1. axes2t2

    Paid apps question.

    I bought an app from the playstore but for some reason I need to format my phone. Is the 'unlocker key' available for download straightaway on the account or do I need to buy it again.
  2. Zangetsu

    Amazon account was hacked!!

    Interesting Read... In her post, Pillai has also raised some very pertinent questions regarding the rules and regulations governing online shopping not only in India, but world over. These include: * The lack of speedy crisis response and language support for customers in emergency situations...
  3. D

    COC account for sale..

    TH8 turned TH7 maxed base with drag lvl 3, cc upgraded to th8 standard, 5 builders..What should be the right price for the account..?? im from india.. Would appreciate all the info i can get.. thnx
  4. lywyre

    [Outlook] Setting up new Account - Fetch only mails from last n days

    I will be setting up a new account in Outlook (my existing GMail account). But I do not want to fetch all my mail, only mails from the last week or month. How can I accomplish this? Thanks
  5. Cyberghost

    Bundlestars Hacked - Password Reset Alert (Check ur Email)

    We have noticed attempts to access Bundle Stars customer accounts by entering, what we believe to be, stolen email address and password combinations, so we have taken the precaution of resetting all user passwords across the website. Customers' financial information, such as PayPal, credit or...
  6. netizen3000

    Don't have User Account control

    Guys in my laptop running windows 8.1 i tried to uninstall synaptic touch pad drivers but an error message appears saying you have to be logged in as an administrator to uninstall driver. I messed around with the user account privileges activated the windows admin account through command prompt...
  7. D

    How to remove Youtube Channel name from Live ID?

    Hello Guys, Could you please provide solution to remove youtube channel name from Live ID. Whenever I email someone it displays my channel name on other side instead of my name on email account. I tried finding it on account setting but no luck. Please give some solution to it. Regards
  8. E

    Youtube Channel switch problem

    Allright so I'm in a lot of trouble Ill try being as clear as possibe I have a Youtube channel with about 300 subscribers. Now this channel was connected to my gmail id and my personal google plus page "", so then I thought of making another google...
  9. S

    For sale th10 account

    Semi max th10 account for only $250 still negotiable Contact me through message. Message me for the pictures coz i don't know how to upload a pic here. Sorry.
  10. A

    2 android phones and same google account !

    As i am using two android phones but unfortunately i have signed up both of my phones with same google account . One is used by me and other is used by brother . As i have singed up with my google account all emails etc . Is been sent to both of there handset . As per privacy concern i don't...
  11. E

    Make my PC think it's in US

    Hi I wanted a good song streaming site/app for my PC.So I installed TunnelBear and downloaded spotify. I even created and account and logged in to the spotify app on my PC. Everything went well for a week then all of a sudden I got an error saying that my account is registered in a different...
  12. rohitshakti2

    Securing Facebook account

    Hi friends, I want to know how to secure my facebook account from hackers as recently one of my friend FB account was hacked and the hacker put nude pics on his facebook. Secondly, I just checked my FB a/c from another person's account and found that all my posts & details could be viewed by...
  13. meetdilip

    Windows 7 : Not able to create new user

    I am facing an issue with new user creation on Windows 7 desktop. It simply won't log in using new user/s I create through control panel. Neither am I able to activate guest account. There is administrator account for all. And since my PC is not always private, I am having trouble. Please...
  14. BBThumbHealer

    Has my Mobile service been compromised ?

    Hello Digit'ians, Want to get your views on something strange that has happened as with me. I wasn't having any facebook account but lately around 4-5 days, i've been receiving text msgs from that official facebook no. 51555 that xyz, mnp etc. accepted your friend request. Curiously, i then...
  15. ariftwister

    List of Online Websites you have signed up

    As per the title goes, I want to know the various websites you guys are using with your own account. I want to create and reserve my username in all of the famous websites.
  16. G

    Free for students!

    Guys as the thread suggests i am a student. I would like to know if there are some really good discounts or even free paid softwares for students. I already am in the DreamSpark program and then have a github student account! I'm mostly into web development(Hosting,Wordpress,Designing...) and...
  17. Cyberghost

    Origin users reporting unauthorized purchases appearing on their accounts

    [Update: Electronic Arts says its investigation into the matter has come up empty. "We found no indication at this point of a breach of our Origin account database," an EA rep said. "Privacy and security of user account information are of the utmost importance to us. We encourage our players to...
  18. RBX

    Requesting vote for Digit/TP-LINK contest

    A competition is being held in which top three entries get TP-LINK routers. I feel bad about inboxing friends for votes, and unfortunately people outside India can't vote on this. So, if you have a Facebook account, consider voting for my entry
  19. P

    [For Sale] CLASH OF CLANS LVL 55 Th7 Account up for 15 grands

    I am selling my coc game account It took me a year to progress till here, on my android and ipad devices, I have Town hall 7 Lvl7 Walls lvl4 troops dragon unlocked Lvl2 dark barracks with Minions and Hogs Lvl8 Defences Expected price-15k-20k Reason to sell-No more needed...
  20. ithehappy

    I messed up Chrome's settings! Please help

    Well I don't what I did, and where I did, on my phone or desktop, but while searching for something the sponsored ads / links are not appearing on Chrome any more for me, when I have logged into Chrome. As long as I am not logged in, they are there, but as soon as I log in the sponsored results...
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