1. mobo

    Discussion: RMA/Service Centers of PC H/W manufacturers

    So the other day I decided to search the web for the service centers of various hardware manufacturers, you know, for... 'general knowledge', and to my surprise very few have a clear cut list on their official website. While google returns plenty of results from third party websites, I can say...
  2. furious_gamer

    TDF Playdate V3.0

    So guys, after a long time I am back into gaming. Although not furious like before, I play everyday for a minimum of 30 mins to max 2 hours. So if anyone wanna join me, or want to play as a group, please ping me! Steam ID : Steam Community :: cs_go_learne If you want to arrange a big party of...
  3. akii17kr

    Are 3rd party laptop screens are reliable ? Looking one for Samsung NP300E5v-SO2IN laptop.

    My Samsung NP300E5V-SO2IN laptop screen has gone bad , it's in inverted mode with flickering issues. So i have to get it replaced as local repair shop guy told me it's can't be repaired. Samsung authorized service center is quoting high price of Rs.7,200 . On the other hand , in local repair...
  4. H

    Best speakers within 7k ? (2.1/2.0)

    Currently, I'm considering Swan M10. Is there anything better out there given the budget ? Some pointers - - Need neutral signature - High clarity - Not a basshead so I can compromise on bass I listen to almost everything - rock, blues, jazz, classical, pop, country etc Some less...
  5. patkim

    Seeking input - Does EacyCap AV capture device run on 64 Bit Windows 7?

    Does anyone know if basic product like this (EasyCap USB AV Capture) Buy Teratonic Easycap Dc60 - Usb 2.0 Video Capture Adapter With Video Editing Software Online at Best Price in India - Snapdeal works with 64Bit Windows 7 ? Has anyone used / tried it? There are some third party sites /...
  6. patkim

    Any alternative to Windows Built-in file/folder search?

    The built-in file/folder search in Windows 7 seems quite inconvenient to me! I feel search in XP was much better user friendly. Has anyone tried any third party alternatives? I would like to opt for one preferably freeware. Pl. suggest. Thx.
  7. patkim

    USB Port issue – Port works only once

    One of the USB port is not behaving correctly. After safe removal of any USB device, the port becomes useless until I restart my PC. Any subsequent USB devices connected to the same port before restart are simply not recognized. It assumes that the previously ejected device is still connected...
  8. Flash

    Cong techie goes, takes party’s websites with him

    The Congress’s top techie in Delhi quit Monday, 30 years after he joined the party, because he was not given a ticket for the elections next month. But what has really left the party red-faced is that on Tuesday Sanjey Puri also shut down its state website and the online portal of its national...
  9. F

    Hosting LAN party

    Can someone please provide some basic information on hosting LAN party. Please also suggest a router capable of supporting 4 players.
  10. $hadow

    Happy New Year

    Well since we are going towards the end of another year. A great year in terms of tech and development. Hope to see some more great advancement in the year 2015. So all I have to wish you all is HAPPY NEW YEAR Party hard but also sensibly and do not drink and drive. Enjoy...
  11. C

    hp dv6-6000 laptop battery

    the battery in my dv6-6154tx has died. i would like recommendation for 1 Should i buy hp branded battery only or will third party will be better? 2 From where to buy service center or local shop?
  12. rider

    House Party Speakers under 6-7k

    Hello I want to buy a pair of speakers set for the house party. My budget is 6-7k maximum.
  13. G

    Modi is BJP’s PM candidate 2014

    Source: Modi is BJP’s PM candidate 2014
  14. theserpent

    Divide Uttar Pradesh into four states, says Mayawati

  15. CommanderShawnzer

    You get full meal for Rs12 : Raj Babbar

  16. G

    Congress men shut down Restaurant in Mumbai over bill note

    Source: Midday OMG OMG :mrgreen:
  17. shreymittal

    Digit'ians from Delhi/NCR

    hello this is to all the people who are staying in Delhi/NCR now. we can organize a meets, lan party or we can play on net. lets Be friends..whats say :)
  18. Flash

    BJP is tearing apart - LK Advani quits BJP

    One of the founding members of India's main opposition BJP, LK Advani, says he is resigning from all party posts. Mr Advani said most of the party's current leaders were "now concerned with their personal agendas". Party president Rajnath Singh rejected the move and is trying to dissuade the...
  19. H

    Nintendo vs. Sony vs, Microsoft

    Whom do you like? Who do you hate? I think Nintendo is the best due to their awesome first party library and the third party exclusives they manage to snag. I also like the facts they are willing to experiment with their consoles/games. I also like them because they rescued Bayonetta 2 and...
  20. theserpent

    Sharad Pawar will be ready to become PM in case of a consensus: Patel

    D A I J I W O R L D I din't read it, but the headline is more than enough for me
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