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I understand that you guys at digit are always trying to improve the packaging and all but while the copies travel long distances over cities, I have found that the distributors at some point get a habit of folding the BIG package in order to reduce the size of the whole packet containing several mags. (like the december issue in 3 folds). This causes the packet to be torn & mag to be bent etc..... I wonder if you could figure out someway to prevent this folding habit by reducing the packet size, i mean to say by making it more compact than looking good on 'display'.


Sorry, I know That i am not a businessman but I am ony a engg.student of computer science branch. Why don't you publish digit in two way
1. FOR HUNGRY ones for software: publish this book for RS. 100+ which will contain lots of software a thick book.and all other things..............

2. Hungry Ones for Knowledge: this will contain A bit poor quality paper and bit less info. with one cd which will contain some important software along with information about your book content and DVD's and CD's software content, as you were publishing about 2 years back dvd content info. in cd's.


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Why Digit should give dual layer DVD?

Of late, there has been plenty of demands for dual layer DVDs. PCWorld has been giving it since its inception, and now Chip and PCQuest has joined the dual layer bandwagon. A thread was created regarding this issue and members posted various suggestions. Digit has not responded till now and I don't know what they could be thinking right now. If they haven't started thinking about this yet, then I would like explain to them why it would be advantageous to provide dual layer DVD, in a language that they perhaps understand.

Advantages of giving dual layer DVD:

1. We all know, cost isn't a problem. I would like to go as far as to say that it would be actually cheaper to provide one dual layer DVD in place a single layer DVD and a CD, in terms of cost of material and money paid to the replicating company. The subsequent points will furthur show how it will be cheaper.

2. With only 1 DVD to give, Digit could do away with the jewel case and instead provide a paper pouch lined on the inside with foam. This would reduce cost in manufacturing the CD cases as paper is cheaper than plastic.

3. By giving the DVD on a paper pouch instead of a jewel case will ensure safer transportation of the DVDs. Which means no more dislocation of the DVD inside the case and hence no chances of scratching and breaking. Hence no replacement requests by the readers which means fewer headache for both the readers as well as Digit.

4. Doing away with the jewel case would furthur reduce the size of the final package of the magazine, which again translates to reduced cost in terms of packaging, their storage and transportation.

5. Dual layer DVD means more software for the readers, which is a great help to all those who don't have broadband connection or limited BB connection.

6. Dual layer DVD means the linux users can enjoy the latest distros as space is no problem. Even after giving away a linux distro worth 3.5GB, there is still 5GB of space left for the regular stuff. So no more complaints from linux users, and there will be a boost in sales whenever a popular distro is bundled along.

7. More people will be willing to fish out Rs 25 extra to grab Digit than any of the competiting magazines.

8. All these means Happy Readers, Happy Digit. :)


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well i dont care what all dvd stuff or whats free my main concern is that whats the point of subscription when u get it after half month gone its already 12th and when i call today mumbai office they said 3 days more everytime same issue late stuff i am not living in village i am in delhi where courier takes hardly 24 hr to reach from big cities of india i dont know why so much time and best part after 1 yr or so digit will start 2 issues together means jan and feb issue together we will get lol i am just waiting for my subscription to get end so that i can get rid of this cheap stuff


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so far digit is doing good otherthan Subscription issues .

I sould like you to add Customization Category for Windows XP/Vista .
like :

Windows XP/ Vista (later on) .

1.Bootskins .
2.Logon Screens .
3.Visual Styles .
4.WindowBlinds .
5.Icons .
6.DesktopX Applicaitons (Widgets & Gadgets) .
7.Wallpapers (Own Make) .
and so on ...

All these are all not only a Default one from Companies but also our own make or some of the skinner's .

I could do Bootskins, Logonscreens , some Icons & Desktop Applicaitons . I think Vishal can do Visual Style and I have started to create my First Vista skin for Windowblinds.

also I can link to some of my mates , who are all the greatest Designer/Skinner arround the world .

Just Let me know if its possible in our Next Issue, So We may Present a new Kinds of contents in our New Year :)


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I really like the NEW CONCEPT but not the Graphics Much as I was expected when I was seeing it in the Magazine. Though I like the snow falling animations.

as some of you know, I can help with improving Graphics as much as I can ,

I would be glad if I could be a part of Our digit Magazine's work also I would like to add some of my stuffs and my mate's ...

Here are some of my remake of CD/DVD interface :


Let me know if it's good to be in future issue's :) .


Hi Digit,
Here is the comparision of two giants:

1.On Magazine Front:


Always emphasis on heavy
articles like genatics,robotics,four wheelar
fuel! (in this month: hydrogen as fuel! o.k
but is it to be covered in computer mag
like digit!) Digit tells me in every issue
and in special issue, two times a year
what HDD,DVD WRITER etc. etc to be purchased,
for their interest only.Common computer
reader is highly needs how tos, video tutorials,
Q&A ,computer/internet study related etc. etc .
I bet, you conduct a survey on the site
for this, you will get my point.


Chip Always consider ,

educating approach in theire articles. All readers are happy here,

may be some Hardware manufactureres dont like as CHIP IS NOT CO-OPERATING as DIGIT !
Overall Good reading experience without additional FAST TRACK!


Here you get extra point.But stop polluting
country with two disks, instead go for one
dual layer DVD.



I have not included PC-WORLD review as they have to grow for it!

Other members view in this regard will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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While everyone is talking about Dual Layer DVD, I would like to suggest that you come with another offer for DVD writers and roms. I bought my Lite-On DVD ROM from you, its really good. Seeing the market prices now, I think you will be able to give us a bargain. I don't mind waiting for a month or two after placing the order, as long as the price is good, and the drives on offer are not Samsung, else there won't be too many takers :)

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Please change the box in which u give the cd & dvd.The button at the middle is hard,so when u remove the cd/dvd a couple of times there is a risk of cracking it.I had a crack on ur november 2005 dvd,but thank god it still works.U can give the cd/dvd in some other case which will not cause this damege.


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Atleast give CDs in covers to subscribers..... and please include at least an article on linux every issue, like news, tuts, general info, distro reviews.


Please improve the paper quality of the magazine.
In reviews, it would be helpful to include the contact details of the retailer or dealer from whom the goods can be purchased.


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i wish we could have some stuff on C++/VB. A page or two for student programmers like me(there are really many of us) would be great.

cd/dvd should nothave the same version software everytime. and most importantly get that cd/dvd box back. this paper cover is absurd. my digit archive cd was broken :x and the vendor isn't agreeing that it was broken before being sold to me. for non-subscribers, it's the worst that can have happened.

the new interface is welcome and great.

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Now broadband connection is 2 mbps and I can download at the speed of 230 KBPS(Real speed). Now I dont think any need of CD/DVD. Please start edition of Digit without CD/DVD.


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Atleast this month will i recieve digit on time.last month i recieved it on 22nd.that doesn't look good.this particular courierservice have never delivered digit to me before 10th.and during dec. it was worst.for a period of 6 months i was getting digit on 5th or 6th then it was delivered by bluedart.then whatsoever happened they changed the courier service.Digit should consider changing to good courier service like AFL , BLUEDART etc..

digit is getting bad if not worse in delivering isuues to their subscribers.this hurts.plz look into this guys



First of you change the courier service . last month (december) i received the mag on 16 of the month .That is not month issue .The month does'nt start on 15 . MAG should be delivered at most before 10 of the month . it was not just last month but it is allways the same problem .:mad:

secondly pls give the movie trailers of bollywood movies also . and if it is hollywood movies or bollywood movies pls give it before the movie releases not after the movies is released .:mad:

The new interface is good but info about the app should be displayed while selected . so if it is new software or a user is a newbye . so we get the idea that what does the app do . and what are it's features
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You must provide the gifts in time. See your email dated Thu Jul 27, 2006
Dear Vijay Kumar Sethi ;

Your request for redemption has been approved. You will receive your gift within 4 weeks at the address mentioned in your Digit Patron Profile.
The Gift Redeemed was : The Lord Of The Rings DVD

Please verify your contact details for delivery of the gift.
Your Name: Vijay Kumar Sethi

I am still waiting...
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Pls add Processors & Motherboard
in Test Section
Pls someone tell digit to add this in its next month Test Section
I was hoping to get these in Feb Issue
Optical drive doesnt need to test as much as needed for Processor & Motherboard

Pls do this
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