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  1. R

    Need advice on buying the following SSDs:

    Hello:-) I want to upgrade my laptop storage with a 120GB SSD. My budget is tight and I will be using it for programming ,everyday use and occasional gaming. I have read about SSD storage technologies like SLC and MLC where I found that MLC are more reliable, I know SSDs last for a while but...
  2. avichandana20000

    Ssd required

    Need a 120GB SSD.(6K APPROX) Pls Suggest. Also want to know the difference between OCZ AGILITY 3 SATA 3 120 GB OCZ VERTEX 3 LOW PROFILE SATA 3 120GB
  3. sxyadii

    Corsair Force GT not detected in BIOS???

    From today morning, my corsair force gt 120gb ssd not detecting in bios....I had installed OS on it...plz help me pc config ----------- CPU - i5 3570k Mobo - ASUS P8Z77-M PRO Ram - Corsair Vengeance 4 GB RAM x 4 Cabinet - Cooler Master STORM Enforcer CPU Cooler - CM TPC 812 SSD -...
  4. guru_urug

    Help choosing my first ssd

    Hi, I am looking to purchase my first ssd in the coming week. I have a SATA 2 board, but I am keen on purchasing a SATA 3 based ssd to saturate the interface and for future-proofing. The ssds that fall within my budget are: crucial m4 128GB OCZ vertex 4 128GB OCZ Agility 3 120GB...
  5. digit06

    will it handle

    hey guys i need a help in my bro's PC he is having my same mobo so need help in PSU im having a 280 watt psu will it handle this confiq gigabyte 78lmt-s2p amd athlon II 260 3.2 ghz 2gb cosair ram hdd 120gb or 320 gb no gfx card and no other pci cards will this handle :oops:
  6. M

    Fastest ssd 120gb sata iii 6.0 gbs@best price online

    Hi guys i am back after a long time wanted some boost now. Let me know the best ssd so that i can transfer the OS and boost a little bit in the load time. I found one deal in bitfang ADATA 120GB AT 9.3K 510/550 W_R SPEED. Let me know if there are any other deal. I need atleast 70-80gb os drive...
  7. Skud

    Which SSD to buy within 10-11k?

    Basically, in a dilemma over these two within a budget of 11k +/- 1k:- OCZ Vertex 3 120gb from Amazon: Rs 11239 ($212.95) (including everything) Corsair Force 3 120gb from IT Depot: Rs 10520 (free shipping till Christmas) Question is who looks after the RMA of OCZ? Can it be repaired here or...
  8. N

    Multi Monitor Gaming System

    Top Gaming System with 3 Monitors @ 1.82 Lac Hello Guys I am building my first Multi-Monitor Gaming System, which will include 3 x LCD, Dual AMD Card in Crossfire and Intel Sandy-Bridge CPU ** EDit Here is Final price list which ordered on 19th May + Intel 120GB 510 Series SSD (From...
  9. S

    Help with High End Gaming Rig!

    Hello Everyone, First timer on this site, but not new to The Digit Mag. Requesting help with sorting out some doubts over my config List. Here we go - 1. What is the purpose of the computer? A:Hardcore Gaming esp. MMORPG , been with World of Warcraft since last 6yrs, before that was...
  10. T

    Playstation 3/2Games/HDMI Cable

    Hi, I want to sell my 5 month old PS3 with 2 Games(Split Second and GTA 4). Expected price is 15500k(Not Negotiable). It comes with built in 120GB HDD and an HDMI Cable. This for PUNE only. I will not ship/deliver anywhere. Buyer picks up and pays.
  11. C

    Western Digital 120GB Passport Drive problem

    Hi Guys, I have that black look passport drive 120GB 2.5 inches. It was working fine one day it started giving constant tickling noise from drive and now it is not detecting even on Windows . Is their any way to recover data from USB Drive which isn't getting detected ? Thanks
  12. S

    How to partition a new Hard disk...

    Hello friends, Recently I have bought a 120GB external hard disk... It has a single partition 120GB... How to partition that hard disk? Thanks in Advance...
  13. Vivek788

    Hope its not major prob

    I bought a new cpu with 250gb sata hard disk.I had a 120gb samsung hard disk PATA with me.It contains all my setups,movies,data everything.After many small probs i have finally suceeded to properly connected these two hard disks together and transfer data between the two. But that lasted only...
  14. N

    External HDD or Internal HDD

    Now i am using 80 GB Hitachi SATA II internal hdd which is not sufficient for me... So i am planning to extend my comp storage capacity with one more 120gb hdd... I have few questions regarding this: Which one to go for? Internal or External??? What are the advantages n disadvantages of...
  15. U

    Buying a PC

    i want to buy a computer for Rs38000 with AMD64X2 4200 and XFX 7600GS( If the budget is enough otherwise 7300GT) and 1GB ram with Samsung 120GB SATA HDD. u guys decide the rest. So, get ur suggestions flowing!!!!!!! __________ I can also go for intel allendale
  16. P

    celeron Processor vs 120 GB HDD

    hi friends.. i do have a Intel celeron 300 mhz proceesor cpu. am updating my hardisk from 8gb to 120gb....am having a gr8 doubt that is taht ok my celeron will supoort and give good performance for my new 120gb hdd i there any connection between processor speed and hard disk size...
  17. D

    Is This New Rig Good???

    Hello every one have got this new rig yesterday and belive me i was n idiot as i was going for a Intel platform before but thank god i didnt this AMD is just Awesome Man i m choked till Neck... :o Amd64 3200+ 939 pin Asus A8N-E Mobo 1GB Corsair DDR 400Mhz Ram Philips 19'' CRT Monitor 120GB...
  18. N

    Fresh Win Xp Installation on Seagate SATA 120GB Harddisk

    Dear All, I want to install Windows Xp on Seagate SATA 120GB Harddisk. Will u pleaze tell me the procedure & driver location on web, if any. My System is, P4 3.00 Ghz. Asus P5V800 Mother Board Transcend 512 MB Ram Thanks in Advance, DIPAK 09822977225
  19. Aniruddh

    Need suggestion..mobo,processor,hdd,ram

    well hav asked da same thin few dayz bak but didnt get enough suggestions so still cud not come to any conclusion..well i wanna go for a p4 platform 1-915 based mobo which one is gud i mean brand msi,asus,intel original or any other???2-need 120gb hdd atleast so which one?i guess der wont b much...
  20. L

    Excess hard disk heating

    Hey everybody, I've got an 80GB Seagate SATA and an 120GB Seagate SATA. Off lately my 80GB (primary) is generating alot of heat even with normal CPU usage. No doubt it could be because I keep my PC ON for days.But all my data (expect OS WinXP SP2) is stored on 120GB including Games which...
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