1. S

    Windows 10 Laptop suddenly freezes to random blank colored screen (AFAIK when running in battery)

    the only way I can resume it is by force shutdown & reboot again. This usually happens when it is running in battery regardless of charge (it occured when battery is around 70% as well as 35%) & mostly seems to happen when CPU or RAM usage goes high. Laptop is Lenovo IdeaPad 320 series with...
  2. D

    Please suggest UPS model

    Hey guys I'm currently using a APC 700VA UPS which is about 5years old now. The hardware connected to it has evolved over the years and end result now is the system restarts when the power fails if I'm gaming. System doesnt restart during power cuts if I'm not gaming Below mentioned stuff...
  3. B

    [Want to Buy] Solar powered power bank

    Hi Guys, It is summer time and electricity cuts have started in my area. I was looking for a power bank and I found some power banks which charge when kept under the sun. There is no reputed brand making the same. So, my query is anyone tried these solar power banks? I am skeptical to order...
  4. vedula.k95

    Buying advice.

    Was too confused where to post so posted here,I don't exactly need a new phone advice but I am here in search for charger,I have a Ipro 10400 mAH power bank but I have a shitty low AMP charger which powers my phone like a turtle. I want you guys to suggest me which is the best high AMP phone...
  5. quicky008

    Can a 6 pin pcie connector be used to power a gpu that has an 8 pin slot?

    I have a gtx 960 4gb that requires an 8 pin pci-e power connector.However i have an older Corsair VX 450 psu that only has a 6 pin pci-e connector-will it be a good idea to use this connector to power my gpu rather than an 8 pin connector?Could doing so possibly damage my gpu in the long run?Are...
  6. C

    Frequent USB disconnection

    Hi I have a serious problem with our main power supply; gets power fluctuations every 1or2 min(micro stutters) and every time this happens the UPS makes the switch sound and soon after the USB devices(mouse,keyboard,pendrive even video playback) hangs for 1or2 secs and its back to normal. i...
  7. bssunilreddy

    PSU Suggestion List -2017

    Hai Fellow TDF,(Brothers & Sisters) Here are some of the best PSU's which have impeccable Quality to Price ratio. It doesn’t matter how awesome your gaming PC is, if you pair it with a cheap PSU you’re asking for trouble. I’ve rated & reviewed 18 of the best gaming power supplies...
  8. harshilsharma63

    Need Faster Charger For Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank

    Hi, I just bought a mi 20000 mAh power bank. Currently I only have a single charger - my Moto G 2nd gen charger rated at 5 V/550 mAh output, which iobviously is ridiculously slow to charge this power bank. The product manual/specifications suggest - 9 V/2 A or 12 V/1.5 A charger for fast...
  9. rohan_mhtr

    [For Sale] Xfx hd7700

    Expected Price (Rs):2900 Purchase Date:October 2013 Remaining Warranty Period:None Reason for Sale:Upgrade Shipping from:Navi Mumbai Payment Options...
  10. Samarth 619

    Using nVidia GTX 950 4GB or RX460 4GB (desktop variant) on my Dell Laptop.

    Guys, My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5520, whose spec is Core i5 3210M, 8 GB DDR3, 1 GB AMD 7670M, 500GB HD, Windows 7, etc. I run an average of 18-40 frames per second in Far Cry 3, lowest settings including Direct X 9, not 11 as it reduces FPS. I wish to extend its graphical power...
  11. S

    Issue with asus rt-68u router Need Help!!!

    Hello, I received my asus rt-68u router yesterday from amazon.in. After unboxing i was like bit confused on how to use the power adapter. I dint see any traditional pins on the adapter to be connected on the power socket.. Ill post the images below Just want to know if the pins are...
  12. S

    Please suggest Inverter or UPS for Gaming PC

    Hi, I have gaming PC and I do most of my work in it. Not much gaming, but I mentioned it as a gaming PC because it draws a lot of power from the wall. I had a 600VA iBall UPS with my old normal PC, after the upgrade to this gaming PC, it didn't work. I am a web programmer, Sometimes I had to...
  13. A

    HP Pavilion G6 2010ax Windows 10 random freezing

    Hello As the title suggests i have HP Pavilion G6 2010ax running Windows 10 Pro TH2 1511 which randomly freezes.Nothing happens screen is stuck ,no task manager nothing.I have to hold the power button to turn it off. I checked hdd which is ok.What can be the problem?
  14. vedula.k95

    Suggest a power bank Budget:700+-200.

    Hello forum, as the title states I am in need of a power bank but I couldn't decide which one to go for,that's why I posted it here.Devices which I am gonna plug in on it are Redmi Note 3,LYF jio Hotspot phone. Location:Bhubneswar and Jamshedpur,so please suggest those brands which has a...
  15. S

    PC not boot-up.

    Hi, I recently change my HDD after first was corrupted. Now when I install my new HDD my PC won't run up. Motherboard green light for power is on but after pressing power button not even CPU fan is running. Whats the problem in this?? How to resolve this?
  16. D

    Is it safe to keep UPS connect to power supply all time

    Guys is it safe to keep UPS connected to power supply all time. Will there be any damage to the battery or battery may blowup due to overcharge?
  17. RON28

    need cooler for Intel i3 4130

    Stock cooler is making a lot of sound and temps are rising even at idle condition. I want to use a CPU cooler but my cabinet is very small. here it is Zebronics cabinet Case Dimensions : 176 x 386 x 345 mm (W x D x H) Motherboard Configurations : Micro ATX Drive Configuration : CD-ROM : 2 x...
  18. giprabu

    Suggest me a new PSU..

    Kindly suggest me a new PSU. My present PSU is 5 year old. Planning to upgrade my GPU to Gtx 960 and RAM to 8 GB. Also my UPS capacity is 600 VA, which is unable to support the present 600w psu when power goes off. I guess 600w is too large for my config. So, reducing the wattage should...
  19. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on power bank for price around Rs 600

    I need a power bank for one of my friends who has redmi1s. Budget is not more than Rs 600. Can someone suggest a good model.
  20. K

    CPU not starting, power issue

    My cpu isn't powering up. When I press the power button, the power just fluctuates. I tried changing the PSU but no help. The problem still exist. Please help.
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