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  1. curioustechy

    Unable to erase DVD-RW

    I've been using a Sony DVD-RW for quite some time without any problem. I've erased & wrote more than 10 times. But last day i could not erase the disc. I use power iso. But i tried with nero too. Even the context menu 'erase disc' is missing. Nero says the disc is not rewritable.
  2. aaruni

    Cant erase CD-RW

    I cant seem to format my CD-RW. I burned it with iTunes and now it doesn't erase.
  3. S

    operating system update

    I do have a Samsung Wave S5253. It is using bada 1.1 os. Can i update it to bada 2.0? If yes, then how and will it keep my datas those are in phone memory or erase everything?
  4. jkultimate

    Will Clearing RTC Ram using jumpers erase password that saved in windows?

    I set a new password for my system, yesterday. But now I've forgot that password. I cannot log-in to windows. Am using windows 7 ultimate 32bit. ASUS M4A88TM LE mother board. Will clearing RTC ram on motherboard using Jumpers erase this password? Or Removing battery erase password...
  5. patkim

    CD RW has become CD ROM!

    I have one CD-RW disk. I am now surprised to notice that various CD burning apps be it Nero or Magic Burner or Imgburn for that matter are treating this disk as CD ROM only. Preventing any write operations. Till now I must have done several rewrites and erase operations on it. Now even erase...
  6. patkim

    DVD RW Disk issue

    I have moserbear DVD RW disk. Off lately it fails to get detected or takes too long to get detected. This happens after I erase the contents & disk is blank. The disk with some data/file burnt onto it gets detected immediately. I have tried both methods quick as well as full erase. End...
  7. A

    zero fill utility

    Hi, last week my seagate 400GB IDE disk crash due to bad sector, but later i recovered my most of the data using connected as slave. Now as my disk is under warrenty (only 6 month old), i want to send it for replace ment. Before that i want to erase disk fully (zero fill) I tried using seagate...
  8. rajwansh2003

    problem with DVD RW

    i can't erase my sony RW ?
  9. D


    DvD WRITER PROBLEM I have an LG DVD WRITER {HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H54N}.Now the problem is whenever i try to write a CD/DvD OR erase any it gives an error.It cant write or erase any CD./dVd.i have tried 2 softs POWER ISO & NERO 9, both cant write or erase.But i can read all DvD'S & cd'S. could...
  10. L

    Wiping HDD

    I was thinking about wiping my hard disk drives and wanted to know if this would in any way cause the drive to go kaphoot for future use. I don't intend on selling off my pc but the feeling of having the hdd as good as new makes me very curious. Since i already have maybe three past virus...
  11. krazzy

    Can a DVD-RW be erased in combo drive?

    I know we cannot write on a DVD-R/RW in a combo drive, but can we erase a DVD-RW in it?
  12. G

    Dont Throw your CD-RW if it is not working

    Hello all, It is known to us that WINDOWS 98 SE is Old, but there is something in this OS which is still useful. If you are using CD-RW and it is not working properly after some writing or erasing attempts don't throw it. Use WINDOWS 98 SE, and within windows 98 se, erase your CD-RW using...
  13. ajayritik

    Problem with DVD-RW

    I'm having problem with DVD-RW Sony. I purchased two of them and both are not working properly. Can someone who uses DVD-RW give me suggestion/Advice on how to use these things? Do we need to take certain precautions so that they last for a longer time? Are there any other brands of DVD-RW...
  14. pritzdj

    (Plz Help Me) CD erasing option not available...........

    Hi..... I m a Win XP user........ from my "CD-RW drive" erase option is not available but "Write" option is available........ so i'cant erase my CD-RWs..... From Nero also i'cant erase....... By Linux i can erase my CD-RWs........ but m not a frequent user of Linux..... for only CD erasing...
  15. unni

    Wikipedia:10 things you did not know about Wikipedia

    10 things you did not know about Wikipedia is a list of insights about Wikipedia specifically targeted at people who have limited foreknowledge about the project, such as journalists, new editors, and new readers. These explanations will not surprise experienced Wikipedians, but hopefully will...
  16. go4saket

    How to recover data from DVD-RW???

    Hi Guys! I by mistake erased the contents of my DVD-RW using Nero Burning ROM's quick erase option. Is there a way or a software by which I can retrive the contents of the DVD. Chao...
  17. hellraiser

    Unable to erase DVD disc...

    Recently i burnt a longhorn's 733 MB iso image on a SAMSUNG's DVD-RW. Now i am unable to erase my disc. Whenever trying to execute erase command from nero, it starts to erasing ... but data still exists on DVD. Also tried firmware upgrades....but doesn't helps. I got - Nero...
  18. L

    whats this?

    Hi ppl, I purchased a sony vaio VGN-FE28H a couple of days back and i wanted to format the installation that came default.. Its coz i ahve german version of the OS!! I am in Germany and left with no choice. I also wanted to install linux along with windows and so when i tried to do it using...
  19. Jagannatha.BR

    Dvd +rw Problem

    I bought new moserbaer dvd + rw and started a multisession disk on that using my Lg dvd writer. In the middle of writing there was a power failure. when power came I tried to continue the writing but the nero burning rom v6.6 dosenot alow me to continue the writing or even erase the dvd +rw. It...
  20. forever

    Cd Writer Trouble :(

    i have a samsung combo drive (reads DVD + writes CDs) which is almost 3 year old now , the problem with the drive is that it is not able to write any cd or even format any cd, i use ashampoo and if i insert a RW cd to erase , it shows erase completed successfully but all the stuff is still there...
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