c:)

    i wanted to know that if i have my active partition size small will my computer perform better? many of my friend says to keep the c: drive small where windows is installed. my active partition size in 40gb. i am using 40gb ata and a 160 gb sata2 drive. my sata2 has the active partion.
  16. S

    Internet Explorere 7 Error

    Internet Explorer 7 Error Dear Friend, I am using Dial Up connection, Internet Explorer 7 asks for dailing a new connection when an internet connection is active. if i change internet connection option to 'Never dial a connection'. I am not able to browse even if i have an active...
  17. iMav

    log net cnnection

    is there a software that can log how long my net connection was active ... when it when down and also what speeds it is geving me ???
  18. D

    Dual Channel Support?

    I've 2 RAM's 128 & 256 both 333MHz. Original Intel 865 Mother Board. At Boot screen it shows single channel support for RAM instead of Dual Channel. Does it means that only one of the RAM is Supported? or Both are active? Also in windows and various hardware monitoring softwares show me...
  19. anandk


    * a nice informative site... ...There have been 32 new viruses discovered in the past 30 days. There are 8 active viruses today....more there....
  20. A

    Damn small linux made my pen drive small

    i have a sony ns-11 256 mb pen drive ... wid the recent issue of of digit i installed the DSL(Damn small linux) onto created two partitions on it one of 50 mb wid the os and one more 200mb partition..probably for the config files n all... the problem is now the 200mb partition is not...
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