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  2. MetalheadGautham

    Best Bank for Net Banking and Fund Transfer

    I have a Canara Bank Savings Account for regular use and salary. Liked it because of the number of ATMs everywhere and instant SMS alerts for money credited into account, money debited from account (both via ATM and Debit Card). Problem is they are looting people for online transactions @ Rs...
  3. cute.bandar

    onlinesbi: transactions get updated in how much time?

    I am trying to add my bank account to paypal. Paypal sent a mail saying they have made 2 deposits in my bank account on May 16th. but I checked my net banking account and there are no transactions there. Does anyone have any idea as to how much time does it take for onlinesbi to update show...
  4. papul1993

    [Query] [Solved] messed up my order

    Hi guys, I rarely order stuff only. This was the first time I ordered computer components online. Company name: Product (be exact): Corsair CX430 V2 PSU Date of purchase: 2012-05-09 Description of problems faced and the incident: So I called those *******s(pardon my...
  5. gurujee

    Help me nabbing a cheater

    my friend is being cheated and she is doing it 2nd time. Is it possible to know from an IP address, that what other email accounts is being accessed from that IP or computer ? We know her current email ID' password, so could know its IP from 'last account activity'. I think sheis using...
  6. gdebojyoti

    How to sell my eBook?

    Hello, I am currently writing an ebook on After Effects which I would like to sell in the near future. Now, I do not have enough money to opt for a service like Clickbank for the selling purpose (I am a college student). So how can I sell the ebook? By the way, I do have a personal site...
  7. P

    Best Download Manager with Remote Access

    Guys, I am searching the best DM which has excellent acceleration and which supports Remote Access over the Internet like uTorrent Remote. Currently I am using FDM. I have premium account in Rapidshare. I want to monitor the downloads from office.:lol:
  8. M

    Cannot login facebook account...

    Hello friends... The problem is , I activated login notifications for my facebook account which saves computer name given by user every time the account is accessed .. Now it has stored the maximum no. of computers in the account.. But i cannot access it.. It gives the following error.. "...
  9. digitaltab

    how to add bioware friends to origin account

    I have made some friends on bioware social network and i want to add them to my origin account but there is no option in origin to add bioware friends, how to add them, i don't want to ask their email ids, suggest the possible ways.. my purpose is multiplayer gaming on bioware games which are...
  10. Desmond

    A look at what report Facebook sends cops when account info is requested.

    Here is what information Facebook sends cops when a subpoena is requested by cops for investigation. I suspect what they sell to those who seek information of account holders? Source (The document attached)
  11. RCuber

    {URGENT] Facebook Groups Profile Pic

    Hey guys, I need to add a profile picture to a Facebook group which I created. I cant seem to find a way to do it!!.. Facebook has recently updated their UI and its quite confusing on how to change the profile pic. PS: I dont have a Facebook account, currently I am using a temp account for a...
  12. Pratik Pawar

    query abt facebook apps..

    I hav quite a few apps on facebook account..7 of them.. in the account settings, apps section... just wanted to know reg the notifications, whats the difference between " the app sends me a request" , & " A friend sends me a request ".. :-?
  13. dalbir

    transfering contacts

    how to transfer contacts from android phone to gmail account?
  14. Cool Buddy

    The day I registered on this forum

    Look what I just found: I logged into this account after a long long time and discovered that it now allowed POP access. I configured it in Thunderbird and while the mails were being downloaded I discovered that this was the first email in my account. I don't know if I have deleted the...
  15. mikael_schiffer

    Windows 7 TEMP User Account problem.

    I am currently logged in as my admin account named "DELL", running Windows 7 However the icons, wallpaper,layout etc has changed and it looks like that of a newly created account.I created a new "Test Account"User profile and logged in it and it looks the same as my current "DELL" User...
  16. jatt

    Need Onlince donation service on website

    I would like to create a website linked to a bank or investment account so that friends and other relatives can gift $ or Rs. to be used in support of the disabled persons. Ideally, the website would process credit cards, paypal, account withdrawals, so that it is easy for people to donate...
  17. S

    Problem in syncing and signing of google account in dellxcd35

    hi, yesterday when i logged in to my gmail account in the above just below the address bar i found a writing that "your google account has been recently logged in from hungary" where as i live in odisha in india.then there was a option to logout all your sessions from every where i clicked that...
  18. mayoorite

    Someone else have open facebook account with my email id please help

    Someone else have open facebook account with my email id .And a confirmation email came so i click "Didn't sign up for Facebook? Please let us know.".This confirmation email came on November 13.But today(23 nov) again that confirmation email came.So please help me out.What should i do ?And i...
  19. Zangetsu

    usage traking software?

    Hi Guys, :wave: I m in need of software (paid/free) which can give me reports like how many times the PC was on & also which user account used it etc. more features are always welcomed.
  20. Sarath

    New Bank account; which bank to choose?

    I have recently started buying a few games online but am doing transactions in the 90's style of going to the bank and making a deposit. I want to take advantages of the NEFT transfer facilities and debit card shopping that is becoming the norm these days. Hence I have decided to open a bank...
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