1. himangshu

    help in buying a monitor under 10k

    Iam looking to buy a new LCD monitor under 10k. I will be using it for gaming and watching hd movies. I have shortlisted the AOC 2236Vw but want to consider other options also. So suggest me a good monitor in this price range.
  2. Techn0crat

    Need CPU,MoBo and DDR3

    Hi all, One of my friend just got his 4yr old MoBo pwned.Now he wants to buy new CPU and MoBo andI told him that most new boards support only ddr3. His budget is 10k. He is into 3D and use 3D Max, Maya and zbrush. Both Intel and AMD will do fine.He is not a fanboy.:-D All he want is great...
  3. K

    Low budget upgrade needed .. 10K Budget

    Hi , i need to upgrade some components of 1 of my office's PCs. Need upgrades for the HDD , RAM , MoBo and Processor. The PC has a 9400GT . Purpose of use is mainly 3D modelling. The config i have in mind is as follows : AMD Athlon II X3 440 Asus M4A78LT 4GB DDR3 ram Seagate 500GB If...
  4. S

    LED monitor for replacement of W2243T

    Currently I have LG W2243T 22" LCD monitor which is faring fine albeit with a bleeding problem...so i wanted to know if there is any good LED monitor in kolkata for 22" or above...Since I want best picture in my budget less than 10k...so i want to replace my monitor for an led...will it be worth...
  5. rahul18348

    mobo + cpu + graphic card in 10k

    Ok here's the deal. my friend wants to upgrade his old pentium 4 1.6GHz so that his son can play fifa on it. He uses his pc strictly for autocad 2000 (old software) & nothing else. I suggested him the following config which is in his budget (10000/- strict) Athlon II X2 250 @ 3245 ASUS...
  6. vinyasmusic

    mobile inside 10k

    HI ............... guys and gals ..... I need a mobile with GPS ... 3G ... WiFi .... under or just over 10k ...... The mobile should be such... which can be used in USA .... as my father would be going there shortly .... Plzzz help
  7. sharma_atul85

    Samsung Galaxy 5 or 3 or Nokia 5530 or u suggest please ?

    Hi everyone ! I am looking to buy a phone with "3G and wifi" and all the other features which comes along; although not much stress on other features and Yes within 10K. I came across Samsung Galxy 5. It looks attractive but dnt have info how android behaves ? then comes in mind the Nokia...
  8. X

    Best Buy around 10k

    hey hi... i am planning to buy a new phone... my budget is around 10k... i googled a few phones... i found nokia X6 a good one... a 13.5 priced... i prefer a good phone as one with a decent camera and a good music player with no lagging in the firmware.... please help me out... all...
  9. T

    Finally brought my 5230

    Hey guys just sharing my enjoyment with you guys. I have been look out for a symbian and an andriod phone within sub 10k category for some time.(I personally feel spending 20-25k on a phone is not worthy). I knew about 5233,5235 and 5230 as a symbian device...
  10. R

    Looking for a point and shoot

    I am looking for a point and shoot camera with a good optical zoom. I guess 7 megapixels should be good enough. What are my options at 10k?
  11. adithestar

    Suggest a 20" - 22" LCD

    Heyy guys, i need an LCD display (20" - 22") mostly for watching HD movies,, my budget is 10k,, thnkss
  12. P

    Suggest Me a Phone - 10k Max

    Guys, Please suggest me a touchscreen or QWERTY phone of any brand that has got all the following features, 1) 3G 2) GPS I have no problem with brands, so any brand would do. I can afford up to 10k.
  13. C

    Touch Screen phone under 10k

    Need a phone within 10k (non flexible) What i need is:- 1. 3g 2. 3.0+ mp 3. qwerty (virtual or physical) 4. Android 2.1 5. captive touch screen 6. wifi (must) 7. A-GPS 8. good battery (atleast 1 and a half day) 9. Bluetooth 3.0 10. and the last im a music lover so good sound quality
  14. R

    10k Touch Phone

    Need a phone within 10k (11k at most if its really worth the buck) Needs (must have) 1.3g 2.front camera also 3.qwerty(virtual or phyical) 4.Good battery(last 2days under normal usage) note: should be good vaule for money because i dont want to waste the extra cash if i save that is &...
  15. ayush_chh

    same old question - pls Help (Mobile under 10K)

    Hi guys, Have got 10k to spend for a cell phone. I went through other threads..i found one name Sony Ericsson c510. Can you all suggest me any thing else?? or can i go with it? Note:- I am not a Touch Fan. Thanks :)
  16. dheeruymv1212

    Suggest a mobile bet 10k -12k

    Hi All, Could you ppl suggest a best mobile bet 10k -12k? As i dont hav gr8 idea in mobiles. Thanks in advance
  17. H

    Phone with physical keypad & GPS for around 10k.

    m planning to buy a new phone this month at a budget of around 10k. basic requirements: - 3.5mm audio jack - GPS - physical keypad - 5MP camera with flash - no touchscreen required seen N79 and the keypad sucks. saw SE Elm and Hazel but the screen size and the OS is a problem...
  18. M

    Urgent:Upgrade PC under 10K

    Hi Guys, My brother is planing to upgrade his PC.His budget is around 10k for CPU,RAM and motherboard So from what i saw the best value for money system would be Processor - Athlon II X2 250 3GHz - 3k RAM - Kingston 2x2GB DDR2 800MHz - 2x2k (As he is needs that much RAM) Motherboard - i was...
  19. R

    Best android phone under 10k

    guys wich is de best android phone under 10k more features de better...lower the price the better :D
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