1. B

    Not able to copy discs

    Hi Guys, I was trying to copy a disc with Ubuntu in a Windows XP Pc using Nero. But I am getting this error after the disc is copied in the system- * The original disc is a Mmore disc. I tried copying in Mmore's disc itself along with Sony's blank disc but I...
  2. ajayritik

    Need a software to burn CD/DVD.

    I need a burning software to burn my CD's/DVD's. Earlier I used Nero. If it's Freeware it will be good but somehow I prefer Nero. Which is the latest version for Nero?
  3. curioustechy

    Unable to erase DVD-RW

    I've been using a Sony DVD-RW for quite some time without any problem. I've erased & wrote more than 10 times. But last day i could not erase the disc. I use power iso. But i tried with nero too. Even the context menu 'erase disc' is missing. Nero says the disc is not rewritable.
  4. Lord073

    Best free substitute for Nero

    Hey guys please suggest me a good and reliable freeware alternative to Nero. I've been using trial versions of Nero ever since I started using PC's and I was very satisfied with what it offered but as you all know with every new version released it is becoming more and more of a bloatware than a...
  5. dude_gamer

    Nero 7 vision essential?

    i am getting following error message.when i connected my mobile.(i attached image of that Nero error) "No supported capture device was detected.please check that your device is properly OK to proceed or cancel to return to the previous page." i am using my Nokia 2730C as...
  6. nilanko

    Nero 10 query

    I bought original Nero 10 Multimedia software from a local computer shop. The serial number was printed on the CD cover. My question is in the pic below: Why is "-Nero Kwik DVD" shown there under "Nero Multimedia Suite 10"? What does that mean?
  7. rohitshakti2

    Nero Update

    I have the original Nero 7 received with my DVD writer. I am currently using it, but in most of the files it can't be used and an upgrade is required. When I visited Nero site, i reached here: Nero - Nero 7 - Update I downloaded this update but when I tried to install it, it told that a...
  8. meetdilip

    Nero pack for W7 Ulitmate

    I have Windows 7 Ulitmate SP1. In XP, I used to have Nero 7.5 which has almost all the tools for multimedia editing and burning discs. Since Nero 7.5 do not work in Windows 7, I am using Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010. Is there any Nero alternative for this. Does Nero have something like Nero 7.5...
  9. toad_frog09

    Nero7 wont uninstall. Please help.

    Yea guys its me hairy. . Like my header says, nero 7 wont uninstall. I want to install nero 8 and it does not allow the setup to continiue till nero 7 is removed. And when i try to remove it, it gives following error. Please help me guys. . "Internal error Custom Action Dll crashed on...
  10. A

    Nero encoding problem

    i have nero multimedia suite 10 which includes nero vision xtra, whenever i try to make dvd and burn it , everything goes well but at the last stage while video transcoding the process fail, i thing some transcoding related plugin software is to be install , please help. I am using kaspersky...
  11. IronCruz

    DVD WRITER or NERO 8????

    Hello Guys. I use LG DVD writer to write DVDs with Nero 8 in Windows 7. The writer is 1.5 year old.Recently i have problem with dvd writing, i.e when i try to burn dvds, the dvd write successfully, means Dvd burns Successfully with nero 8. But when try to copy the written files from DVD to Hard...
  12. NewsBytes

    Nero Multimedia Suite 10 [Review]

    Nero is perhaps the best-known application for burning discs, and is possibly the most comprehensive suite of applications for this purpose. While it has its roots as a disc burning application the newer versions of Nero have increasingly focused on multimedia and...
  13. toad_frog09

    Nero Error

    I installed NERO 7 trial a few weeks ago on my Windows7 PC. My memory is a bit foggy so I cant precisely remember why the installation failed like Brazil on World Cup. So as far as i remember, the application started and crashed after a minute or something. Anyhoo, the problem is that later when...
  14. M

    INstalled Nero 7 Ess. but cant make mp4 to video cd-Need Guidance

    Dear, i have installed Nero 7 Essential recently. well, yesterday i have tried to make a video cd from mp4 files, but it shows to upgrade(Download) option. how can i fix this issue please?? hardly waiting yours lovingly mobileman
  15. ajai5777

    Location of Nero Temp Files in Win7

    My PC crashed 2 times when I was transcoding videos in nero vision.I dont know where the incomplete files are located.Those files took 4GB in my C drive.But I cant see them.I tried many ways and nothing worked. Please help me to solve this.
  16. sriharsha_madineni

    Nero Burning ROM : Failed to create empty Document

    I'm facing this weird problem with Nero 9 Burning ROM, since a few days, Every time I try to create a New ISO or UDF project a error pop up says "Failed to create Empty Document". Some googling on that error,mentioned some conflict between Daemon tools and Nero caused this error. But I don't...
  17. N

    DVD Drive Problem

    My system specs are: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 32-bit 2GB RAM nVIDIA Geforce 9400GT Seagate Barracuda 500 GB HDD Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S ATA Drive (Its a new drive that I recently purchased) Nero 9 Essentials I burnt two DVDs successfully using Nero 6. When I burnt 4 more DVDs, the...
  18. M

    Trouble with Nero and the USB ports-Lappy

    dear experts, i am really in trouble with my laptop. that, my 250gb is almost full with my most wanted contents. last week, i think, due to any of the virus attack, i have got trouble with my nero. that it shoes only the Image drive.but the dvd drive is perfect where i can play and open cds...
  19. hareesh

    Help me installing NERO

    hi frnds... when i was installing nero essentials which was bundled with my dvd writer i get an error message that "internal error: custom action DLL crashed on last call in function 'NeroAg_UNregisterComEx'. The installer must now exit. Crash Thread Id 2080 Crash Thread Id...
  20. R

    securdisc question

    I have LG DVD Writer with Nero Securdisc(tm) technology. I have nero 8. While Nero express has a menu "securdisc data cd", it doesn't work. It shows a error telling that my dvd writer is not secure any more and I should do a firmware upgrade. I upgraded my firmware from LG website but still the...
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