1. ico

    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    The electricity which comes to your home, your AC supply is a pure sinusoid wave. But there are two types of UPS in the market: 1) Pure Sinewave UPS: which produce pure sinusoid AC. 2) Stepped Sinewave UPS or Modified Sinewave UPS: which produce an 'approximate' sinusoid AC. Power Factor...
  2. D

    UPS confusion, which one to buy??

    My pc SMPS is a VX 450, and it has an active PFC. I've read a lot of people on multiple sites say that using an active PFC SMPS with a non-pure sine wave UPS is a bad idea, and the UPS will not be able to handle the load unless it is rated quite high. I've been unable to find any pure sine...
  3. Psychosocial

    What up?

    So I kinda had a history on this forum. I used to be active from, I think, late 2008s-2010. I was so active over here that even after about 4.5-5yrs of inactivity, I still have an average of 1.45 posts/day. I had a pretty (in)famous rep on this forum. Man, its so good to be back here and look at...
  4. H

    [PS4]Active GTA V Players/Crews

    Hi, Looking for active GTA V players/crews on the PS4 to do mission/heists/races/general BS. If you are an active player, kindly leave your PSN ID below and i'll add u. Thanks! ~N
  5. rakesh_sharma23

    DIY Active load for PSU Testing

    Successful Trial run of my DIY DC active load for PSU Reviewing.. 90% done. For more info and reviews Site Link
  6. bad_till_bones

    Dual Sim Active mobile - Under 20k

    Hi Guys, Please suggest a Dual Sim Active mobile under 20k. Only Dual Active please. Thanks in advance. My current choice - Lenovo Vibe X2.
  7. dharmil007

    Disk Active time spikes upto 100% & stays there

    I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1 just Yesterday. Now in Windows 8 There is a pecular problem. Whenever i interact with any object on the screen, the computer freezes, for about 30-40 secs. This happens almost all the time say 5-6 times in 10 minutes. The reason behind...
  8. Inceptionist

    Need help for student with multiple drops.

    That would be me, by the way. After 10th, I did MSBTE's diploma in computer engg. and it took me 5 years to finish 3 years of the diploma. After that I joined course in BMS as I had realized that even though I am a geek, this industry may not be for me as I don't have adequate academic...
  9. F

    What do you think about my website name MadZippy dot Com

    Hello friends I am going to start online Shopping website. So I have registered domain name with MadZippy dot com Some of my friends saying that it is very though to remember name. It's not a good commercial name because it's not euphonious (pleasant sounding) or memorable in any way. So...
  10. nomad47

    Dual SIM active phone

    Hey guys, I need to buy a Dual SIM active phone (not standby). What are the models available in India? The phone will be used for calls and SMS only.
  11. A

    Dual sim phone

    Please suggest good Dual sim active phone of Rs5000 or less. Most of the phones are only single sim active.
  12. ZTR

    Samsung officially announces the IP67 Galaxy S4 Active Not bad IMO and looks better than regular S4 lol
  13. B

    Confused between 3D LEDs !!!

    Firends, I am new to this forum. Got stuck in between making one decision. Your expert opinions are anticipated. Recently I have visited few electronics shop and zeroed on these models : LG - 42LM6410, Samsung 40ES6200, Sony 40HX750. I am budget conscious and VFM buyer. I am not able to...
  14. S_V

    LG 55 LM6700 3D HDTV Quick Review

    Hello Guys, How are you Guys ? I am from Hyderabad and Last month FEB 14th I bought this Mammoth(to me) which is LG 55 LM6700... First of all... Ignore with spelling and other mistakes in this review.. I really don't have much time to check everything but still I want to share with you...
  15. bad_till_bones

    Suggest - Android Dual-Sim ACTIVE (GSM + GSM)

    Need an Android based Dual-SIM phone. (Dual Active) - GSM + GSM. Other requirements - - Touchscreen - WiFi Budget - - Max 12k.
  16. bad_till_bones

    Dual Sim Active - GSM + CDMA - Need Confirmation

    I saw on the Samsung website that the Samsung Primo Duos SCH-W279 handset is Dual Active. I hope from Dual Active they mean - I can put a call on the GSM SIM "ON HOLD" & attend the call on CDMA SIM at the same time and vice-versa. Can anyone confirm this? or please suggest me any other...
  17. C

    which 3d tv to buy????

    Hi guys i am in to buy a new 3d tv for my home and due to so many models of 3d tv by different brand im kinda confused.My budget is 75 (max 90k).Now i am also confused between passive and active and the word on the net is that second generation active quite good no headaches cheap so then should...
  18. R

    Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302

    I am propose to purchase Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302 , Dual Active SIM (GSM + GSM). Now my queries as follows: 1) What is Dual Active SIM (GSM + GSM) ? Is GSM mean 3G or 2G, or both ? 2) Is one BSNL SIM card of 2G and one Reliance SIM card 3G, WORK/SUPPORT/DUAL ACTIVE on GSM service to...
  19. G

    Which 3D TVs are the best? Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or LG? Passive or Active?

    3D TV showdown! Which 3D TVs are the best? Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, or LG? Passive or Active?
  20. R

    Hardisk partitoning

    i just installed Windows7 on logical partition? What is active partition? How to make partition active and viceversa ? Is it ok to install on logical partition? My secondary Internal HDD is shown as external?why?
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