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Dual Channel Support?

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I've 2 RAM's 128 & 256 both 333MHz. Original Intel 865 Mother Board.

At Boot screen it shows single channel support for RAM instead of Dual Channel.

Does it means that only one of the RAM is Supported? or Both are active?

Also in windows and various hardware monitoring softwares show me that I've 384 Memory installed.


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well both are active but dual channel support is not active.. may be the board does not support dual channel on diff capacity ram modules


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samrulez said:
In which slots are they in?? Put them in the ram slots of the same colour..

The Rams should be identical and in the appropriate slots. In your case it should be because they are of different sizes.


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darshanwadikar said:
Ok, but what does dual channel support means?

Dual channel means that the speed of the ram is doubled...in single channel 2 333 Mhz ram sticks stays 333 MHz ...in dual channel doubles it...
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