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LED monitor for replacement of W2243T


Broken In
Currently I have LG W2243T 22" LCD monitor which is faring fine albeit with a bleeding problem...so i wanted to know if there is any good LED monitor in kolkata for 22" or above...Since I want best picture in my budget less than 10k...so i want to replace my monitor for an led...will it be worth a replacement for an led monitor. I prefer gaming, Bluray movies & HDTV shows...


Right off the assembly line
If you want to watch HD sources (Blu-Ray, HDTV), you need to make sure the monitor can support Full HD. Very few 22" monitors support Full HD (1920x1080). Also, for gaming, make sure you have a fast response time (2ms is good). I have similar requirements to yours and could find only the much-acclaimed 23" Samsung PX2370 to meet them in India (about Rs.15k). Samsung BX2231 also meets the requirements on paper, but don't think it is available in India yet.
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