1. A

    Transfer money from ondia to usa

    Transfer money from India to usa Hi My friend sent me a product through one of his friends from usa who returned to india. I need to pay him 52 $ . Which is the cheapest way to transfer money to his account. I hold an hdfc account and am open to other money transfer ways as well
  2. doomgiver

    STEAM premium account required

    as some of you know, a hacker took control of my account last year, and i've not been able to play on steam for 9 months (due to steam not working on tata photon + ) in jan this year, i finally switched ISP's. now i have got steam installed, and im in the preocess of getting my account back...
  3. D

    Facebook Location Tracking please help

    hello i have a problem in accessing facebook with proxy, everytime i login to facebook its saying unathorized device/unrecognized locaiton. please help me how to get rid of this problem/stop this problem. i have checked the settings in privacy settings of my facebook account. im a...
  4. Akintex

    need help in p@ypal account creation.

    need help in p@ypal account creation. can i use hdfce debit card , netsafe or axix b ank debit card for p@ypal payment.(purchase) or can i use hdfce debit card , netsafe or axix b ank debit card to mak p@ypal account.
  5. V

    "Account sign-in details are out of date" - when using Chrome sync

    After restarting the computer, the message - "Account sign-in details are out of date" pop up in the wrench while using Chrome. I have signed in again and again but still the same thing comes up after a restart. Cookies/ cahe etc are not set to be deleted by default. The credentials are also...
  6. Shah

    Problems with PayPal

    I was thinking of getting a Paid Hosting from BlueHost. So, Today, I created a PayPal account on my dad's name and entered his details and his PAN ID correctly. But, when i add a debit card, it says the Name under which the PayPal account was created does not match the name in the PAN card. But...
  7. Charley

    Unknown Gmail Login. What is this ?

    I was checking my email today and it showed me the attached screenshot. I'm in Bangalore and use Dataone Broadband. How can I track this IP to see who the intruder is ? This is the email I got from Google
  8. ud0103

    How can I prevent a user from accessing the C drive?

    Hi, I'm using Windows Vista Home Basic and I've created a temporary account for my cousins. But I don't want them to be able to manually open C Drive (Windows Drive) and fiddle with all that stuff but still allowing that user account and all the programs running in there to have complete access...
  9. S

    Is there a way to delete my account? Admin please help.

    Hi all, Wanted to know who can I ask to delete my account. Is there an email address or alias to reach the admin? I am not able to remove my old posts and threads created by me and its really important for me that they dont show up on google search. I feel the forum should have a provision to...
  10. A

    Playstation network cards

    Are Playstation network cards (PSN cards) (used to purchase extra content from playstation store & in-game stores) available in India? I saw one on It said that I need a Playstation US account to use it as it was for $50. What on earth is that? My PS3 is from India & I created an...
  11. R

    Lost samsung mobile

    How to find my samsung Glaxy Y Duos Mobile , Can i find with samsungdive account after mobile hard factory reset.....
  12. S

    Pattern Unblock in Celkon Andriod Mobile 97I

    i have the same problem with my Celkon 97I,i forgot the unlock pattern,and its eventually locked,i tried to input my google account and it says my username and password is incorrect.i tried to reset my phone by pressing the menu key+back key while booting the phone and i select reset device,and...
  13. Darshan Singh

    iTunes Problem

    I purchased iPod Touch 4G 32 GB 3 months ago. Although I can easily transfer content to the device using iTunes but I can't connect to the iTunes Store. I have a BSNL 512 kbps broadband connection. When I click on the iTunes Store in iTunes, it keeps showing 'Accessing iTunes Store' but no...
  14. T

    google android

    who here has google developer android account please pm me because i need help with it.
  15. Hrishi

    [Help Required]C# and Active Directory Tools.

    Hi , I am planning to develop some useful tools for reducing the redundant work on Active Directory that I have to go through daily. Platform : Microsoft .NET and C#. I am looking for some resources into this , apart from those available at MSDN. Preferably those having some source codes...
  16. Desmond

    How to unlink my Youtube account from my Google+ account?

    I kinda connected my Google+ account to my youtube account and now I am regretting it, can anyone tell me how to unlink it again, I am unable to find it anywhere. Thanks Update : Disregard this. Figured it out.
  17. RCuber

    Paypal - Cannot Add HDFC Debit Card

    Hey Guys, Im getting the following error when trying to add my new HDFC debit card (Master) The card is a international debit card and can be used online. What can be the issue? I have already linked my HDFC bank account to paypal without any issue. The card is new and status is...
  18. gautam_dey66

    Activate Aircel 3G and Get 250MB of Free Data Usage!

    If you are Using Aircel. Just Activate 3G by dialing *122# and select activate 3G, after this you'll get a message confirming your activation. After that you'll be able to use 250MB of free data, even on 2G. To check the amount of data left in your account dail *129# The free usage is allowed...
  19. ratzee199

    assassin's creed revelations issue...

    hi everyone.... I am facing with a strange issue... I have the AC: R retail version. I had installed this game in my old desktop, played for few hours. Then I bought this new system. Installed the game. But whenever I tried to execute the exe file, uplay account screen pops up and asking me...
  20. iittopper

    need to buy bf3 premium - no account , credit,debit etc

    Alright folks i need to buy battlefield 3 premium@ 1499 . I have 10% discount also so will get it @ 1250 :-D . But i am a student , 18 years old who do not have bank account , atm card nothing . I cannot ask my parent because i want to buy with my own money and dont want to tell them . Any...
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