1. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    Hello forum, Bought Redmi Note 3 few weeks ago,should have taken insurance :( ,unfortunately my screen got cracked due to the bending while riding bike. Ordered a tampered glass the crack is barely noticeable right at the corner,but still if I have some bucks I will try to repair it DIY...
  2. V

    Buying WD My Passport Ultra online

    #1: Cross-checking the WD external HDD My Passport Ultra on My Passport Ultra - Premium Portable Storage against those on amazon/flipkart I find that the part numbers do not match. WD Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 2 TB External Hard Drive - WD : mentions Part Number as WDBMWV0020BBL...
  3. theserpent

    Buzzfeed gets India's map wrong

    So they haven't shown J&K as a part of India :-x
  4. Mr.Kickass

    [Rumour Mill] VAIO might enter the smartphone market with a new phone

    Closely following reports about Sony's exit out of smartphone business, Vaio makes a re-entry. Next what, Cybershot and Playstation to get a makeover ? Just a passing thought.
  5. V

    Should I Mine Bitcoins

    hi i am having a r9 280x gpu so i thought lets mining and make some money :-D so is bitcoin mining legal in India ? If its legal I would like to know the how to minnig and can i mine part time :lol: MY RIG :
  6. Flash

    Apple acquires Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion

    CUPERTINO, California—May 28, 2014: Apple® today announced it has agreed to acquire the critically acclaimed subscription streaming music service Beats Music, and Beats Electronics, which makes the popular Beats headphones, speakers and audio software. As part of the acquisition, Beats...
  7. ajayritik

    Need good leather case for my note2

    I have Galaxy Note2 for which I need a decent case . Most of the cases I see are either back case which covers the side portions however the front part is uncovered and if there are cases which cover both front and back they don't cover the side part of the phones. Any ideas? - - - Updated -...
  8. S

    Laptop Overheating problem: Cant' find spare part.

    Hi Friends: My Laptop, HP Pavilion dv4-t 1600 running on intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia Geforce with cuda, Windows 7 64 bit home edition; is overheating and shutting down automatically. I asked HP service center but they can give support to Hardware's bought in abroad. They also doesn't have...
  9. ithehappy

    Having a problem with Netgear DG834G router, after installing Windows 8.1!

    The router is a Netgear DG834G V3. I use to open to access and configure router's settings and all, but since switching to Windows 8.1 Pro I can NOT access the "connection status" page. Without that page I won't be able to connect / disconnect the router. The page is loading...
  10. Chetan1991

    Windows or Android tablets for productivity?

    Hello. Are Windows or Android tablets good enough as productive machines? I am hoping to buy a machine that could function as part phone part laptop. The productivity work would be mainly web development, i.e. multiple browsers open with many tabs, text editor etc. The new tablets supporting...
  11. I

    Query regarding replacing touchpad of lenovo y510p

    hey, I have an ideapad y510p. My touchpad has sunk a little bit down and was making a loud CUt sound that we have when we press right click. so they agreed to change it to synaptics one from elan. I have read about many users getting theirs exchanged last year of y500. The question of anyone...
  12. ax3

    Do U still use Facebook ???

    for some Facebook has become the most essential part of our life ... I still ask u all ... do u still use it / need it ???
  13. sc3n3l0v3r

    Its Apple again and its iPhone 5S 16GB (Silver)

    Well friends, I just got myself a new iPhone 5S 16GB (Silver) :-D just upgraded from iPhone 5. Its been a week I am using the phone and can say its awesome. Its feels same like iPhone 5 but the performance is way better, & the touch ID is the best part. Well I am in a hurry as of now, by...
  14. A

    [Complaint] Corsair RMA

    I had recently RMAed my Corsair CX500v2 which blew up under mysterious circumstances after only 6 months of purchase. The RMA people ( Kaizen ) accepted the part and said they will be sending a replacement in 4-5 days. I waited.. and waited.. and got the Corsair CX500v3 after around 15 days...
  15. gameranand

    Borderlands 2 GOTY MP and Co-Op Discussion

    OK so lot many of us have recently ordered Borderlands GOTY Edition and so wanted to start game together in Co-Op. So this thread is basically dedicated for that very purpose. Please Share your views here about the game Co-Op part and we arrange the Co-Op sessions from this thread itself as...
  16. ShankJ

    How to check mobo/or any other part serial no ?

    I recently had to give my laptop to the HP service center for a motherboard replacement.. Now i wish to check if they havnt changed any other component of my notebook.. HP customer service people have told me to note down all the part number and then cross check with them but how do i get all...
  17. CommanderShawnzer

    CS:GO vs Dota 2

    Some CS Fanboys on an FB page i visit were spouting crap about how CS:GO(And 1.6) is better than Dota 2 And how Dota 2 is for n00Bz and it does not require ANY skill. :rolleyes: I know both are of different genres,But lets keep the genre part aside and lets debate which game is better based...
  18. icebags

    BSNL routing connections to Singapore / East Asia via US.

    There are probably many angry BF3 or other MP games players around who are having trouble to find a server with good ping with BSNL. Earlier I used to get very good pings (sub 100ms) with Singapore and around, but for last few months they have gone up drastically. Here is the explanations why...
  19. avinandan012

    New way of tracking and the good/bad part is that you cant hide from it

    This is a new way of tracking a online user. And can't be disabled cause it was already there just someone didn't analized it all. One can't opt out from it.
  20. C

    Does digital signature is violated when two pdfs are joined ?

    I have two pdf files (form 16 - part a and part b) which was given to me by company. If I join them by any means, will that violate the digital signature (same in the two files) ? Please help.
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