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Urgently need a PC Gamepad (2.5k budget)


Hi Guys,

I am in urgent need to buy a PC gamepad. Budget is 2.5k. I can stretch upto 3k if it really worth it.
Wired is not a problem but it would be good if i get a wireless one.

The two brands i am seeing is logitech/Microsoft. microsoft controllers are looking much better but i've heard there are some issues with wireless one's, and wireless dongle is not included in the package.

Please advise.


get the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. Its the best for the price :- Microsoft Wired Controller for Windows - Microsoft: Flipkart.com


I was looking out for this one but have a confusion. In the specs it is given that controller will work with windows vista.
Will it work with other windows properly? i have windows 8.1 for instance.

And is the price right in flipkart? or can i get it in less from the market?

Pls advice & thanks for your quick response!
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