1. M

    Random contact deletion on my Sony Z3+

    My Sony Z3+ has been having strange problem wherein the contacts stored on it get deleted randomly. In 6 months I lost atleast 10 contacts in this manner without me deleting any of them (even accidentally). What can be the problem/solution for it? I have Android 6.0.1 installed with all updates.
  2. L

    WD Blue latest updates

    Stay tuned :)
  3. krishnandu.sarkar

    Windows 10 to be the Last One of ‘Windows’

    Source : Windows 10 to be the Last One of 'Windows' - eTeknix Are they really inspired by Arch Linux?
  4. M

    Reg CCNA certification

    Hi All, I have done CCNA in 2006. Iam interested in doing cisco security now. should i renew CCNA and then go fr security? or i can security witiut CCNA security.. If i need to renew CCNA, could anyone share me the current updates...(how many papers, cost etc) Thanks in advance!!
  5. P

    Don Bradman Cricket

    Guys , what about Don Bradman cricket game? when it will come for PC ? eagerly waiting for it . can only wathch you tube videos... Any updates
  6. P

    HALO 5 Guardians Watch channel

    All right don't delete this ppst its no other waste spam .Microsoft announced the game yesterday I am out for now but this is just a discussion updates thread for the game. I will update asap. MEANWHILE do a Google search for halo 5 guardians. :)
  7. M

    Xperia SP Query

    Friends, Need your opinion/review on Xperia-SP while comparing with LG L90, Moto G & Desire 610. -Does XP - SP 1700Mhz 32bits Dual-Core processor is fast then 1200Mhz Quad-core in L90, Desire610, Moto G ? - Is Android updates (4.3 to 4.4 kitkat) available? -How's cam...
  8. M

    Old Sony Xperia T @discount rate - Wise decision?!

    Is it wise decision to buy Xperia - T at discount rate-Rs.11,500/- comparing with new Xperia L phone. Spec wise T ahead to L except GPU and CPU. Asking since T is old -2012 phone. Can I get android updates after buying?
  9. anky

    How to make a dynamic android application

    hello friends, i want to make an app which updates the content itself, i have only made static apps until now and i don't have not much idea how to make such types of app. I want to make an app like news reader like which updates the content like score of a cricket tournament or job alerts or...
  10. sling-shot

    Important point missing from Android phone reviews

    Most of the Android phone reviews that I have read fail to inform that the SD card expanded storage cannot be used to install applications. And that a lot of free space in internal storage will eventually be occupied by inevitable updates to already present system applications which are again...
  11. D

    Update rooted s4?

    Model no i9500 Jb 4.3 I want to install updates without unrooting or reinstalling stock firmware
  12. harshilsharma63

    What to download

    Hi guys. I'll be getting 6 and a half hours for the next 5 days idle in college. I'll be downloading all this time on a friend's laptop. Other than usual updates and few softwares and videos, I don't have much to download. BUt I do not want this to go in vain. So please suggest some things to...
  13. Monty104b

    Post rooting app updates

    Hello digit it's been a while since i rooted my samsung galaxy music duos gt-s6012 and the play store worked fine for a while(a month or so),even though i read about a counter or something that cancels access of app updates from the store.Recently i found that i couldnt update any more.Is there...
  14. D

    Why so many updates for an application.

    Why so many updates to apps that we use. e.g. Browser. Chrome - auto updates itself every week almost ( Now I use freesmug builds of Chromium). What is required is a consistent reliable Browser which if needed is updated due to security loop holes in previous versions. But i don't want new...
  15. S

    lumia 520 update issues

    i updated my lumia 520 last night but non of the features other than data sense i received as update.on rechecking updates no further updates are being displayed.How to solve the issue to enjoy full update features
  16. D

    Do small Android updates really matter?

    Every year major mobile manufacturers come out with their new android range with a year old android version and promising to upgrade to the latest one in few months time. Apart from maybe galaxy-s series from samsung i really don't think any other manufacturer updates their best phone for...
  17. LegendKiller

    HTC One S abandoned, won’t receive any further software updates

    HTC has announced in a press statement that there will be no further Android updates for the One S smartphone. This means that the One S users will only be restricted to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and will not be able to use HTC’s latest Sense 5 UI on their phone. The company has stated that...
  18. Flash

    2014 Spells End of Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 Support

    The recently released Windows Phone 8 has an expiration date stamped on it, as well as the Windows Phone 7.8. A support page has been added to Microsoft's website that states that the Windows 8 Phone will no longer be receiving any support from Microsoft after July 8, 2014, while the Windows...
  19. S

    Is Optimus 4X HD worth buying now ???

    Hi, I need a new phone for around 20k, and HS18 is giving away the LG Optimus 4X HD for 21k today. Should I buy it or wait for new phones ? My only concern is if there are updates or custom roms available for it, as I don't want to be stuck on ICS for next few years. Also how is HS18's service ?
  20. Chaitanya

    SSD buying guide.

    Did not know where to share this link so creating a new thread Best SSDs For The Money: January 2013 : Best SSDs For The Money, January Updates
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