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Worst decision from Sony...!! No JB updates for XU, Sola, Miro, Tipo..


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Devices that will be updated to JB priority-wise:

Xperia T
Xperia TX
Xperia V

Xperia P (fortunately)
Xperia J
Xperia go

Xperia S
Xperia SL
Xperia ion
Xperia acro S

Devices that will not be updated to JB:

Xperia U
Xperia miro
Xperia tipo
Xperia sola

Source: Xperia Blog

now can someone tell me why Xperia U having cortex a9 dual core processor + mali gfx not getting JB update which is powerful than Xperia J which is having cortex a5 single core processor + adreno 200??

The answer from one Sony's spokesman in comment section:

The quality of Xperia’s software experience is dependent on a number of factors including: screen resolution, hardware platform and RAM. In the case of Xperia go, this combination came together in a way that meant the user experience running JB was not adversely affected.
Unfortunately, in the case of Xperia tipo, Xperia miro , Xperia U and Xperia sola this wasn’t the case – so we made the decision to keep them on Ice Cream Sandwich.
I hope that makes sense?


Also the updates coming so late..they will roll out jb in march when klp might be on the way..samsung motorola htc already started to roll out jb updates..this is pathetic from sony..:X
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Sorry, but I didn't expect much! They are acting like this for sometime now. People who like to use Android and want to be updated, why they purchase SE? Yes, they don't apply plastic everywhere, yes their build quality is far superior than some other brands, yes still their camera sensor and audio hardware is better than most, still, if you don't give the desired update to users, all those pros could be considered as cons! Damn, Sony, get back on track and take my money.


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Im not defending them or anything but they probably didnt put enough money in the R&D for the Xperia U and other relatively cheaper phones. They had extreme value for money WHEN they were launched so I guess thats why. And now if they spend money on their JB OS Development (Maybe) the costs will start cutting into the profits they made.
And now tell me, would you rather want half baked poorly optimized ROMs for ALL phones other than the High End ones by a company, or get good ROMs for the mid-range AND high end ones?
My Android 2.3 ROM on my Xperia P was not optimized and looked like it, but the ICS fixed all bugs and actually IMPROVED the performance a bit.
Do you know all phones by Xperia on ICS released in 2011(Neo V, Pro, Ray) are slower now that they were on 2.3 GB? I think its cuz the ROM is not optimized... at all. (Correct me if Im wrong but this is all from reading on blogs and using a friend's Xperia Neo V)
So I think Im gonna skip the Jelly Bean for my Xperia P from Sony, and get custom ROM instead! That is IF benchmarks dont show a significant improvement in performance.


I agree with TheLetterD in this regard............ As long as my Xperia P is functioning smoothly, I dont give a damn to the time of updates(if they come at all)... If I need JB so badly, I will definitely install Custom Rom, and trust me, those who dont know about Custom Roms, flashing and rooting, wont be able to tell the difference b/w 4.0 and 4.1 either........ And many a people dont...

If I absolutely have to get on the update band-wagon, why not get a Nexus and have peace of mind for the next 3 years...............

Do you seriously want JB on miro and Tipo? About Xperia U, I can understand the argument, much like the Arc S case of 2011 line-up........


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Android 4.1 update will arrive in Q1 2013 for their flagship with Qualcomm Krait and the end ones may have their update delayed as far as Q3 2013. By then we'll have Android 5.0. So those who care will take the custom rom route and those who are happy shall be happy with Android 4.0.

As for Xperia U, it can be cause of the limited internal memory. Android 4.1 update is lot bigger than Android 4.0 so maybe they ran out of space after adding the garbage called Timescape to their rom.


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lol does it really matter? as long as it runs properly without hiccups I don't care if it runs on android 2.3, 4.0, 4.1.....ok the change from from 2.3 to 4.0 was pretty big, but 4.0 to 4.1 is not that much of a deal breaker


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By version number the change doesn't seem much but to me the change is HUGE! I hated ICS so much (well it could be Samsung's poor implementation, but I don't think that happened), so after it JB is like, I don't know, definitely smoother (project butter is still hype imo), and the most important thing is it's WAY more stable, and that's what matters, least to me. Way lesser crashes on OS, way fewer unresponsieness etc etc. So in short, JB>>>>>>ICS.


JB is way better than ICS.
However I still feel Sony is one of the best at updating their phones. Look at the other competitors , like Motorola,LG ,etc.
As far as XU is concerned , might have been the limited memory.


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I have a Xperia U phone. I am shocked to read this but not much, after the late ICS update I was already sure that this will be my last Sony phone. And fortunately I already ordered Note 2. ;)


people will stop taking xperia phones after hearing this..

welcome to future ruling nexus world..

One among those people is me!
Have a planned upgrade in Jan2013, and was considering Xperia Sola or P. But now wouldn't risk it! :/
Nexus 4 else S Advance it is!


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One among those people is me!
Have a planned upgrade in Jan2013, and was considering Xperia Sola or P. But now wouldn't risk it! :/
Nexus 4 else S Advance it is!

no. at least xperia p with go is getting jb among those mid rangers..but after this news, don't expect 4.2 JB version..forget about 5.0 klp..well, in the case of s advance too, samsung won't release 4.2 n beyond..(so still xperia p rocks :D)


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That is sad. Convinced my cousin to buy Tipo last week. But if I hadn't she would have bought Galaxy Y or HTC Explorer.

I hope Sony atleast commits to one update for entry/ budget phones and two for medium budget phones. Happy that Xperia P is getting JB.

But from Sony's standpoint, updating budget phones means more expense on the development front on phones that has very little margin. That means Xperia E will likely come out with JB and will not be updated further.


Genius in making mistakes
As for Xperia U, it can be cause of the limited internal memory. Android 4.1 update is lot bigger than Android 4.0 so maybe they ran out of space after adding the garbage called Timescape to their rom.

if we consider this case then it's true..xperia j has adreno 200 gpu which consumes less ram memory whereas xperia u having mali 400 gpu which uses more ram memory..and project butter too consumes more ram than ics...as far as the xperia go having 512 mb ram is concerned, it has low resolution so jb on it will consume less ram than xperia u..


then what about xperia miro n tipo?? 800mhz proccy should handle 320x480 low resolution on project butter in front of 480x854 high resolution of xperia j...question still remains... guess pre-planned..

On how the decision is made as to which Xperia to update to JB:

Our priority has and always will be, to deliver the best possible smartphone experience – this means accounting for hardware, functionality and stability alongside Android version development.

As we are making the JB upgrade available to a considerable portion of our 2012 portfolio, finding a balance between these elements, means the process takes a little longer than if we had done it only for particular models at the high end.

We are continually investigating upgrades to the different/latest Android OS versions. As always, we will only share firm information when we’re confident of hitting the deadlines.

When we start an upgrade process we look for the way to get the very best out of the new software; that normally means starting with the most capable/latest devices. Once we’re satisfied that we’re really stretching the capabilities of that software, we then start to look at how we can re-create that user experience on earlier products. This takes a little more time but we believe it pays dividends in terms of the final product.
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