1. sygeek

    Open Source Game Clones

    Author's notes: List of complete clones Inspired by original game series
  2. sanithkk81

    Suggestions for active SCJP forum

    Suggestions required for active SCJP forum I would be taking SCJP test within 2 o r 3 months. So I would like to join an active SCJP forum where I can get latest question paper, dumps, mock exams, queries etc. Can anyone suggest me any good forum site for SCJP?
  3. R

    dual sim within 2k

    dual sim for 1.5k-2k with dual standby atleast & dual active if possible
  4. icebags

    ** General thread for "Dual SIM" mobile phone suggestions **

    Moderator edit: All right, this is now the general thread for "dual SIM" mobile suggestions. Here is how i use mobile: i hate charging it, therefore want something that can go at least 15 days at one charge. i normally keep the fone switched off in the night. i don't talk much in...
  5. Y

    Windows_7_64bit -No Theme- Not working

    ' Hi I am using windows 7 64bit Version 6.1 (7100) I am trying to use any desktop themes. But strangely no desktop wallpaper is coming. I tried to check Active desktop for windows xp. I didn't get any change. Please solve the problem........
  6. C

    Is There Place For Yet Another Hardware Forum?

    Hi, I was wondering. Do you think another computer hardware forum has scope? There are lots of forums out there.. So would you be active in a new forum? If you need, what incentives would drive you to be active there?
  7. V

    What is Dual SIM Dual Standby ???

    Hi... Can anyone tell me what is meant by Dual SIM Dual Standby. Is that mean that both SIM are active at the same time ?
  8. P

    A facebook worm?????????????

    hi guys. recently a friend of mine who is a facebook user received this message. now i am not too sure what it is a real message or a silly prank or a worm but have anyone of you experienced this?? what is it actually??? " Facebook's become very slow, the reason is that too many non-active...
  9. R

    Network monitor

    i have a personal lan with many users connected through a there any way i can find out how much b/w is being consumed by each of the active users
  10. furious_gamer

    No one is here?

    I am back here after few months to see this forum has just few active members? Man, this is not what i saw few years back. TDF is the most irresistible place for everyone and it included in my daily activity w/o my knowledge:razz:. OK guys, whatever the reason is, we need all back (at least a...
  11. staticsid

    Digit’s Open Source Project

    In a first of its kind project, Digit plans to crowd-source its January Fast Track (FT) to our very vibrant and active community. The FT to Trouble Shooting Your PC, will be developed piece by piece, under the control of digit readers and forum community. The community has been very active...
  12. S

    Download problem with Win XP

    Hi, I am using BSNL's broadbandband service and windows XP as my OS. Whenever i connect to the internet the computer starts uploading and downloading even if no other software is active. To simplify: when i connect to the internet, atomatic uploads/downloads start even if no other software (not...
  13. R

    Active PFC PSU requires A sine wave generatin UPS ???

    I'm gna get a Cooler Master Real power Modular 600W SMPS ... But i found in some posts that it requires a real sine way generating UPS ...But those posts were posted in it still incompatible ??? or should I go for a passive PFC??? my sys config :: Quad core , Intel Classic...
  14. pritish_kul2

    ne1 notticed it

    the list of active member gone......
  15. A

    The Razer DeathAdder GuildWars Edition Gaming Mouse

    Just got a new gaming mouse, the above mentioned razer one. This is the most comfortable mouse i've used in my life. not available in india i think, so i got it from germany. the glowing scroll wheel and pulsating guildwars logo are a beauty, can be turned off from drivers. The mouse tracks well...
  16. anshul

    IE 7 blocks active X from fileplanet.

    Whenever I try to download from my internet explorer blocks the download popup page from initiallizing the downloading the file by blocking its active X saying that IE has blocked the site from running an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner. Site not approved. I added the...
  17. sravan

    GRUB Gone

    I have vista , xp and Ubuntu 8.10 in my laptop. I recently reinstalled Vista . From that day The GRUB is gone . Only windows boot loader is active and showing an opton of selecting xp or vista . What to do to restore the GRUB ?
  18. Z

    hello friends

    hello friends this is mani born in delhi , now living in US , and really liked this forum which is active all the time hope to see you in some converations :p:p
  19. D

    Standby question

    Hi Guys, If I have my lap top set to switch off HDD at 15min, Standby at 20m and hibernate at 30m, when in plugged in mode then will it still do all of these things if I am not there so there is no keyboard/mouse activity but there is an active download going on? IOWs do I need to change these...
  20. S

    WinXP Active Desktop Failure - Nagging issue

    This is the 2nd time it's happening to me... My WinXP Active Desktop has thrown a Failure error (screenshot attached)... Clicking on the "Restore my Active Desktop" button results in a script error.. None of the other options work too. Last time I had to delete my winxp user profile and have a...
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