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Internet Explorere 7 Error

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Internet Explorer 7 Error

Dear Friend,

I am using Dial Up connection,

Internet Explorer 7 asks for dailing a new connection when an internet connection is active.

if i change internet connection option to 'Never dial a connection'. I am not able to browse even if i have an active connection.

now i have to disconnect and connect again after opening IE7 to use internet.

i never found such problem in IE 6 or earlier version.

Please help me to solve my problem.
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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Yeah for me it also happened in IE 7 BETAs.
Whenever I opened IE7, it showed the dial-up connection box even the net was connected at that time :D

But after clicking on connect button, it started opening site! So no problem :)

But I never faced this problem in RC1 :)
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is some other program asking for permission to dail ? have not used ie7... checked ur pc for malware/dialers lately ??? no harm in doing so, 2 b on the safe side... try a-squared anti-dialer freeware.


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I am facing this problem in IE7 RC1, I never faced this problem in IE7 Beta.
I am sure no other program is asking for permission to dial.
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