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Give us linux OS

Hello Digit Team and Forum Buddies,

As your recent online poll proved that many people will be opting to move to linux instead of upgrading to Vista. I request you to please give us a good and latest linux distribution on upcoming CD/DVD like Red Hat or Madrake. I hope you will consider this and I will wait to see them included in your coming issues.

Thanks in Advance!


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try ubuntu the best one available.

hey digit, I think you can give Ubuntu CD / DVD to us as you gave Ragnarok CDs.


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Hey guys! Month after month you do a marvellous job churning out those heavy magz n rviewing all those products.I am sure its fun for both you people and of course us! But I have a complaint. I have tried it about 2136677 times to mail agent 001 regarding a purchase issue but everytime the mal fails and bounces back. Is his id really or sometihng else. If it is something else, please correct it in future issues. Or I dont think my spanking new would be RIG wil see the proper light of the day:x


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Hi, there the digit crew. I wanna know why did u stop publishing the Digt PDFs. they were very handy indeed. Even if u did so u must have tried to create a Digit archive of the articles on your website. Most of the international magazines of technology have one, and i feel that our favorite Digit should also have one.


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Kindly change your courier company atleast for me. For the past several months the people at AFL courier are not delivering my DIGIT copies on time and this month they refused to deliver and misbehaved with me. I have already sent a complaint in this regard to This I am posting for information of other readers how the man at couier office misbehaved with me.
I am a subsciber of DIGIT vides subscription number N002536. Today some person from AFL courier called me up at about 1.00 pm and told me that three is courier from JASUBHAI. I reasonably believe that it is my November copy of DIGIT. He asked me to collect the same from AFL's office. When I went to collect the same he demanded some Identity Card from me. I was not carrying any card so I requested him to deliver the parcel to my house and gave him exact location of my house but he misbehaved with me and used filthy language which I cannot reprodue here and said that he would not deliver the parcel and return it. What I could note down from the cover of parcel is following information:
BLR No. 2201819970512
Reference No. N002536.
This is highly objectionalble on the part of courier company deployed by you. I request you to kindly direct your courier company to deliver the parcel to me and please do not use the services of AFL Courier company for delivering my subscription copies. I am subscribing to around 20 magazines and most of them are being delivered through INDIA POST. Excpt for some stray incidences I am fairly regularly receiving the same. This kind of behavior on the part of your courier company is highly objectionalbe and unacceptable. I am contemplating suing the courier company in the local consumer forum. You are also requested to please provide me the address of the head office of AFL Courier to help me file case against them for deficient services.
Expecting prompt action,
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Naveen Kumar


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You digit guys should carry out a comprehensive test of dvd ripping softwares both paid and freeware both,

Neeraj Singh

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Don't Do this.........

I am regular reader of digit.
I started writing to you in june this year and since then I was getting
reply to all my mails..............Now from last month guys are ignoring me. For your info. I have sent 7 mails so far and received no reply.
I don't ask my letter to be published in digit but you can surely reply
to them. It assures me that I am continuously in contact with digit
and maybe I get help from you.
Now afyter reading this if you reply me then it is well and good.....
otherwise you have lost one readers faith in you. it might not affect you..
but to me it means a lot.
Thank you


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Digit mer apaisa khaa gaye!

hi guys i didn't find a suitable place to post it so am posting it here, i paid for my online subscription through my debit card, 1200bux are deducted from my account but digit isn't comfirming on it! actually what had happened was the site ccavenue took me to my bank's site to pay and there it said the payment got successful upon redirection it said transaction failed on the website of ccavenue. please tell me what to do? it's urgent!


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test more cpu,graphics card, ram and price of update of hardware. more utility and tricks of os and demo game.

aneesh kalra

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I would like more do it yourself articles like the do it yourelf matrix-style bullet time video.Can't we have something on programming on the lines of projects mentioned in home hacking projects for geeks.Like how to build your own home security system using your computer.
2 DVDs
Give video footage of your TEST CENTER
Fully updated Online & Offline versions of ARCHIVE.
no late time movies
Give video footage of ur gamin review.
more trailers.


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aneesh kalra said:
I would like more do it yourself articles like the do it yourelf matrix-style bullet time video.Can't we have something on programming on the lines of projects mentioned in home hacking projects for geeks.Like how to build your own home security system using your computer.

Even I would go for the Home Security System through a computer. Would be glad if that is provided. I have one more suggestion - why dont U all give us a Fast Track on all the tips and tricks provided in the previous issues as well as new ones. It will be very helpful to refer to it at a later time. Thank You.

Crazy Kidd

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Just completed my three years with Digit. But lately the page and the binding quality is not upto the mark. Skoar has better page and binding quality. Please do something.


@crazy Kid(d): you can't compare digit with burning rubber, gunshots, sound of a RPG whizzin past your ear etc. skoar! is SKOAR! :devil:


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There is one thing that almost everyone has been demanding and I will do the same now, a DL DVD or 2 DVDs, and more articles on Do it yourself as has been suggested above by aneesh karla and also, please make sure that the subscribers get the magazine at least before 4th or 5th of each month. I received PC World on the 4th. And an email from digit saying the delivery has been delayed.

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