1. chimera201

    Death Stranding

    From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying experience. Brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carry the disconnected remnants of our future and embark on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time. DEATH STRANDING –...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Blue Screen of Death coming up

    Hi friends I am using PC with AMD Quadcore athlon 635, 785G mobo, 4 GB Corsair ram. I have OC my PC to normal 3.2 ghz from 2.9 ghz. Recently I formatted my C drive and installed Win7 again and it was working fine but from the last 2-3 days my PC starts and gives error of BLUE SCREEN OF...
  3. mediator

    Atheists face death in 13 Muslim countries

    "In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday. And beyond the Islamic nations, even some of the West's apparently most...
  4. Desmond

    Death penalty for Delhi gangrape culprits.

    Death sentence has been awarded to 4 of the Delhi gangrape culprits, no news of the fifth "juvenile" culprit. Source : Delhi gangrape: Convicts awarded death sentence Though I don't think rapists will be deterred from this judgement, I think they will become more cautious in committing...
  5. V

    [For Sale] Razer Death Adder

    model : Razer death adder gaming mouse date of purchase : 3rd october 2011 reason for sale : bought new one expected price : 900 rs and negotiable location : bangalore pictures : specs and reviews : Razer Death Adder USB 2.0 Mouse - Razer: Works perfectly fine. In good condition too.
  6. theserpent

    Shocked' by Jiah Khan's death, 12-year-old boy commits suicide

    'Shocked' by Jiah Khan's death, 12-year-old boy commits suicide
  7. D

    my ultimate gaming pc...the result of my savings

    hello everybody, i am an avid gamer..i play everyday for 6 to 7 hrs after coming back from office..this is my latest config which i have ordered...i dont think i will be needing any upgradation for next many years to come i7 3770k processor intel dz77re-75k motherboard asus nvidia gtx 690...
  8. D

    Kashmir's first all-girl rock group forced to cancel their show after extremists death threats

    Pragaash targetted since winning an award at their first public performance Internet trolls said the teenage girls should be raped and thrown in river Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omah Abdullah came out in support of trio and said he hopes 'handful of morons won't silence them' The first...
  9. Desmond

    Delhi rape victim dies May her soul rest in peace. This is as good as manslaughter. We must now demand death for the culprits.
  10. Faun

    Where were you when the world ended ?

    I was getting my kill to death ratio higher in BF3 Noshar Canals team death match.
  11. P

    How to increase laptop battery life

    I have a Dell inspiron n5010 laptop, my original battery died after 15 months, I have recently bought a new one. Can anyone suggest how to use laptop battery efficiently and delay the inevitable i.e. its death, I have seen similar problems among many of my friends, it would be a great respite if...
  12. Hrishi

    Ajmal Kasab [Supreme Court upheld his death Sentence]

    Finally Kasab will pay for his crimes. The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld Ajmal Kasab's death sentence in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case. Source : TOI Your views on this so prolonged judgemnt.??
  13. V.VAIDYA

    Help hdd making clicking sounds.

    Posting from nokia 2690, please ignore any mistake.(My great luck struck me at a time and htc explorer display cracked and my pc's hdd clicked death) Yesterday my seagate 320 gb hdd crashed , its the click of death symptom.Making 10-11 ticks/clicks before stopping completely also it does not...
  14. saqib_khan

    Should I buy HTC One V

    Hi All, Want to purchase Android phone under 18k budget. I am considering HTC One V. But the specs are somewhat low. I am mostly concerned that it does not have dual core CPU. Are there any lags because of this. Also what about death grip problem, as reported by some users on xda forums...
  15. Desmond

    Kuwait MPs okay death penalty for cursing God

  16. R

    Upgrade from PL 50

    Budget: 10k max PMP: Cowon J3 Listening environment: Bus/Indoors Music type: Post-rock, indie, hardcore, metal (post, death, black) Headphone/IEM: Would prefer headphones Additional requirements: Should be comfortable, good isolation, durable.
  17. MetallosaurusRex

    Best speakers for heavy metal? THX certified?

    I mostly listen to heavy metal in all its forms - death, thrash, black and their sub-genres. But haven't yet figured out which speakers can do justice to the music. The problems with earlier speakers-some make black metal too shrieky due to lack of balanced bass where the channels, esp. the...
  18. D

    Blue screen of death !!!

    I often get the blue screen of death in my old aged Pc.Is it because i added up with an additional 512 mb ram? My config: Intel Pentium 4 845GVML Mobo 40Gb IDE HDD Realtech Ethernet Card Nothing else is connected to my mobo..? I asks me for Bios Update.But i don't know where the hell...
  19. V

    Seagate 1TB Freeagent desk

    Hi, I was planning to buy a Seagate 1TB Freeagent desk external HDD for backup purposes. Recently i saw few reviews on forums and groups that some are having the 'click of death' within one week of purchase and loosing all data. Any one here have similar experience?
  20. Gowt1ham

    Razer Death Adder, OCZ Vendetta 2, S 805

    Razer DA 2.1k + shipping OCZ vendetta 2(NEW unused) 2.25k Philips S 805 800Rs Bangloreans preferred. Rule 1 : Dont crap my thread Rule2 : Plz enlighten me abt anything via PM. Rule3 : Negotiation only via PM All prices exclusive of shipping. I have had no probs dealing on forums...
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