1. bbalegere

    Free webhosting by Byondspeed.

    Check out the free cpanel hosting by Byondspeed.It is one of the best free webhosts.You can also earn domain names by getting forum points.These are the features offered by Byondspeed. Panel 10.2.0 [Latest] Fantastico Deluxe 2.8 [Latest] 200MB Disk Space 5GB Bandwidth Unlimited MySQL...
  2. Y

    E-Mail Clients

    Which is the best free e-mail client available? Does Eudora work with yahoo and hotmail accounts and what about Thunderbird? :?:
  3. E


    I have 2 administrator accounts , named internet and administrator ,a gues. i am not able to login to administrator but only can see internet when i change the "select the logon and logoff options" with the welcome screen ticked, but where is the other 2 accounts , administrator and other a...
  4. lahratla

    Cannot run Pagemaker 6.52

    I've installed Adode Pagemaker 6.52 in WinXP+SP2 from the administrator account. While the program could be run from the account, it could not be run from all the other accounts I've created. When trying to open it from the other accounts, the following eror meassage appears: "Cannot Run...
  5. I

    How to know IP Address of any particular EMAIL ?

    Hello friends tell me How to know IP Address of any particular EMAIL ? im using gmail and yahoo accounts
  6. K

    Checkin 2 Gmail Accounts...

    Hey all I have 2 gmail accounts and i use Gmail Notifier... Now I cannot open 2 instances of Gmail Notifier.. 1 always gives me a 302 error.. Is there any other way/app which can lemme check my gmail acocunts and tell me about new emails in real time.. later i can logon and check thru the...
  7. dhawald

    thunderbird mail problem

    i have 3-4 accounts in thunderbird but it shows outgoing server only for the first account that i created what about the other accounts i do not find any setting for them. also how do i change a saved password in thunderbird.
  8. anispace

    xp user accounts

    I have 2 accounts admin and guest on my pc.But recently i found another password protected admin account named (ASP.NET machine A..) created. i did not create the account nor did any1else .so how did it appear???it doesnt show up during logon
  9. E

    User Accounts in Win XP

    I have a HP pc with Win XP Home SP2 in my Hostel.My account is the Computer 'administrator' and my roommates' have 'Limited' accounts. They mainly use it for listening to Songs and Watching Movies.Surfing and Programming is done Exclusively by me. The Problem is: One of them (I Dunno...
  10. A

    POP3 settings for MTNL's email service

    I got the tri-band internet connection from MTNL which also came with 2 free email accounts. I would like to access the email accounts from outlook express and hence require the POP and SMTP servers and any other settings required. My email account is something like this:
  11. A

    File sharing permission for limited account

    I am using Windows XP Pro on my network. I dont want users to have installation rights etc . So i ve created limited accounts for all the users. But the problem is that users dont have file sharing rights and i want the limited accounts to have file sharing rights. I tried changing the...
  12. N

    Yahoo error?? Grrrrrr...

    Hey you poeple; Hi I have a problem again. This has been happening to me for some time now whenever I try to log into Yahoo mail any of my accounts. This above messages Pops up and not just my accounts all my friends tries their accounts same result and when I use my...
  13. N

    Legal or Illegal??

    This Month's Digit carries article about GMail Drive!! Is GMail Drive Legal? Is it accepted by them? I have heard that Gmail is terminating those accounts using Gmail as drive.
  14. chajjjed

    Do any body suggest me a solution

    I got a P4-1.7, D845WN, 128 SDRAM, 40GB, with Win 98 in C: and Win XP in D: partition.I use a Foxpro based My own programme for accounts. I had modified the MsDos.sys file with "BootGUI=0" and the autoexec.bat file contains a single line for starting the Foxpro Accounts program.The...
  15. E

    Access POP Email behind Fierwall

    In my Institute we are provided Internet Facilities in Hostel. Bu the problem is that I have 5 POP/SMTP Accounts which I am unable to use through Email Client. They are from MyRealBox, Mail15, BlueBottle, GMail, (Dishnet) and 1 from my own Domain. No POP/SMTP Access is available...
  16. iinfi

    POP with an Orange connection

    Hi I v a Sony Ericsson T230 phone with Orange prepaid connection my phone supports POP3,SMTP and IMAP but i m unable to access any of my free POP3 accounts like google or any other accounts with it orange customer care cant help me either plz help thanks arvind
  17. Y

    Thread for Windows XP Service PAck 2 Aftermaths

    Hi all SUrely many of us must have installed XP SP2 by now so i thought why not strt this thread .Plzz Share ur XPreiences after installing SP2 . I guess u could post problems u encountered or problems that went away ,apps that stopped working etc. Personally for me this what happened ...
  18. D

    help required with account privileges

    i have a pc running winXP pro with a lan based net connection. at present all the administrator accounts can enable and disable the connection but the user accounts cannot. how do i give user accounts the permission to enable/disable the connection without giving them other administrator privileges?
  19. gsmsikar

    free acounting software

    hi please tell me which is a good free acounting software for personal/individual accounts , like for only deatils of Inflow & Outflow of cash/credit to the accounts given// but it should be freeware not shareware or trial/ thanks please reply...
  20. Ashis

    How Do I hide A Windows XP Partition !!!

    I have two accounts on Windows XP (One Limited & One Administrative). 8) Now I need to hide one Partition (say 'Drive D') It should be applicable for Limited as well as Administrative accounts). :shock: How do I do That ??? :?:
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