Types of Indians:Loyalty to India and fellow-Indians

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I've been wanting to post this topic ever since i've joined this forum but somehow our tyrant mods raabo and fatbeing scare me away.

Types of Indians:North Indians-very helpful and open minded and rely on relationships to the farthest extent(they know even ppl of their maternal cousins's brother in law's kids and celebrate every happy time).but some ppl are very much into fooling and conning ppl for their benefit but not in a big way.

North-East Indians-personally i dunno much abt them but i have a frnd whose quite down to earth and often is the "bakra".but he's hardworking and he and his parents always treat everyone with gr8 humbleness.

East&West Indians-i'm a west indian so to tell the facts we're ppl having gr8 pride in our culture and our language.but the same time we're the most helpful and harmless(sometimes naive) ppl.we like in building relationships and keeping them.we strongly abide by the society rules.

Now here's the main part i know most of u over here are south-indians but personally i don't like your attitude towards ppl of other cultures(written in the most sober manner).

i've 5 south-indian friends and i know their families and them very well also i've a lot of south-indian technitions who do all the repair work and all.
my frnd and carpenters who do work for my house and from karnataka.to tell the truth i do think they might be the best type of indians.calm,xtremely helpful,loyal and true to their word.the best part about them is that they try and adjust to other cultures so well and avoid over-display of their regional traditions.the sad part is that they neccesarily don't represent modern india and are not that hungry for success(though hardworking).

now the cause of my emotional rage-ppl frm TN and Kerala.all three of my frnds from these states are to be precise very selfish and egoistic.all they care abt is their family and their lives.they come to enjoy with us and then leave and always give the impression they don't give a **** abt even thinking of their frnds when we don't meet.i don't think any of them has made even a small sacrifice for us.even their parents treat us like some retards who hang around their prodigies.

i even don't understand why these guyz are so obsessed with studying.they and their parents always think of becoming someone from studying and earning well but and never get tired of singing their praises.i think they treat fun like a fixed pass-time.i don't think the've ever sacrificed a day of their academic period enjoying without careing for their studies.no wonder u guyz are the top persons in academics.Same is the story with all their relationship with others.

Let me share today's example-i travel by trains daily and have to jump to board in the train and i find a man from the previous station alays occupying the corner seat.this guy sit with his legs wide open(i'm gonna kick him one-day) and sits like this for more than an hour but never gets up to give some elder ppl frm my group to sit.he's the only one who's not a part of the group and it's been over 5mnts i've joined the group he asn't for the past yr. i've heard.the only thing he asks us sometimes is are exams over or what course are u studying for.never has he discussed with us abt sports or hot chicks(which we do despite the presence of 2 54yr olds).today he was asked by a new traveller to close in his legs to let others sit properly.that b****** slightly stood up and sat down again in the exact manner to the disbelief of all(i should have recorded that).

u guyz talk of the tech advancements but never have u been a part of the country serving jobs like military.and why the hell would a south-indian organiser put up a bharatnatyam dance in a show when it's not at all entertaining like most folk dances.can't u keep ur traditions to urself and value the common good.U don't even bother to learn proper or even broken hindi.u do realize it's our undisputed national language.why so pride in Rajnikant's success?in your I.T companies? in A.R Rahman?why can't u think of them as sons of india than "hamare south-india ka hai"<plz translate in ur lang>why do u remain indifferent to common problems in India even if ur state hasn't?why so much fanboyism?

i'll be here till tomm. morning after which i'm won't see u guyz for a month bcoz of my sem1 exams.

i apologize to all those clean at heart but always try and maintain happiness rather than peace i think.u guyz are peace loving but not neccessarily happiness givers.i'm kinda tired after this so further discussions and elaboration may continue in posts.


Well I would see this problem /what ever you want to call it, differently.
Just try to notice the good things and ignore as far as possible the bad/irritating things.No,am not sayin to be tolerate bull ****.
See I have had my share of north/south/east/west -ern friends and felt its basically a mix.No region would necessarily have only good or only bad ppl.
And generally when you are from you native place that care for native traditions crops in.Imagine the desis in US,doing all those pujas etc.
So just chill and njoy life.
Anyways from my comments can you guess which part I represent,don't go by the city I live in?


die blizzard die! D3?
yea southern guys have problems connecting to the masses here in northern states(mostly because of their language and comical(to us) way of pronunciation),so they resort to studies mostly.I have some southern guys in my class well most of them work excessively hard towards studies and don't mix up well enough with others.But they are generally cooperative if asked for.On the contrary some of the most selfish guys that I know are either natively from here or from neighboring states like UP et al.


No longer here..
Dude ... even all the 10 children born to same parents arent the same.Same goes for people.Just because you have met nasty people belonging to a certain region it doesnt mean the entire population of that region is nasty.No-one can come to a conclusion untill and unless you get to meet and know 100% of people from the region you mentioned.You have met hardly 10 people and you are basing your thesis on that small sample.Thats not scientific/proper.

What you are experiencing is common human psychological effects.

Take for example ....we as humans tend to forget all the praises and accolades we receive from our friends or relatives.But we never forget "even one" taunt done towards us.

And final point ...India is vast society which is kinda getting together in these recent years.Even though the country was a whole since ages but the cultures were and are different as you move from north to south.Add to that things like caste,class and what not ****.... things do get a bit noisy.

Best thing to do ... follow your own way.


@ratedsuperstar : I understand your concerns. To be straight I too felt like you some years ago. In my 'joint family', I have bengali, south-indian, americans too.

I know there was a trend in south-india to boycott Hindi. But that was in past. Today it seems many south-Indians dont shy to speak Hindi. Recently I visited Chennai and many locals spoke to us in Hindi and many don't. I dont know if they were pretending.

In my college days, we had people from many parts of INDIA and as u know Southies are really techy. So we used to have our enlightenment mostly from them and almost the whole exam prep. from them 2 hrs before semester exams. But there was one guy, who was stubborn and didn't like to talk to us. May be becoz we are from North. We thought he didn't understand Hindi. But one day a senior abused him in Hindi and his facial expression changed. So I guess many southies still understand Hindi, may be all of them.

AS for Gujaratis, yea they r proud but talk too loudly as for my ears. But I have had nice experiences with em. I had very nice experiences with Keralites too. They r nice people, but experiences not so nice with people from T.N.

May its my bad luck, I dunno. But think, what impression does a foreigner form? AS u say, we northerners are open minded, but still Delhi is potrayed as 'rape' capital of INDIA. An english woman comes and gets raped, japanese lad comes and goes missing. What impression do u think these incidents give to their countrymen?

Yes we are open minded, but plenty of times I have witnessed that our open-minded jokes have taken serious and emotional toll on people from different parts of INDIA. A guy who himself is fat and spectacled may be putting up jokes about his appearance. People may take it lightly here and some may even feel proud to show off the tyres on their stomach. U may sent for a sikh calling him "Sardar" not appending "Ji". Sikhs here may not mind it, but a few from outside Delhi may take it to their heads as a mark of communalism, finding it rude.

In friendly discussions, your southie friend says, "Winters have come and m goin to buy Ponds cream" and u reply, "try Mardo waali fairness cream"! Though for many its just a joke, but some people aren't used to it. You refer an East-Indian guy as chinky. Do u think he likes it? Many foreigners as it came in newspapers some years back also acknowledge bt the term "Firangi" and find it offensive!! But I guess the whole INDIA uses it with pleasure.

My simple point is, may be others also feel the way bt u as the way u feel bt them. My south INDIAN and bengali relative is as open as we are. My Americans relatives take pride in their culture even after being so far off. May be the whole gang of educated INDIANS from across the nation do, but I guess there is a psychological divide which I see diminshing when people like u n I travel and learn more about the country.

U got the point huh? Njoy!!


mediator said:
You refer an East-Indian guy as chinky.
I hate it a lot when educated ppl, would really call people, such things.I simply don't understand the mentality of such people.From the day I heard this term I have never used it even once,not even as a joke.
It's high time that we accept the ppl from north-east into the main stream,else with such attitude we are only helping China to gobble up North-East states.
And one more thing I have noticed a lot among Indians,(does not matter from which region u r from) is the special affinity for fairness.I mean dark people are just seen as non-human low lifes, like they are a burden on the planet.So what special powers does a fair skin give anybody?
Cmon ppl get real, when would we ever understand and appreciate the differences in all of us.


you guys

mediator you too :|

jus coz you or rated guy has had bad experince or ... dosnt mean TN ppl are bad/selfish....

take it like this-
the parent are always possesive (obviously), & now when they r out of home they b'com overly possesive, they dont want their kids to go down (in studies...), i mean everyone think that their kid r very good child & if they go too much out their scores might get low, or learn bad habbits...

you com to chennai & i'll show you North Indians doin that, that is' not letting their kids play with South's.
most of these guys mingle wit othr northies but not us. kinda pathetic.

when i was in North (bihar, MH(nagpur)), i was not at all happy.

as i'm dark toned, i was teased.

so now shoud i say all northies are racist?

jus coz i was unfortunate bak then, doesnt mean tat evryone is bad or watever.

my best friend is a north indian (frm Delhi) :))


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the OP had a hysteria against Malayalees and Tamils.and he is confusing between the two.Malayalees can speak Hindi or any local language once out of state.U cannot easily find a malayalee from his looks and the LANG he is talking.And Malayalees and Tamils are NOT the same,only the LANG tone similar.If u had ever came into Kerala,you know what i am saying,
there are very much difference.and forcing Hindi on us=Never dream of that.if u hate Bharathanatyam keep it to u.
I know Tamils are very devoted to their culture and traditions,u cannot expect them to learn Hindi.this is ur imperial Northistan idea fsck off! :x

Socializing or not is once on personal option,u dont have any right to speak against anyone.


I had posted earlier, Hindi may be the national language, but the constitution of our country, India, which guarantees you and me the freedom of speech here, was written in English. WHY? Why did our founding fathers do that, why not Hindi? Even amendments to the constitution have to be made in English, so do new laws that have to be incorporated.
Its time the North Indians (especially Hindi speaking belt) realised this. Not embracing English the way the Southerners have is one of the reasons they are still struggling (BIMARU).

India being a diverse country has many cultures. What is interesting for you may be boring for me and vice-versa. However, if it is to remain united tolerance is required, more than respect :)

praka123 said:
the OP had a hysteria against Malayalees and Tamils.and he is confusing between the two.Malayalees can speak Hindi or any local language once out of state.U cannot easily find a malayalee from his looks and the LANG he is talking.And Malayalees and Tamils are NOT the same,only the LANG tone similar.If u had ever came into Kerala,you know what i am saying,
there are very much difference.and forcing Hindi on us=Never dream of that.if u hate Bharathanatyam keep it to u.
I know Tamils are very devoted to their culture and traditions,u cannot expect them to learn Hindi.this is ur imperial Northistan idea fsck off! :x

Socializing or not is once on personal option,u dont have any right to speak against anyone.

Now Praka I agree with you, but I find malayalees born and brought up in Kerela too rigid about their language and culture. Its sometimes like they haven't heard of the saying,"Do in Rome as the Romans do". They come here to Mangalore and speak Malayalam, and expect us to understand. Fine, but if we don't understand/speak they show surprise!! When I was doing my MBBS here in Kasturba Medical College I have seen how they used to interact with patients in Government Wenlock Hospital. They would approach a patient, "Malayala Aariyo". If the answer was in the negative they would not even bother. Even with five and a half years of stay here in Mangalore they did not learn Kannada or Tulu. I guess they just didn't want to. That way I have a few friends, malayalees again, brought up outside Kerela. Those were the only boys who bothered to learn the local language/culture. They have a very different outlook.


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@nucleus:many Malayalees pretent to be not knowing other languages ;) count me too.also as a Malayali i know that we are able to understand Tamil(very easy),Tulu or Kannada somewhat without any help.I too was in Mangalore for few months(6 months) and I tell u only Moplah Muslims insist not to talk in Kannada.
Malayali's always want to differentiate them with others(my opin!).most points u said are true.
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The Sexy Beast
nuccleuskore->u kinda got a taste of my experience.

i'm not arguing abt racism i know it's here and honestly i too think that fair ppl have a certain social edge.but intelligence and wit can make a dark guy more powerful personality.like my fav. actor is Will Smith.My fav. show is My Wife & Kids(entirely dark-skinned ppl),etc.

northeners like i said are helpful but they deceive ppl the most.

also like i said i like my southern frnds but i kinda don't blieve they can be those kinda frnds who could sacrifice a little bit to solve my problem if i have any in the future.

all i'm saying that be helpful to ppl of other cultures even though u don't know them atleast they will not have any bad prejudice abt your ppl.it has taken over a yr and numerous eg. for me to be convinced abt this section of ppl in india.the sad part is that i haven't seen them act diff. to any others too.other than their relatives.

how many of u southerners like northern or western/eastern food.i'm sure u do but have u ever thought of liking it so much that u for a day don't wanna eat ur food.i know we love ur sambhar/idli/dosa,etc. and to be honest that's the most thing we eat as a snack other than vada-paav.

nucleuskore-> i'm not saying u should learn all of hindi but atleast "try".the constitution in english is fine.but u have to understand while having vocal con. it's necessary for the two to speak one lang.all those spanish/argentinian sportstars learn a bit of english to xpress themselves but always talk in their native lang. when giving interviews to their channels.we wouldn't mind if u talked broken hindi as most pak cricketers talk english.i blieve we should not be dependent on english all that much.it's not that every kid in this country is gonna have talks with the prez of america.watch english movies.listen to english songs.comprehend what they say.that's it.native languages give so much freedom of xpression than learned language.u could invent a slang in ur native lang. but find hard to go beyond those 7-8 english slangs :)
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NOT every southern people are looking like RajaniKanth(he is a Marathi to be pure!).and I find BIMARU and many northies not fair skinned as they are shown in Hindi Cinema!

and we here in Kerala eats Chappathi,Sambhar(no daal).have in evening veg chat items though not common.North/so called West Indians dont have any idea about How south is!south is not equal to TamilNadu!
South Indians leaving Mangaloreans,goans are orthodox and boasts their original culture along with embracing modern values.

And South India itself is divided into 4 pieces.there is hidden hate wave.for eg: generally Malayalees hate Tamilians,Andhrites,Kannadiga's.
one eg:in edappal(near calicut),the violent mob beated two kannadiga women accusing theft!.infact they are thieves.but the reason many malayalis think is other south indians are not to their standard and others are substandard this is what i feel in Kerala.this hatred is visible more in Travancore-Cochin belt.BUT MALAYALIS WILL NOT SHOW IT OUTSIDE!!!CLEVER.not a flamebait,but...reality it is!

and Kannadigas vs Tamilians,i dont have to tell u all know and goes on... :)
I know such mentalities sucks.but what to do.people are like that.

Even kerala before independence was full of "Ayitham" or untouchability.low castes like Thiyya's,Ezhava's,Latin Christians,Muslims etc are forced to hide when a Namboodiri(Malayali Brahman) or Nair Karanavar proceeding on the way.Namboodiri,Nair,Syrian Christians are the elite class those days and still now.low castes where not allowed to enter temples before Independence.and communists changed this and now the reverse trend is on the force now.this caste system all made it complex things as it is now for an avg Malayali.

So u see,lot of other cultural problems...all make it worst.
i havent met much ppl from south india (i am from delhi ) ...... only a girl and her family to be named (from kerela) and they speak hindi to us. They are equally friendly like any of the other ppl here ...........

In my view ........ there are some general traits of ppl belonging to a particular area which can be common .... but over all u cant judge a person by her/his locality ........ Remember "Exceptions are always there"


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the only thing that bothers me is that people relate themselves to the culture and their locality.
The root cause for all evil.

Cant there be no religion and no boundary, can we hav something in common and thats humanity.

I wanna smack hard the person who made religion and separated by boundary and beliefs, ****ing maggots.
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