1. K

    Wierd problem

    My laptop is running windows Xp and i hav 2 user accounts, 2 days ago i found that both my user accounts were cleared and there was nothing left in them they were just like new accounts but they had the same pass(i lost all the data :mad:) and so started to load things again and downloaded few...
  2. R

    Giveaway of Megashare and Rapidshare premium accounts

  3. Gigacore

    Microsoft admits: we still haven't fixed Hotmail

    Some Hotmail customers are still unable to log in, Microsoft admits, despite previously claiming that the problem was fixed Microsoft has admitted that it still has not fixed the problem which has left tens of millions of Hotmail users unable to access their e-mail accounts over the past two...
  4. windchimes

    problem with mail accounts

    hi guys, These days I can't access my yahoo or gmail accounts. The case with yahoo is once i login and see the list of mails I can access one mail and read it.Then I can't do any other functions, but sign off. This is a big problem for me and i tried clearing the cookies and cache and also...
  5. blackpearl

    How to get 100 email accounts at your domain for free

    When you buy a domain at any registrar like Yahoo Small Business or Godaddy, you usually get only one email account. Some provide 2 or 3 depending upon the price. If you want to get more than that you will have to buy them. Now, one email account is too less. You might want to have addresses...
  6. R

    trojan horse

    can n e one give me some idea abt dis trojan horse trojan horse PSW.Generic5.ZKd all my accounts were hacked some days back was this trojan da culprit?
  7. P

    Rapidshare Account -- New Year Gift!! -- Must See!!

    31. December 2007 - A happy new year The whole RapidShare team wishes our customers all the best for the year 2008. Especially for the observing reader of our news page, we have planned a special event for new years eve. Exactly at 00:00 CET it is possible for one hour to extend existing...
  8. C

    Gmail Hacked

  9. sridatta

    60$ Google Adwords coupon for 8$

    Hello Guys I am selling away google adwords promo coupon of worth 60$ just for 8$. I accept Paypal account.. If anyone interested, Please PM me.. Note: Google Adwords coupon can be used with new accounts/ accounts not older than 14 days.. You donot need credit card to start advertising your...
  10. A

    Oops Google disables Gmail accounts by mistake

    A Google staffer writing under the name "Gmail Guide" posted a message on the company's Gmail Help Discussion forum yesterday saying that the problem had been fixed. But today, some Gmail users were still complaining about being locked out of their accounts. The thread devoted to the disabled...
  11. ~Phenom~

    Trillian Malfunctioning

    Hi Guys, Recently I noticed something very strange when using Trillian on my XP SP2. When I try to open my yahoo mail accounts using Trillian(that is by clicking on my email ids under heading "My mail accounts"), my firefox opens and normally shows inbox of my yahoo account. But just before...
  12. C

    (,'') How does website earns? ('',)

    Hi Friends, I want to know how exactly the internet firms earn money through their webpages? For Ex :Their are lot of instant messengers freely available for us,Free mail accounts from yahoo,gmail,rediff...,softwares,ebooks etcetera... If such stuffs are freely available then how do the firm...
  13. C

    Laptop for abt Rs. 25,000

    Hi guys Please suggest me a good laptop in the range of Rs. 25,000/-. Its for my uncle and since it'll be used for very uncle-type tasks a cheap low-config wont be a problem. Main thing should be Value for money and good after sales service. His needs are the usual Office applications, Web...
  14. S

    how delete user data and accounts in XP

    Hello Everyone!!! Guys I am using my system from last one year. The operating system installed on it is XP SP2. Two user are using it with two different accounts. Now query is that - I want to give my PC to someone else so I want to remove all my users accounts and all data, file (word...
  15. The_Devil_Himself

    **Send anonymous emails!!!**Must see**

    This is a little scary.I have two(main) email accounts one yahoo and one gmail.When I checked my yahoo account just 2 hours back I found 3-4 emails sent from my gmail account....I was like WTF.....I thought my accounts have been compromised(read hacked) by someone.....Then I used my small brain...
  16. A

    query on paypal !

    i had requested for a cheque on the 12th of this month and " cheque issued" message was seen on the 15th... its 26th today and nearly 2 weeks has gone by. how long will it take for the cheque to reach india ? some people here at TD seem to have got it in 10 days !! what steps should i take to...
  17. codred

    Hacked: Email inboxes of Indian missions in US and China; NDA, DRDO officials too

    Taking a dig at cyber security preparedness levels, a hacker, who claims to be based in Sweden, posted online this evening the passwords of 100 email accounts of embassies and government offices across the world, including 13 Indian accounts, containing classified information and correspondence...
  18. Sukhdeep Singh

    Start your website Today for just Rs. 499

    Host4Cheap offers these web hosting plans If you are looking for Relaible, Fast, Cheap Webhosting for your website.... then your search ends here. Host4Cheap offers the following plans which help you start your website with ease and also keeping in mind the budget of different people...
  19. kantiman

    how to Automatically log in Xp

    I ve 5 accounts in my Xp. Everytime i start the PC i ve to log in to xp. Is there a way to automatically login in xp with any one of the accounts. One of the accounts doesn't have the password can i use that account to login everytime i start the pc.
  20. A

    problem with broadmand ( mails )

    guys, i have bsnl broadband at home and for the first few weeks the broadband was great . Even now it is great except for this frustrating problem. i'm able to access my yahoo mail account and see the list of mails but am not able to open more than one mail per login session ( :mad: ) . my...
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