1. Harveyy

    Freesync Monitor Around 10k

    1. Budget? 10k. can go 1-2k more if needed 2. Display type and size? 22 to 24 inch. VA or TN preferred Not a big fan of IPS Because of light Bleeding issues ,also i have heard that budget VA panels are better than Budget IPS and TN (Do correct me if i am wrong though) 3. What...
  2. H2O

    Best Phone Under 10k - Please Its Urgent!

    Hello. My dad wants to buy a smartphone under 10k. Its a bit urgent. So, would be very thankful if you guys can help me decide quickly which one to go for. 1. Budget? Under 10k at Max. 2. Display type and size? HD/Full HD - 5" or 5.5" Screen. 3. Dual sim? Yes. Preferably 4G &...
  3. Ronnie012

    Need Graphics carx for PC budget 10k

    Pc Specs Intel Core I3 6100 Motherboard Gigabyte H110ms2 8 gb ddr4 ram corsair Monitor Benq dl 2020 Looking to play Mass Effect Andromeda. Low power consumption preffered. This is my first grPhics cRz purchase so not much idea. Budget extendable but if i can get a decent...
  4. D

    Tablet suggestion - budget 10k

    Guys please suggest a good tablet upto 10k. I need it for watching movies so display quality should be good.
  5. M

    Best SSD under 10,000 Rs?

    Please recommend me some ssd under 10k Rs.
  6. V

    Is it worth waiting for AMD Zen?

    Guys i will be building a budget gaming pc.... i will be investing 8-10K in processor. Currently i am not seeing any other option other than FX-6300. What i need to know is i can wait for Q1 2017 so can lowest Zen series model be expected under 10K also if someone can explain that will zen be...
  7. S

    UPS or inverter for Gaming PC ?

    I have seasonic s12ii 430 SMPS, LED monitor, one ADSL modem. I am a web developer and sometimes a sudden blackout destroys hours of work!! I had iBall 600va UPS, it was my old PC's. After upgrading to a gaming PC, the iBall couldn't give backup for even a second. Should I buy a UPS ? or add...
  8. A

    Monitor for Programming

    Hi, I need a monitor mainly for long hours programming. My main concern is least eye fatigue and easy to read display. Size wise I think 22-24inch would be good. Would it be wise to use a TV as monitor? Budget is around 10K but can stretch a little in case I find a worthy option...
  9. bssunilreddy

    Which GPU to buy? Budget from 9.5k to 16k!

    What is the best card for 9.5k? GTX750Ti 2GB! What is the best card for 16k? GTX9604GB! Which one is better in terms of price to performance ratio? ... I have 10k right now but need to add another 6k if I go with GTX960 4GB...
  10. V

    Opinion on Nikon Coolpix S7000

    I would like to know from users the minus points about Nikon Coolpix S7000. Are there better cameras available for 10k?
  11. I

    Please suggest upgrade for 10k

    Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my aging core2duo based system to something faster for no more than 10k. Its primary use would be gaming and 1080p videos. My current config is the follows - Cpu - Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 2.2ghz Mobo - Gigabyte p35 s3g - not working Gfx card - msi...
  12. S

    Mobile within 10k budget

    Hi guys, please suggest me a mobile within strict 10k with below features: 1. Good battery backup(at least one day backup with average use). 2. 4.5 inch+ screen size. 3. No excess heat. 4. Expandable memory. 5. Dual sim(optional) Thanks for the help guys.
  13. G

    Android phone under 10000

    Hi guys, I have to buy a new phone under 10k just for regular usage, please suggest. Edit: 1. Budget? 10K 2. Display type and size? Any 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Any 6. Preferred operating system? (Android...
  14. S

    A very Good Phone vs a Decent Phone and a Decent Tablet

    Ok guys i have a budget of 20K. Now i'm thinking whether I should buy a good phone for that 20 grands (Planning to get the Moto X play, Feel free to suggest any other phone as well under 20K)Opt1 Or get the MiPad from Snapdeal today (Its 10K today) and buy the Mi4i for 10K or im pretty...
  15. H2O

    Best Mobile Under 10k

    I am looking to get a mobile under 10k. 1. Budget? Under 10k. 2. Display type and size? Around 5 inches. HD Screen. Would be great if its Full HD, but Full HD isn't a necessity. 3. Dual sim? Not a necessity. 4. Preferred choice of brand? While I am open to all brands, I would prefer...
  16. 2kool2btrue

    5.1 speakers under 10k

    Hi.. A friend of mine is looking to buy 5.1 speakers for his medium sized hall.. Would like to, quote, "shake the room". His budget is 10k. Right now have the Logitech Z506 in consideration. What do you guys recommend? Will only be used for music so not sure if 5.1 is the way to go too...
  17. R

    Best android under 10K

    >Budget - 10K >Display - 4" to 5" [ Strictly NOT more than 5" ] >Brand - Any >Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)? FB, Gmail & Youtube. No camera, No gaming. > Want a good battery life! *As a side note: I'm selling my iPhone 4 to buy this, it is...
  18. T

    Android phone within 10K

    I want to buy a android smartphone within 10k. Thinking about Lenovo K3 but then it has high SAR value, bordering near the highest acceptable limit.So is it really wise to buy it? Most reviewers are not even mentioning the fact. Really confused. Help Appreciated 1. Budget? Max 10k 2...
  19. S

    Point and Shoot Camera Under 10k. Urgent

    hello friends as the title suggest I need a point and shoot camera under 10k strict budget.( 7 to 8 k will be even better )....My preferences are :- 1.) camera should be slim and light weight... 2.) Offers best possible image quality 3.) should be easy to use as i will be clicking...
  20. T

    Need a new phone for less than 10k

    Budget <10k Phone should be smaller than a nexus 4 dual sim doesn't matter Well known brands preferred -camera not important, should get the job done. front cam would be nice- -preferably android- 3G support minimum. Internet, messaging. Should not slow down if multitasking...
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