1. S

    24inch monitor - 16:10 ratio

    1. Budget? - 20K 2. Display type and size? - 24 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? - Work only - Using 3d modelling softwares - Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush etc. Reading. No Gaming or movies 4. Ports Required? - Mini Display port (will be good to have, since my graphics card has these only, So...
  2. G

    Printing Photos

    I went to the Photo lab around & I found they don't print in 16:9 aspect ratio. Most of the photos I took were in that ratio. So I settled on 5 * 7''. I thought I'd re-size the photos myself rather than them cropping to what they like. The guy there told me to keep it 5 * 7 in & a certain...
  3. P

    webseeds and private tracker ratio

    hello friends, i have a problem at my hand right now... i have a created a torrent with private tracker and added a webseed url of the same file which is located on my server in the torrent.... the torrent is working excellent... but the problem is that the upload made from the webseed is not...
  4. W

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable To check the quality and standards of technical education in Rajasthan, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur, has conducted a study, which has surprised many. A whopping 75% of the total engineering students are ‘unemployable’...
  5. C

    IS it possible to download same file from different torrent site

    is it possible to download same file from different torrent site & different .torrent file. since some site have ratio rule so it will help to maintain ratio.
  6. Faun

    Where were you when the world ended ?

    I was getting my kill to death ratio higher in BF3 Noshar Canals team death match.
  7. P

    how to choose monitor??

    i want to buy a 19" led monitor specially for gaming purpose.what should i check in a monitor that gives me best performance (like fps,contrast ratio etc)? plz elaborate. :-?
  8. G

    viewsonic vx 2453 hm or samsung px2370 which should i buy

    i was searching on the net and after a search i am confused :-? between vx2453 and samsung px 2370 ......my main purpose is gaming .....the viewsonic and samsung both have a response time of 2ms bt the constrast ratio of viewsonic is 30,000,000:1.:mrgreen: whereas the dynamic contrast ratio of...
  9. V

    32 inch LCD budget 22k

    Hello Friends, I am in need of a 32 inch LCD for tv viewing. i do not need any fancy features like full HD, usb 2 playback, true motion etc. Primary selection criteria is durability and long life. Image quality, high dynamic contrast ratio etc also doesn't matter. Our local vendor is...
  10. L

    GAMING PC suggestions please.....

    Hi everyone im from Hyd and i wish to build a gaming pc and would like you all to please suggest me a nice config as my budget is 40k or 45k and wouldnt mind if it is slightly higher .I would use my pc for gaming and watching hd movies . I would be playing games like Mafia 2, Fifa 12...
  11. S

    Levnovo Z570

    Hi guys, Whats the difference between HD LED glare display and LED backlight display widescreen ,16:9 aspect ratio in Z570 series I am planning to get one... Thanks is advance
  12. D

    Dell ultrasharp vs Asus P246Q

    I’m a digital artist and i do a lot of work for the print medium hence the colour accuracy displayed on the monitor is very important for my work. So far I have been using a CRT monitor which I was very happy with because of the colour accuracy it gave me. But now my CRT monitor is old and...
  13. S

    10 biggest technology myths

    Hi all, i got a good interesting technological article on today's times of India site. hope this removes some of our readers mythys in computer world Topic : 10 biggest technology myths 1st :- More mega pixels mean better pictures We wish it could be true. Because then we all...
  14. Alok

    Assassins Creed Aspect Ratio Problem !

    Hi ! I am playing Assassins Creed 1. PC is not so strong. So to keep good fps i had to lower resolution to 1024x768 I have 22" monitor with 1366x768 native resolution. Problem: When i play game there is a black bar at bottom as well as up of screen. Seems like a movie. I don't like this...
  15. ico

    Info on LCD TVs....[urgent]

    Buying a 32inch LCD TV today @ 8pm....budget is ~40k. Options considered: 32in LG Scarlet 2.0 - Full hd, 100000:1 contrast ratio, 2.4ms response time, 100hz, USB 2.0, DivX, Bluetooth, sexy looks, only 4cm thick 32in LG Jazz Theatre - Full hd, 100000:1 contrast ratio, 2.4ms response time...
  16. Gauravs90

    Best codec for video conversion?

    Pls tell me best codec for video conversion you know which have high compression ratio? Like h264 have high compression ratio. Which is the best codec for video conversion.
  17. max_demon

    [Help] Demonoid ratio Doesnt Changes

    I download like 20 GB over the past month and uploaded over 32GB , but the ratio seems to be stuck , it doesnt increases or decreases . please help what to do
  18. Radhesh Bhoot

    Compression Ratio on Broadband

    I m having 128Kbps Tata Indicom Internet Conncetion which is running in 1:8 Compression Ratio.....that means i should get 16KBps speed(128/8 it is converting Bits to Bytes) Now i m going to change the plan...new plan says it is 128kbps with 1:4 Compression Ratio??? And they are saying that i...
  19. A

    Signal to Noice Ratio

    Hi All, For speakers Signal to Noice ratio should be more or less? Which one is best? Kindly suggest me....
  20. Shasanka_Gogoi

    How to cut away parts from .AVI files without any loss in quality

    i have a few avi video files,,, some of dem r in widescreen and some not... wat i wanna do is to cut a particular part of dat avi file and delte d rest wthout affectn d quality or d aspect ratio of d video,,, iv tried dis usin NERO bt d output video file size is very very high (coz d main motive...
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