1. digit.sh

    BSNL broadband plan revision and speed increase

    Hi, I recently stumbled upon a report that BSNL has revised their mnimum speed to 521kbps from 256kbps, effective from 20th May. Could anyone please confirm if it is true? I am asking about West Bengal circle. If it is the case I shall get the "BB Home Combo ULD 650" plan which will give...
  2. dinesh_mettur

    BSNL Broadband 500C+ plan Speed slow

    hi dude For past one year im in 500C plan got 1.5 Mbps to 1.8 Mbps now i had 500C+ plan now am getting constant speed of 256Kbps speed only what to do ? give me a solution Router Model : WA2002g4
  3. blackpearl

    Has BSNL upgraded 256kbps unlimited to 512 kbps?

    Seems like they have. Today I noticed my 256kbps unlimited line automatically upgraded to 512kbps. Here is my report. This is no official announcement yet, but others have noticed similar changes. What's up guys?
  4. N

    MTNL Mumbai 256kbps Unlimited at Rs.599

    MTNL Mumbai 256kbps Unlimited Internet now only at Rs.599 per month :) *mumbai.mtnl.net.in/triband/htm/unlimited.html
  5. N

    MTNL Mumbai Plan Changes

    MTNL Mumbai has made a couple of changes to its triband plans. 1. In Rs.749 you now get 384kbps unlimited instead of 256kbps unlimited 2. Night Unlimited time is now 10PM to 8AM instead of 12AM to 8AM Cheers !!
  6. N

    MTNL Mumbai Triband Unlimited 256kbps at Rs.749

    Great news for Mumbai users: MTNL Mumbai introduces Unlimited Triband at 256kbps at Rs.749 pm Yippee!!
  7. T

    speed fundaa??

    my connection speed is 256kbps means 32kbps downloading speed but how can i get 265 kbps downloading speed sometimes.......
  8. paroh

    mtnl broadband user check speed

    There is partially increase in speed for 256Kbps Plan user (UL). check ur router for speed change. check the speed in ur router and post it in here 288Kbps download (Previously 263Kbps) 256Kbps Upload (previously 260Kbps)
  9. paroh

    Good news for Mtnl triband -Mumbai and sad news new for mtnl-delhi

    Good news for Mtnl triband -Mumbai and sad news new for mtnl-delhi Mumabi user will get double speed at the same cost of 256Kbps like 256Kbps will get 512Kbps . *mumbai.mtnl.net.in/triband/htm/tariff.htm#tariff But sad news there is no change in plan for Delhi user
  10. abhijit_reddevil

    256kbps unlimited internet connection

    Hi, I want a 256kbps unlimited internet connection. Which one is the best, available in Kolkata? Please do not suggest me BSNL dataone. I want options other than BSNL dataone. I was thinking of Airtel. According to the information available on www.airtelbroadband.in, the 256kbps...
  11. N

    MTNL Mumbai launches Unlimited 256kbps Broadband at Rs.999

    Finally, MTNL Mumbai babus have woken up. 256kbps Unlimited access launched at Rs.999 in Mumbai. :)) Still not as cheap as Delhi though :(
  12. Hemanth.MMO

    Is it possible to play online games using 256kbps wireless internet?

    Is it possible to play online games using 256kbps wireless internet?
  13. Faun

    What to do with 50GB online space ?

    Suppose you got 50GB of online space free for one year and that too with syncing on your PC. So what do you do with that much space, i mean with a crappy plan of 256kbps.
  14. S

    Indian ISPs among the BitTorrent Throttling ISPs

    Source - *torrentfreak.com//images/vuze-plug-in-results.pdf All the major Indian ISPs - BSNL, VSNL, Reliance, Airtel are in that list. I've myself experienced it in my Airtel connection. When i easily get 30-31kbps in my 256kbps connection for http downloads I get only 20-24kbps on a well...
  15. The_Devil_Himself

    Funniest MTNL call centre replies.

    More than 90% people are unsatisfied by the neanderthals MTNL recruit in their call centres.Sometimes their replies are annoying sometines funny and sometimes downright stupid and only rarely good enough. This is what happened last night. The MTNL guy:this is ****** ***** from MTNL how can I...
  16. napster007

    nfs carbon on hamachi?

    will nfs carbon run on hamachi on a 256kbps connection??
  17. M

    256kbps unlimited

    hi ppl can you pls enlist a good isp in mumbai who offers unlimited 256kbps bb. is it true that rates have fallen significantly ? pls suggest cheapest one . thanks :-)
  18. emailaatif786

    A Matter of Speed

    I am "BSNL DataOne Home 250" User, ie; the plan I am using has the speed limit from 256Kbps to 2Mbps, as told by BSNL w.e.f. from 1st January 2007. When I download any file from the net, the download speed varries from 100Kbps to 11 Mbps. Now I want to know that if BSNL has provided me a...
  19. nishanth_che

    Tata Indicom - 512Kbps Unlimited !!

    Hey guys Good news,Tata Indicom has launched a 512 Kbps unlimited plan for Rs 1,850 + Taxes = Rs 2,077 per/month. More info - *www.tataindicombroadband.com I think the price is quite reasonable considering that many ISP still charge around Rs 1000 for a 256Kbps...
  20. shaunak

    Ubuntu 6.1 servers slow?

    I mm downloading the iso of kubuntu EE but the maximum download speed imm able to get is 20KBps [that too from a french server.] Where as for Ubuntu DD imm getting a speed of 28Kbps Is there any alternative mirror [unlisted] i can use? Imm on a 256Kbps line.
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