1. A

    Is Xperia Active worth Buy?

    Hey guyz, thanx every1, that i got my Xperia Sola, now using this month's salary, i wanna gift my bro a rugged smartphn, like me, he hasn't got stuck on dual cores and can survive on a single core too, i have the Xperia Active in mind for him, as he is a Bunjee Jump trainer. Please don'd...
  2. P

    Windows Active process.

    Hi friends, Windows Process logging : The software which records the timings and status for each process in the list of task. So I need a peace of code which will fake to "Windows process logging" software that, I am running a powerpoint presentation and its active.
  3. P

    Edirol MA-15D Active Desktop Monitors

    Item name: Edirol MA-15D Active Desktop Monitors [Details] Date of purchase: 2 years Reason for sale: Been lying unused for the past year since i upgraded my setup, thought id use them with my ps3 and TV but didnt really get down to doing that. So might as well sell them Expected Price: Rs...
  4. clmlbx

    how many guys interested in multimedia(art,animation,photoshop,video production)?

    Recently we have seen so many threads to build pc for 3D or for any multimedia app.. so just wanted to gather all of them here and see how many of them are active in forum.
  5. R

    How to play Anaglyph & Stereo 3d videos on PS3 & 3d TV?

    I have Samsung ua40d6600wr 3d Full HD LED TV. Also got PS3 Move I can play 3D 1080p Blue Ray disks in PS3 and watch them on the TV in 3D with no problem with the active glasses. But when I connect a USB pen-drive (with downloaded content) to PS3, it does not detect videos or photos on the...
  6. Siddharth_1

    Internet connection check in C++

    I wanted to know that how to can i a c++ program that can check for an active internet connection.
  7. B

    How active xbox 360 live is in India ?

    Hi guys I am planning to buy COD MW3 or Battlefield3 for playing online in xbox live and i need to buy monthly subscription too. so I am making a considerable investment here :D.. so I need to make sure that whether xbox live in india for these games are active or not.. Any ideas ...
  8. Rohan_B

    3G Queries

    My regular phone is an HTC Desire S. But these days I had an Xperia Ray to play around with so I put my SIM Card in it and started using it. There have been only 2 days of me using it when I got a message from Airtel that I have been given 500MB of 3G free for a month. I later learnt that this...
  9. Sujeet

    Thinkdigit Forum Ads!!!!

    Advertisements (be an active member to get rid of them) Use Chrome Adblock from Chrome WEBSTORE( FOR NOT so active users!!!)...
  10. quad_core

    Motherboard for AMD 3500 A6

    Hi guys, One of my friends urgently needs a budget PC. Rest other components are taken care of. The dealers here are suggesting M4A88TMLE motherboard for this CPU. Is this a perfect match(recommended) for the CPU? I guess the CPU has integrated GPU. The motherboard also has 880G chipset. So...
  11. A

    Problem Regarding TV Tuner Card

    dear sir, i bought a tv tuner of intex 2.0 which i installed in my laptop but the tv button is not active i m using window 7 operating system kindly suggest me wat to do:sad::sad:
  12. vickybat

    Complete 3D TV technical guide

    Okay guys I had planned a compilation of 3d technology used in current displays, how its differs from cinema 3d and its negative effects on us. After doing extensive reading from various sources, I finally decided to put everything into place. It all happened when me, our forum member cilus and...
  13. M

    2 PC Config??

    I have two PC with one being active. I need to use the old PC(PC2) to downlaod applications and movies over-night. I need to take control of PC2 from the active one through my BSNL router. I dont want to use the keyboard and mouse in my PC2. Both PC have Win7. How to do it??
  14. K

    External HDD enclosure for 2TB hard disk..?

    Hey , i was wondering if you guys can help me figure out which HDD enclosure would be best for a 2TB Caviar Green hard-disk.. I have one in mind.. its the Thermaltake Max 5G --> Thermaltakeusa Â» Storage Â» 3.5" Solution Â» Max 3.5" Â» Max5G USB 3.0 Active Cooling : Max5G USB 3.0 Active...
  15. J

    Active links on image

    I have created a html file using Adobe Imagready with more like a big image consisting of 6 slices, now I want to post the html file to a vBulletein forum where it sholud display itself like an image in a browser with active links on certain text, now suggest me a way out how to post it in the...
  16. socrates

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Active launched in India; to hit stores next month

    The long wait for the Xperia Ray and Xperia Active is finally over as Sony Ericsson has announced the launch of the two Android-based smartphones in India, due on shelves in September. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Active launched in - Latest Mobile Phone & Mobiles Reviews | Features in India...
  17. M

    disabling/removing active x warning

    whenever,I open a office 2003 documents,an annoying warning noted below appears. "This application nis about to initiate active x control that might be unsafe..." on clicking either ok or cancel,the documents opens. how to get rid of this annoyance. I am using a preloaded windows 7...
  18. Soumik

    SE Active Launcher

    Hi all. Can someone guide me as to how to install Sony Ericsson Active Launcher for a rooted device? I placed it in system/apps folder and restarted phone. Opened it from system app and tried installing. Not working. How to install it? :(
  19. tango_cash

    i need a dual ACTIVE sim mobile.

    hi! i need a dual ACTIVE sim mobile, what are my options??are there any ACTIVE dual sim phones from companies like spice, micromax, maxx, mvl, lava etc. is there any new ACTIVE dual sim phone to be launched in near future?? thank u. info about ACTIVE dual sim phones Dual SIM - Wikipedia...
  20. avichandana20000

    Seasonic psu

    What is the difference between these seasonic models? SS-520GB Active PFC & SS-500ET Active PFC & SS-500ES Active PFC totally messed up.
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