1. bssunilreddy

    The Windows 10 Discussion Thread

    My 1st Windows 10 Activation
  2. ramakanta

    Windows 7 OS Product key Move to new Motherboard???

    i have Windows 7 Professional genuine OS . due to lighting my Intel 82945G Board fully damage . now how to transfer my Activation key to a new board . is it possible or my 7000+ rupees gone .. ??? please help me. thank you.
  3. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] Ashampoo Burning Studio 2014

    Giveaway Link download NOTE: Giveaway ends Feb 10 2014 so be sure to download the installer & grab the activation key before time runs out. Activation through can be done later.
  4. C

    Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services

    Source Trai tightens norms for mobile value added services - The Economic Times Double Confirmation before Activation of Value Added Services – TRAI NEW DELHI: Telecom operators have to take double confirmation from consumers before activating value added services (VAS) and must complete...
  5. J

    Uniblue speedupmypc 2011 giveaway

    guy just go here and follow instructions SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Serial Key Activation Code Serial Number Free License
  6. iitmanojit

    I have lost AUTODESK MAYA 2011 activation key!

    Hello.... I am in a serius problem. I have a genuine Autodesk Maya 2011 software (My Uncle had gifted it from USA). The matter is I was using it nice with the serial, activation keys, request codes, product codes; but I have formatted my computer last week. And my mother had trashed Maya 2011...
  7. topgear

    Microsoft Pushing Patch to Snuff Out Win 7 Pirates

    Shiver me (Aero Peek) timbers! Although Microsoft has gone to further lengths than ever to ensure that as many Windows 7 users as possible are using genuine copies of the software, there always will be those pirates who find ways around the system and illegally profit from the sale of...
  8. dheeruymv1212

    Windows 7 activation problem

    hi 2 everyone am very new to windows 7 jus 15 days bak i installed in my PC... its beta version i had activation problem my gave one activation code but it agreed and it is asking internet connection to activate.... i dont hav internet connection den h can i activate windows 7...
  9. topgear

    Windows 7 RTM Cracked With OEM License Key

    Well, that didn't take long. With every release of Windows is the inevitable race by the pirate community to crack it. Even with activation schemes, which make things considerably more challenging, hackers were able to find a way to activate Windows Vista with a special OEM key. This very...
  10. heartripple

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 activation related queries.

    I have Kaspersky Interne Security 2009 with 2 users pack. Recently my Windows XP got corrupted.So I have reinstalled it.And now I have instlled KIS 2009.Its asking me to activate it.But I am worried that if I use the activation key then I will be counted like I am using it on another system so...
  11. heartripple

    KIS 2009 activation code?

    Hi guys, I have just a little confusion. It would sound silly but I dont have any idea what to do. So please help me. I just bought KIS 2009 3 users pack.:):):) Now I want to register it and update it. When I opened the pack I was surprised to see just one activation code. I read it is...
  12. Roadripper

    Bootmgr is compressed

    Hi fellas i upgraded my pc to recently so i instlalled vista ultimate and when i was installing GTA 4 i needed to upgrade my vista to sp1 so i did it bt when i restarted and checked my activation was not done.So i installed activation and restarted i got error at the post as "Bootmgr is...
  13. J

    XP OEM activation after upgrade?

    have been using legal XP OEM for the past 3 years. I had formatted and reinstalled several times and there was no problem activating again. Same with occasional hardware changes. Now that I am upgrading almost everything other than HDD and ODD, is it likely that I may face problems? And if so...
  14. NucleusKore

    Fake Windows XP activation trojan goes 2.0

    Source: * Known as Kardphisher and “in the wild” since April, 2007, last week the malware author of this trojan horse mimicking the Windows XP activation interface while collecting the credit card details the end user has submitted, has made significant...
  15. Faun

    DRM is Awesome......NOT !

    DRM in the game that only allows you to install it three times. Past that you have to contact EA and explain to them why you'd want to load your purchased game more than the amount of times they've determined you should be allowed. Read Moar... Moar link to read review lolz this is...
  16. Sridhar_Rao

    XP activation

    Can the genuine XP that came along with laptop be used to install on a desktop (if it is removed from laptop)? How is the activation done in desktop system? The 25-digit product key provided along with the CD does not work. Any idea what to be done?
  17. sourishzzz1234

    Airtel GPRS PLans....

    CAn anyone tell me about the various GPRS plans of using a airtel lifetime connection.... I want to know the charges of Unlimited GPRS and the procedure of it's activation.....(Kolkata)
  18. RCuber

    iTunes activation servers go down, iPhone 3G customers being sent home unactivated

    iTunes activation servers go down, iPhone 3G customers being sent home unactivated, first-gen iPhone customers stuck with dead iPhones Source
  19. The Conqueror

    Free Genuine License for Kaspersky

    This isnt the illegal Barclay's offer Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (KIS2009) is the latest version of Internet Security Suite from Kaspersky Lab. KIS 2009 version 8.0 is a new generation product for protection of home users against all types of data-related threats. Kaspersky Internet...
  20. latino_ansari

    Vista Activation????

    Hey i keep reinstalling my windows Vista... so i had to keep activating it again after each reinstall that to by calling the microsoft call center... is there a way to save my activation info so that i donot have 2 activate it again and again....
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