1. T

    How many hours do you spend on Computers daily? Are you Addicted?

    By computers I mean everything: Desktops,Laptops,Smartphone,PlayStation,X-Box. But not TV. I spend about 12-16 Hours on a daily basis doing nothing. If it harms you/stops you from doing work then you can call it an Addiction. I can confess that I am addicted to it.
  2. RCuber

    Why do you visit TDF??

    Questions says it all.. I'v been visiting TDF from the year 2003, and in 2004 became a member :P User CP is the first bookmark in my browser and I try to read and reply if possible all new posts post. basically i'm addicted to TDF from a loooong time. But I do take breaks once in a while...
  3. S

    I want to buy a new PC near Rs. 30,000

    I am thinking of buying a new PC, the budget is only Rs.30,000. Normally I shall be using this for normal use but on other hand it should be capable of the latest games (not much necessary), photoshopping (is necessary), and programming (generally web development). In short I want so say that it...
  4. nims11

    PSP discussion Thread

    There are no PSP related discussions in TDF gaming section. But i think there has to be some PSP-owners in TDF(lets hope so!!). Discuss about games and stuffs(except piracy of course). I am addicted to my PSP and spend a lot time and money on it!
  5. sygeek

    Which News Sites and Forums are You Addicted to?

    Mention your favourite news sites and the forums you are addicted to here. News sites: Lifehacker Gizmodo Techcrunch HackerNews How-to-geek GigaOm Lifehack Webup8 gHacks AskVG io9 Forums: ThinkDigit My Digital Life Neowin BetaArchive Bleeping Computers Extras (Comic sites): Cyanide &...
  6. comp@ddict

    Need your feedback - survey

    Okay guys, this is a part of my school Economics Project, and I ask for your humble cooperation, if possible. The topic of this survey is "Usage Pattern Of Handheld Gadgets" Please return the answers as a single post in the following format (copy paste the question, give a - and answer)...
  7. S

    Any Mafia out there?

    hey guys currently playing mafia wars in facebook.. and addicted to it.. is anyone else like this game?
  8. Rockstar11

    Addicted to your PC ?

    Are You Addicted to your PC ? Check This:
  9. vilas_patil

    Play Cricket topspinner :: Great online game

    Its a great timepass game to play through mouse. Very easy to play and score. I am addicted to this game
  10. Krazzy Warrior

    How to higher my FPS ??

    Hi Gamers, I am addicted to URBAN TERROR <-- Multiplayer ..I am just rocking in it:D..I am very happy that I get pings around 150 but still high but I can manage but nowdays I am facing a weird problem I usually get around 50 FPS but whenever I go to any area very fights are most often some...
  11. Zangetsu

    I m a digit forum addict...

    R u..too as the title says.... well i spend ...3-4 hrs on weekdays only... so there lots of users hanging out in front of their desktop on this site...:D If i m not wrong i know some of them who r really addicted 2 these forum they r... 1) Pathik 2) Comp@ddict 3) KpowerMania :cool: cool ha!!!
  12. alter_ego

    Am I addicted?

    This not the substance abuse I am talking about!:p Lately while doing some introspection of my online time (esp. during office hours) I have noticed that I frequently check few sites almost by minute and this site is one of them. I keep refreshing for new interesting threads, keep digging old...
  13. skippednote

    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    Guys as the Title put the thought of the Post to you i have nothing to say:) mention the games you are currently playing and addicted to Bring the Gamer out of you and show everyone the game you are playing And at what Difficulty and Which stage. Me playing Counter strike 1.6 and Call of Duty...
  14. Zangetsu

    R u a game addict!!!

    Hi Gamerz......:D we all like computer games....but r we addicted 2 it so much............ Well I admit dat i was (& think still now ) addicted 2 games...I still remember was playing continuously 4 almost 8.5 hours....& @ dat time my parents were out of town....otherwise they wont allow me...
  15. Rockstar11

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    What song are you addicted to at the moment? right now i'm addicted to.. "viraaniya" movie - Namastey London, Singer - Himesh Reshammiya..
  16. Kiran.dks

    Survey! Are you addicted to 'thinkdigit' forum?

    Ever bothered to know whether you are addicted to this forum? Seeing the rate of increase in number of postings, How about carrying out a survey as to how many just can't live without this forum! Vote for the suitable category. Make sure to vote for the right category as to how many 'actual'...
  17. sujithtom

    Hey guys don't you Ragnarok???

    Man i can't see any ragnarok related stuff here. Digit has given it free 2 times and even our mods are heavy players. I am already addicted to it.
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