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  • you missed a lot mate... I passed engg got a job and I am working now.

    I am always looking forward to the free Aloo paranthas and lassi you offered me.. I will come to punjab and have them
    For CC, all they say is income should be one lakh per anum.

    Actually it still depends on their will.

    You'll have to give things like Form 16A and they will call you back to verify you. They may also call up your boss for verification.

    could you check if www.pnbcard.in login is working or not?? I'm trying to access logs.

    It says some "service not available at this moment" error.
    Nothing much. Took admission in a govt. college in Shimla. B. Tech IT.

    Drop in IRC some time in the evening. :p
    haha yeah m studying real hard. English and Physics exams were very good, i can score more than 85/100 in both, chem, same here too, now maths and physical left!
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