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Best Buy around 10k


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hey hi...
i am planning to buy a new phone... my budget is around 10k... i googled a few phones... i found nokia X6 a good one... a 13.5 priced...
i prefer a good phone as one with a decent camera and a good music player with no lagging in the firmware....
please help me out... all suggestions are welcome..


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Galaxy 5 for its usability...android, 3g, wifi ...just a 2.8inch poor resolution screen


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yes, 240X320 on a 2.8" screen bound to look a bit ugly but thats a compromise one have to make that wants Android below 10k. DAMN! most country got Huawei IDEOS. even US got it today. only here its yet to be launched :(


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hmmm galaxy 5 wid android sounds a good deal....
ill loolk forward to it.... :)

hey any1 using the E63??? heard loads abt it too....


^ E63 camera is not good, rest is fine
pros and cons:
+ good design (keypad)
+ xvid support
+ office document editor

- bad camera
- no gps
- no secondary cam for video chat
- small screen 2.4"


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e63 is a nice symbian phone. Qwerty layout is very good. But it doesnt meet your given requirements - MUSIC, one tiny speaker with tiny sound & CAMERA, 2MP.


E63 is a dinosaur and about to get extinct. If you are a history lover , get this phone. Increase budget if want a android like galaxy or optimus. If Symbian get 5230 or 5233 with touch or C5 .


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kk i have managed to increase my budget a little....
and i found the sony xperia x10 mini pro to be a good deal.... but m confused wid samsung galaxy 3 and the x10...
the x10 mini pro has a qwerty keypad which gives it a plus point when compared to galaxy 3( i need a phone tat serves easy messaging too)...

suggestions please... :)


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^^ i'll suggest Galaxy 3, IF it gets Froyo update. cause i sure current Xperia range won't go past Android 2.1. else you choice.


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Yes, galaxy 3 will surely get froyo. Galaxy S has been upgraded to froyo and now its galaxy 3 turn.

Though galaxy 3 is good phone i suggest you to wait for LG OPTIMUS ONE. It got better resolution screen and comes with froyo preinstalled and quite a looker. And may be priced around 13k.


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i m planning to buy a mobile with a maximum budget of 15k!!!!!!!ONLY ANDROID OS!!!!!!!!!
please suggest me.......recommecded brands r samsung n sony........
plz reply..........
or shud i wait for 2 or 3 months to get t best cell???????
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