You get full meal for Rs12 : Raj Babbar


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The Congress was put in a spot on Wednesday after party spokesperson Raj Babbar was asked to comment on the Rs 62 price tag for a thali at the party headquarters. Babbar, who was lauding the party for bringing down poverty in the country, was asked to explain the Planning Commission’s declaration that anyone who spends more than Rs 33 per day in urban areas is above the poverty line, especially when one meal at the Congress head quarters cost almost twice as much.

The actor-turned-politician shot back, saying that he knew of an eatery in Mumbai where one could get a meal for Rs 12. “The same should be true in Delhi and other places as well,” he added.

The party also defended rising prices by saying that it was due to an increase in the per capita expenditure of the general public.

The Planning Commission on Tuesday claimed that the number of poor in the country has come down in the past seven years. It added that for a family of five, the all India poverty line in terms of consumption expenditure would amount of Rs 4,080 per month in rural areas and Rs 5,000 per month in urban areas. The poverty line, however, would vary from state to state.



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I agree even in kolkata I have ate Rs.15 meal with 2 chapatee and sabji and achar just this april .....but that no way justifies the food price rise done by congreess


^ the Cheapest Andhra Mess in Bangalore Charges 25 bucks for a Normal meals, Allahabad Mess charges 20 bucks for mini meals & 40 bucks for full plate meals.

Probably, we should gift this 12 rupee thali meals to Raj Babbar & other Congress Party Members & ask them to eat before any one else.


Does these Hotels or Road Side stall, who sell at Rupee 12 or 15 or whatever cheap, carry a Health Certificate ???

Does any of the politician, worry about it ??

They only concentrate on making statement, "A poor can serve his stomach by paying so" & Later "A Poor will get good treatment at Govt. Hospital for free of cost"

Why does the poor have to eat that food & go to hospital ??


I think the Govt officials were referring to their experience in Parliament Cafeteria. Sad to know that even after knowing all, they still have guts and shamelessness to say these things with such a wise-man-look on their face.


Who says the politicians don't do anything for the public ??? they keep you entertained. Don't they ?? :win;:


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we seriously need to see the reason behind this, the General election is next year, with many scams happended in past, congress does not have anything to show,

in order to show that during their rule the poverty has reduced in the country, they have set the minimum standard to fall under poverty line is very very low, is any guy spend Rs. 32/- he is not poor, hence that guy will not fall under poverty category, now even a beggar makes more money, by doing this the Government data will show less number of poor people in India, hence it will show that during their regime poverty has reduced.

and the Khangress party is full of idiots, Raj babbar was thrown out of SP, so he will do anythign to please madam X and pappu

its time that people should realise that MMS, being the economist, has damaged our country more than corrupt netas or madam x
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