1. K

    Amazon Prime Gaming from India

    I have Amazon Prime subscription. I can avail all the Prime services except Prime Gaming. Even after using VPN to US server, I can't access Prime Gaming homepage after login to my Amazon account. But without logging to it, I can see all the offers. Is there any way around to take benifits of...
  2. strawhatsai

    net neutrality

    So recently there is a vote coming up in the usa about whether to repeal net neutrality or not. I was checking out a few videos about the said topic on yt and when i checked the comments i found a lot of arguments against net neutrality. Does anyone think net neutrality is bad?especially in India
  3. X

    IEM around 2.5k

    Hey guys I'm looking for a new IEM since my XB30 died. It should have decent treble and bass not too much of either and it would be nice if it had a mic. I am considering the following options: XB55 RHA MA390 Smokin Bud 2 (only because of the mic) If there are any other models I should know...
  4. N

    Bachelor thesis on digital payment.

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis on decreasing cyber-crime in India. As such I need the help of people living in India to fill in my 100% anonymous short survey! I know how this sound so I am only asking you for maximum 1 minute of your time! This survey will help me...
  5. IronCruz

    Confused to purchase iPhone NOW!?

    Considering the fact that apple will soon start assembling phones in India, i am in a confusion whether to buy it in India or get it from USA. Even though they drop prices, i dont think that the prices are going to be anywhere closer to whats it is in USA now. I need a suggestion or opinion on...
  6. ico

    ASRock motherboards for Ryzen - India availability.

    Apparently ASRock has the best motherboards for Ryzen. And, from what I see, they aren't available anywhere in India. Why is it so?
  7. rhitwick

    [VR]Sony PS VR with camera in Flipkart

    Not sure where to post but IMO gamerz should know this. Online Shopping India Mobile, Cameras, Lifestyle & more Online @ At last some decent VR games can be expected in India now (I hope) This just makes me half convinced to buy a console at last.
  8. rohitshakti2

    Modifying a charger

    Hi friends I have a Pantech burst charger lying with me. Can I use it in India? It says, 100-240V, 50-60hz, output 5.0v----1A. But it has 2 pins with a hole in as in USA. Link attached. Can it be modified to be able to use in India? Pantech Micro-USB Charger - Wall - PTA-5010MU1US |...
  9. savithk

    i3-7100 Processor

    is this available in india ....???? i3-7100 Processor any one know the indian price...????
  10. S

    Urgent!!! Buying suggestion needed

    I am thinking to buy this phone from amazon.. Will it work in India if i buy it from Amazon.COM HTC One ME (M9ew) 32GB Rose Gold, Dual Sim, 3GB Ram, 5.2-inch, Unlocked International Model, No Warranty: Cell Phones & Accessorie Please help me
  11. Zangetsu

    The Best DTH in India

    Hi Guys, Hope many of you are using DTH services (Dish,Airtel,Videocon etc) And would like to hear from your POV. which are the best and worth of money in DTH services. as Many of us have Full HD sets at home so lets start with best DTH HD services in India.
  12. Cyberghost

    Amazon Prime Video is now live in India with aggressive pricing, local content catalog

    India, meet the least expensive on-demand video streaming service you've ever seen. Ahead of its media event scheduled for later today, Amazon Prime Video service has gone live in India. The video streaming service is now listed on India's Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and supports...
  13. A

    redmi note 4 launching date

    anybody kindly updates when was redmi note 4 launchen in india??
  14. S

    What should I choose as a payment system on my client's website?

    So guys, I'm doing a website. My client does some digital tutorials and sells some digital products. Both of them related to CGI. Digital products includes, but not limited to plugins/template for Nuke, Adobe AE, Autodesk Maya. Too much of meta talking now let's proceed to real talk...
  15. D

    COC account for sale..

    TH8 turned TH7 maxed base with drag lvl 3, cc upgraded to th8 standard, 5 builders..What should be the right price for the account..?? im from india.. Would appreciate all the info i can get.. thnx
  16. T

    Will the LED TV work which I bought in US??

    Hi Guys, I bought an Samsung Full HD LED TV in US two years before. Now I am planning to take it to India. Will it work with Reliance HD DTH service?? My friend told it's NTSC system in US. In India, it's PAL system. So I may need to buy NTSC-PAL converter. Please reply me on this as...
  17. H

    Best laptop under 50000 INR in India

    Hello, I am looking for a good laptop under rupees 50000 in India. I came across this post: Best laptop under 50000 It lists Lenovo Yoga 500 as best laptop under this category and I wanted to make sure if that laptop is good indeed. I didn't know where else to ask so asking here. Please...
  18. B

    ASUS India OC Tour coming to Delhi... soon!!

    Hello everyone! After a great run in Kolkata and Bangalore, ASUS India OC Tour is coming to Delhi... soon. It's a limited seats event; Entry by invite only. Register to gain an invitation*. * ASUS reserves the right to invitation and admittance. ASUS India OC Tou 'ASUS India OC Tour' is a...
  19. paroh

    Are you a criminal now? Users may get 3-yr in jail for viewing torrent site, blocked URL in India

    [/source]*[/source] Call it the new Digital India. The Indian government, with the help of internet service providers, and presumably under...
  20. tkin

    Reliance JioFi2 Mini Review

    Device: Reliance JioFi 2 Portable Wifi hotspot Cost: 2899/- Benefits: 3 months free data+free calls+free sms. Box contents: One router, one 2300 mah battery, one power brick, one usb cable. Pros: Looks: The new wifi router is a small, pebble shaped device, you can check the pics...
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