1. B

    Connecting two modems with one phone line

    Hello Friends, My friend is using SHITtel broadband. He has a phone line in one room and a parallel one in other room in which there is no wifi signal of the modem which is kept in the first room. He is planning to get a splitter for the second room and connect a modem with the parallel line...
  2. R

    Python AUto LOGIn for broadband tikona ---invalid syntax

    I got this syntax for Tikona broadband autologin , i am using airwire so i changed the URL and i am trying to run in Raspberry Pi with python installed but i am getting error Orginal thread where source code posted, but owner has not posted in thread for long time #!/usr/bin/env python...
  3. R

    CPcam 4Ch MPEG Network DVR forgotten password - RCA LINE with BNC Connector or coaxial Line

    I got a old DVR from previous owner which was unused for sometime . I powered on its turning on , when i type IP address its asking for Username and password BUT sadly he dont know the username and password , i already tried many default username and password and sadly none worked...
  4. S

    Regarding My leased line connection

    Friends I am very new about the lease line connection, In my office we have 6MBPS contention ration 1:1 internet lease line from Reliance. This connection is running in a single machine, I have tried to download files from Microsoft site, but the download speed showing 1.5 MBPS. But I...
  5. Charley

    Is Reliance Thunder Plans the BEST - No FUP

    Thunder 599 with basic speed 1 mpbs, with no FUP and Annual Rental is Rs. 6110. This is value for money. Do they need a Reliance land line and modem?
  6. sandynator

    Suggestions required for rewiring of MTNL Telephone line with ADSL Broadband

    Hello guys, Recently faced some noise issue through my MTNL telephone line when it rained heavily & some frequent disconnections in my broadband too. So I have decided to replace the old wire line which comes to my home from MTNL Box. One of the MTNL customer care personal suggested me to...
  7. A

    Green vertical line in moniter pls help

    This is a new assemble computer which has developed a green vertical line down the center of the dell monitor( Model No.2240L) What causes this and how can i get rid of it?
  8. TechnoBOY

    will i get good speed in bsnl bb if my land line is clear ???

    will i get good speed via bsnl land line if its working fine
  9. S

    MTNL Delhi Stable DSL but no internet light.

    So I brought MTNL Internet connection a few days ago and Iam having trouble now. I have two modems and both are configured and I tried using both and Iam having same problem. NO INTERNET LIGHT. Iam getting great SNR Margin and Line attuention with SNR being 31 and 30 and Line Att being 15 20 for...
  10. sling-shot

    What AMD Socket currently available is likely to remain supported longest?

    If I am planning to upgrade/buy an AMD based build now, which socket type should I prefer keeping in mind future plans to upgrade CPU 2 - 3 years down the line? Or which socket type is most likely to remain supported with processors down the line farthest? I understand that AMD has a better...
  11. ithehappy

    Need an honest opinion...

    I have been using a Dell 22" monitor, exact model would be SP2208WFP (Dell SP2208WFP Review & Rating | and I have been very happy with it. I am using it since early 2008, more than six years that would be. The resolution of 1680x1050 was never a problem for me, as it's merely off from...
  12. seamon

    Nvdia launches Maxwell based mobile GPUs.

    Nvidia announces its all-new GeForce 800M line of notebook GPUs | PCWorld because posting in just one section is just too mainstream.
  13. S

    Wait... so I need a modem in addition to my Asus RT-N13U router to run my MTNL broadband?

    I applied for a MTNL connection and got the land line installed and when the broadband guy came he says I need a modem thing as well (But he said he wasn't sure and repeatedly kept asking me to open Internet Explorer and Control Panel on my Linux machine). I suppose this is massive noobishness...
  14. akhilc47

    Laptop screen flickering and horizontal lines problem

    I've a Dell inspiron 15r se laptop which is 1.5 years old( model - 7520). It was working fine until last couple of days. Last week it started giving a horizontal white dot line on the very top of screen( like this ............. in white) for the entire width of the screen. From yesterday or so a...
  15. The Conqueror

    C Programming : File I/O

    Problem: You receive a credit C at a local store and would like to buy two items. You first walk through the store and create a list L of all available items. From this list you would like to buy two items that add up to the entire value of the credit. The solution you provide will consist of...
  16. T

    Do i need telephone line for BSNL Wimax?

    I went to bsnl office to ask for broadband and they said that Broadband is not feasible in you're area.They said they have bsnl line in my area,but cannot give you connection because the telephone is a bit far from you're home.Then i read on internet that BSNL wimax can work and doesn't require...
  17. anon232

    HD4000 Command line options

    I've a SONY VAIO-F15219 laptop with Intel HD 4000 & NVIDIA GT 740M. Is there any way to use command line options for the different display profiles in Intel HD Graphics Panel?? I tried this but without any success: Intel Graphics
  18. D

    Doubt in audio controls of my laptop

    I am using HP dv6 6140 tx It has 3, 3.5mm jack slot as displayed below. My doubt is that can we use those 3 jacks to get an input for my 5.1 speakers. I assume whether this motherboard supports 5.1 audio channel same like other Desktop PC's which doesn't have separate jacks for 5.1 audio...
  19. T

    Please Please Help.How should i get bsnl broadband "line" in my area?

    Hello,all.I am sick with MTS.It gets so slow After fup.I went to bsnl office and they said that in your area broadband line is not available or something like that so we can't avail you broadband service.What should i do?How can i get bsnl broadband line in my area? Please tell me fast.
  20. patrick4

    Help With Understanding Leased Lines in India

    I am currently planning to subscribe to a leased line in either Mumbai or Pune. I have been speaking to the a bunch of service providers and I am having a hard time making a descision. The sales guys know too little and the technical guys are not able to explain the convept clearly. I am...
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