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Help choosing my first ssd


I am looking to purchase my first ssd in the coming week. I have a SATA 2 board, but I am keen on purchasing a SATA 3 based ssd to saturate the interface and for future-proofing. The ssds that fall within my budget are:

crucial m4 128GB
OCZ vertex 4 128GB
OCZ Agility 3 120GB
Corsair Force 3 120 GB
Corsair Force GT 120 GB
Sandisk 120 GB Extreme
Intel 330 120GB
Kingston HyperX 120GB
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
Corsair Neutron 120GB
Sandisk 120GB Ultra

I am looking for the best performance with reliabilty intact. I know that the samsung 830 is probablly the most reliable and relatively fast too but its way overpriced in India.

Out of the ones listed above I believe that the crucial m4 and the ocz vertex 4 are the best options. Which one would be better? Crucial has 3 yrs of limited warranty whereas ocz offers 5 yrs. So I am currently leaning towards the vertex 4



What is the budget? Also think again if you need to go for an SSD rite now. Needless to say either SSDs are going to be cheaper with coming months OR they are going to die as a technology. You can get more for same money if you spend later.
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