1. Cyberghost

    Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on Thursday

    Hackers posted a bogus announcement of a rocket strike against Israel’s Dimona reactor and a possible nuclear leak on a Twitter account used by the Israeli military, which said on Friday it was combating such cyber attacks. Read More : Israeli Army Twitter Account Briefly ‘Compromised’ on...
  2. A

    how to reset Facebook Account ????

    Is their any way to reset the FB account to a brand new account . mean to say that i want to delete all of my conversation , tags , search history , others who have search about me , post, friends...........every thing . without creating a new one. (Without going to activity log and delete each...
  3. M

    Dummy account on Facebook-Someone trying for threatening...

    I thought to share this incident with DTians colleagues with hoping to get some help. Someone has opened dummy/fake account on Facebook with using my daughter name. Fake account name is same as my daughter account name. Fake A/c holder connected with friends of my daughter & keeps inviting...
  4. Ronnie11

    Youtube Suspended my Account, Need help

    Hey guys, I dont know where to post this query but if this is the wrong section, please move the thread. So i got a mail from youtube today saying that my youtube account was suspended as i violated community guidelines. I do not recall posting any scams, obscenity or any comments whatsoever...
  5. GhorMaanas

    To dispose off old STB

    Hello fellows! i have a tata sky sd stb. i had upgraded to its hd+ stb in 2011, and the sd stb is lying packed in its box since then, as initially i had planned to use it with my pc, but that didn't happen. i now want to dispose it off. wanted to know whether it could be sold to anyone, and if...
  6. jak3072

    Re: Best PSN Account Region??

    Hey ppl thanks for all the replies to my earlier thread. The next thing I would like to ask you guys is which region offers the best PSN deals? I have seen many ppl talking about creating USA account or Japan Account. Was wondering what you guys use?? (only for the ps3)
  7. ithehappy

    Kind of a serious issue about an eBay transaction! Any help?

    Okay, the story is I purchased something from eBay on 14th March. And the last date of shipping was today, 27th March. And I just contacted the seller and he says that the item is not available and I will get the refund. Okay, but the problem is I paid from my dad's Debit card, which is his...
  8. kartikoli

    Will Origin ban an account for installing pirated version game on a PC

    I want to play my BF3 (original) on a friends PC but he has pirated version of BF4 installed so i am worried if i login to my account then what will happen. Will Origin detect a pirated BF4 and ban my account? Please suggest as i dont want to get banned and lose around 7 games in my library
  9. W

    experience with windows 8(& i thought vista was bad)

    so i bought a win 8 laptop for my cousin who specifically wanted a touch screen.i started to setup the laptop for him & after a while realized all the hate about metro UI & win 8 in general.i do appreciate touch interface & am quite comfortable using ipad,ipod & iphone but this metro touch UI...
  10. hareesh

    Help with Admin account in Win7

    hi all, I am having Win7 with sole admin account which was working absolutely fine.Recently I opened a guest account with some parental restrictions for child to play in the system. Now I feel , I went a bit overboard and tweaked the system attributes for accessing all the drives. Now I am...
  11. Amir.php

    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    Simply... I am a windows phone 8 user and Looking for a developer account for Unlock my Device. Microsoft provides Free Dream spark developer account to students for 1year. But need to varify my account via .edu email address. if some one is student here and have .edu email address from their...
  12. Cyberghost

    Steam Account Sharing ????

    Hii I want to know whether a steam account can be shared by multiple persons.If it is possible I can buy a 10$ game for 1$ sharing with my friends:-D. Anyone did this please help!!!
  13. gdebojyoti

    Methods of receiving payment from clients

    What are the best methods of receiving payment from clients who live in a different town/ city from yours? How safe is sharing my bank account number, so that they can deposit the amount at the bank's branch nearest to them?
  14. Mr.Kickass

    Nokia loses all its social media points with ‘F*** you’ tweet

    I'm a bit late to write this but its a must read for those who missed it
  15. D

    Problem with Facebook

    I uploaded some pictures on my facebook account. Suddenly, I was informed at my connected mail account that one of my friend has shared a photo on On clicking the link View Photo in the email I was redirected to where I found that all those facebook photos got...
  16. srkmish

    Urgent : Query regarding transferring money from ICICI Savings Acct to SBI PPF Account

    Hi Friends, As part of saving tax money, i was planning to add money to my already existing SBI PPF Acct. My father suggested that i must deposit a cheque from my icici salary savings acct to my ppf acct. However, my cheque book is outdated and it will take time to make a new one. So, is...
  17. prehistoricgamer

    Banking & Freelancing Info needed

    To start off, I just landed an internship in my field of choice. It's been almost 15 days in to the job. I'm 22 years old. I still do not have a bank account. Yeah. I don't :-) Why? Because I didn't have the need for one until now I guess. I have zero knowledge of how banking works. As of...
  18. ramakanta

    Transfer E-Mails Messages to Other Email Account

  19. RCuber

    Google Account Disabled

    Guys, this morning I saw that my phone was showing a warning symbol, checked and saw that my google account had been disabled and asked me to login via a web browser on a computer. logging in directed me to a captcha code and then the browser loaded my Gmail. I promptly changed my password and...
  20. mohityadavx

    Play Store Account Remove only credit card linked

    Hey! I want to make a developer account at the plays store. Since debit cards don't work I intend to use a credit card of a relative. So my question is since the credit card is linked to the account can this card be removed after making the payment? Keeping that in mind the account will have...
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