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Damn small linux made my pen drive small

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Broken In
i have a sony ns-11 256 mb pen drive ... wid the recent issue of of digit i installed the DSL(Damn small linux) onto it....it created two partitions on it one of 50 mb wid the os and one more 200mb partition..probably for the config files n all... the problem is now the 200mb partition is not being shown in windows ...if i go thru disk manager it says partition not active restart to make it active..and on restarting it again says the same thing...what do i do...


Cyborg Agent
I think the 200mb partition is not NTFS or FAT.That is why it cannot be formatted in disk manager....I think ...I'm not too sure>>If what i'm say is true then get a software that can convert linux partitiones to FAT or NTFS
Magic partition is one such software.
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