1. topgear

    Message from Western Digital

    Source : PM Received from Lincon_WD
  2. M

    Which Country is best for tourists?

    Which country is best to visit in world to have good tourism?
  3. G

    Will the Samsung warranty Cover this?

    Hello, to all of you. My friend has a Note 4 that is under warranty actually yesterday, when he plug the charger to phone, the phone restarts and then stops, he took the phone to nearest mobile shop, actually on that time, he urgently needs a phone to do some task, when the mobile engineer...
  4. A

    Places to Visit in Malaysia

    Hi I like to get the details about some of the best places to visit in Malaysia, anyone can suggest me
  5. Flash [403 - Forbidden: Access is denied]

    So, whenever i tries to open the site - it shows ACCESS IS DENIED. Online proxies are the only way to visit the site. Anyone is having the same problem? Any other alternative ways to visit the site?
  6. Flash

    India to Obama visit: Yes We Scan!

    No head of state—not even the presidents of China or Russia—have managed to shut down an entire city when they visit India. Except Barack Obama. An estimated 50,000 security personnel, 15,000 CCTV cameras, a team of secret service agents, 40 dogs, airborne radars and other security...
  7. W

    back after a month

    because of changing locations all over India i was away from tdf for about a month but now finally got some stability so will visit though not as often as before.still no regular net connection but will try to manage.
  8. R

    Advise for Delhi tour

    Next month me and my two friends are going to Delhi for 3 days.Suggest me some good places,food corner for visit and some decent cheap hotel for night stay.
  9. bestpain

    kolkata trip

    i am 18 yr guy...have to visit wb tomorrow .....its my first trip alone........have to visit md computer for buying pc is needed from any kolkata frnds ....any1 who could help me plz pm through phone call will also be beneficial
  10. NoasArcAngel

    Funniest Skateboard moments. (low bandwitdh warning)

    The Most Hilarious Skateboarding Glitches, Now In Motion see it to believe it :D for the rest visit the website.
  11. a_medico

    Which forums do you visit often apart from TDF?

    TDF is my favorite. I do visit imdb (movies), xda forums (android ) and dpreview for photography. Some subforums on Flickr too.
  12. RCuber

    Why do you visit TDF??

    Questions says it all.. I'v been visiting TDF from the year 2003, and in 2004 became a member :P User CP is the first bookmark in my browser and I try to read and reply if possible all new posts post. basically i'm addicted to TDF from a loooong time. But I do take breaks once in a while...
  13. rajsujayks

    Place for an Industrial Visit?

    Hello Digit and fellow readers.. I am a Computer Science and Engineering 3rd year student and this year, we have planned to go on an industrial visit to Bangalore/Mysore during the end of this month. We are confused regarding which company to visit actually. Bangalore has a lot of technology...
  14. amanjagga

    Increase your pocket money by writing articles

    Hi guys,Just checkout Legpin is an online article writing site where users can post their articles,rate other articles and also get a good amount of cash for writing the articles.One user can also donate karma points to another which is then convertted into cash. for registering...
  15. dashing.sujay

    Getting banned all over!

    Well this is a weird problem i'm facing since months. I dunno why, My IP is banned on following forums jhonnyguru, corsair, pcmech, and many more of which i don't even know names, though i had never visited those. Just used to visit jhonnyguru seldom. I also contacted admin of pcmech, he told...
  16. ssk_the_gr8

    accessing my website using ip address

    suppose u want to visit we can visit by typing it's ip address Yahoo! i have a website & i want to access it using the ip address but it gives error 404 i use for the webhosting is it using a single ip address for all it's websites? how can i use the ip address to...
  17. devgujar

    Visit to Nullcon-Goa-2011(An international security & hacking conference)

    An international Annual security was held on 25th-26th Feb-11 @ hotel Zuri, South-Goa organized by Null. Null is an active security community running in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bhopal, Bangalore & Pune. Null having monthly meets and regular security awareness camps in various Institutions...
  18. S

    CDMA phone!!!

    hi guys, i m having a haire cdma phone for my i want to change my operator with reliance or mts but i dont want to change my phone. is it possible to do so self unlocking or i hv to visit a mobile vendor for that......if its possible then plz tell me how??
  19. W

    My 3d Designing by Cinema 4D

    hi every body here i want tell you about what i have designed by Cinema 4d it is 3d program i'm waiting your openion about it visit here *
  20. coderunknown

    What a fone

    this fone was announced in 2009 so it maybe old news for many but for the rest who haven't seen or know about it. just check the pic & click on the link below: Link: ZTE S302 if you visit the link (which points to GSM Arena), please don't forget to click on the "related" button...
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