Where were you when the world ended ?


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I was getting my kill to death ratio higher in BF3 Noshar Canals team death match.


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Rummaging through flipkart and digit forum in search of a laptop, while listening to Breathe Carolina and Evanescence.


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I was watching Dexter Season 7 Finale.

And I guess official dooms day will not start until it is 21st in USA. It's just like Hollywood. Anything should start from USA. And hopefully should stick to USA.


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I was listening to one of my favorite song, "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by green day. And at the moment I didn't cared if the world end.
For better or for worse, we survived. Cause in a world where cases of such heinous acts are committed, we didn't need to.


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Discussing about crimed filled Delhi with LFC_fan and nbaztec

but isnt the mayan calender ending at 11:11am or something today.

So be the case I will be at office PC looking at steam deals or TDF
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