1. desai_amogh

    Is there any HAM/Amateur Radio operator on TDF ??

    I was just wondering.. With so many techies on TDF, Is there any HAM / Amateur Radio operators here??
  2. Desmond

    TDF Unofficial Teamspeak server

    I have created a Teamspeak server for TDF members to communicate. This server is located in Bangalore, therefore would offer lesser latency in communication over using voice chat than game servers that might be in other remote locations. This thread is dedicated to enhancing the server...
  3. TechnoBOY

    christmas greeting

    Wish all my TDF friends a very merry christmas !!
  4. The Conqueror

    ACM-ICPC 2015 contestants from TDF?

    Any TDF members participating in ACM-ICPC Regionals this year? I'm participating in Amrtiapuri and Kolkata Regionals. Perhaps we could meet :) PS: Been a long time since I last visited TDF. Mods - please move it to the appropriate thread.
  5. D

    Let's make an TDF Whatsapp Group

    Hey guys, Please signup for Whatsapp Group here. SIGNUP
  6. Anorion

    Babas attacking TDF with black magic spam

    this is sincere request for all TDF members to invest some mind power and pray hard to counter the Spam Baba come on, you can do it!
  7. rhitwick

    A small update

    Getting married tomorrow and Will be away from TDF DF for couple of days See you guys later :-)
  8. snap

    R.I.P The Offtopic thread

    Reasons for having/reopening offtopic thread: Rules of the offtopic thread which were broken so the thread got locked :(
  9. Flash

    TODAY I LEARNED (TIL) - thread

    People who've been using REDDIT maybe aware of this, because there's a whole section out there for this. So, this thread is like the TIL of TDF. Share what you find interesting from wherever you learnt; who knows you may find a fact might come handy in the future.
  10. N

    Special discount coupon for tdf users.

    Special coupon for TDF users on BIGROCK - Go to this link Buy what you want... 10% off on domains, 20% off on hosting and many more discounts. Apply coupon BRTDF before checkout. Share if you liked!
  11. Desmond

    TDF History Thread

    This thread is dedicated to the highlights of TDF over the years. Post your first ever posts in TDF, thread that had a real impact on you or simply were WTF. My first ever post in TDF : This highligths my...
  12. adityak469

    TDF Middleman Thread

    not sure where to post this. Just a thought. Why doesn't TDF has a thread in which the admins and trusted people offer to be middleman for trading game keys and steam cards? There should be one. It would be great.
  13. S

    Post your internet speeds!

    Hey all! After reading this depressing article ; , i decided to check the average of internet speeds for TDF users. So please post / poll your speeds. Shiva
  14. Sarath

    About my moderator status

    Hi everyone, Coming straight to the point, I would like to propose for the disqualification of my moderator status. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have been highly inactive lately (more than a year) and my further appearances here might be an even rarer sight. I might start my...
  15. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam :)

    Happy Birthday Sam, Zangetsu, sidcrimson, sharang :) Many many happy retuns the day :) Keep us and TDF updated with Mobile Technologies :)
  16. CommanderShawnzer

    The Lefties of TDF

    Are there any? i am a leftie
  17. Zangetsu

    The TDF Cooks

    It's a myth that "Only women can cook Tasty food.." :mrgreen: so, how many of u know how to cook? and what you can cook well? :mrgreen:
  18. vickybat

    Relocating to chennai

    Gonna relocate to Chennai soon coz of job. Any Chennai guys in TDF? Would be great to know some people.:)
  19. furious_gamer

    Steam/Desura/Origin Games Giveaway

    Whoever wants to giveaway games/keys post here. I will soon Giveaway few leftover keys from Origin & Paradox Bundle... Wait for the update.... Rules 1. 1 game per person. 2. Post you steam/desura/origin profile here. 3. To whom i am giving a key is solely my decision. 4. TDF User...
  20. H

    Anybody playing Soul Sacrifice over here?

    I'm curious if to whether or not there are SS players on TDF. If so how populated is the online servers and how poor is the latency?
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