Headphones for gaming and movies/tv shows for under 2.5k. ok with used


Broken In

I play games (mostly smite and COD) on pc also movies and tv shows. not much music. not bass head but dont hate it.using hd 201 for a while but lack of bass is making them boring.

SO looking for headset/over ear headphones under 2.5k i am ok with buying used from olx. i was going to get siberia v2 used.but a pro gamer friend of mine said they break a lot. have mind on electra( found used for 2.5k) the main feature i like was removable cable which is the point of failure for most headphones. found just 1 negative review.

what you guys suggest. i am not that updated in the audio scene and dont know what is available in india and what is not. dont mind to try some open headphones also
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